Tuesday, 13 February, 2018

May we introduce...


 ... the Funke Farm Friends. Last autumn, Cornelia moved to an old avocado farm. But she does not live there on her own. From her kitchen window she can see the duck house and the donkey pasture.  And in the morning, when she goes over to the restored barn to continue writing her stories, she is accompanied by two fast-growing puppies. We will post pictures of the barn and the farm soon, but first we'd like to show you Tabby, Jake, Esperanza, and Zorro. Cornelia's Pekin ducks Pearl, Curly, Buster, and Whity don't really like posing for photographs, but we will try to bribe them with some mealworms sometime soon.


This little guy in the front is Jake (aka Jake Man), and the little lady by his side is his sister Tabby. The picture was taken weeks ago and the two siblings have grown quite a bit since then. This picture was  taken on the day Jake and Tabby moved into Cornelia's house. A doggy's life - not so bad after all...
Little cutie Tabby Tabby under the Christmas tree Sibling quality time
This is Esperanza, Cornelia's donkey mare. Cornelia's Mexican gardener Alfonso brought Esperanza and her buddy Zorro to the farm.  Esperanza and Zorro. Every morning at 6 am they start calling: "Corneliaaaaaaaa, come over and make us breakfast!" Waiting for fresh barley straw and carrots


Grace on 25 October, 2018


Charlotte on 22 March, 2018

You had me at old avocado farm!

Solika on 5 March, 2018

This seems so you. Just gonna move to an avocado farm and have a bunch of animals.

Genevieve on 27 February, 2018

This is exactly the kind of environment I would love to write in!! So cute!!!

Gerald on 25 February, 2018