Thursday, 22 December, 2016

Mirrorworld, Inkworld and....

Cornelia on her projects in 2017

I am working on many projects at the moment. As you know I like to have many different dishes on my writing table. After all... Who wants to eat the same thing every day?

There is of course "The Islands of the Fox", the fourth Reckless adventure.

Then there is "The Labyrinth of the Faun", my novelization of Guillermo del Toro’s "Pan's Labyrinth", including 10 short stories I wrote about motives in the film.

I am doing research on Native American and New Zealand mythology for the next "Dragon Rider" adventure.

And I will continue working on "The Colour of Revenge", the Inkworld sequel,
in March 2017.

Oh yes, and then there are of course small projects to play with… the desserts one could say: I wrote a sequel to the picture book "Fabers Schatz", and I am illustrating a friend’s story about a gopher and a skunk, which is much fun.

2017 will be an exiting year for me both as a writer and an illustrator, as A Griffin's Feather will be published in many languages, including Spanish and English.

And I will for the first time publish a picture book that I wrote in English and illustrated myself - with my own publishing company Breathing Books. It’s called "The Book no one ever read".

Then there will be an opera in Germany and an art exhibit in Karlsruhe, which for the first time will show bigger paintings of mine and….. well, many things, and some of them, I am sure, will even be a surprise for me.

Merry Christmas from Los Angeles!



Eve on 20 August, 2021

Thanks for the great writing, love your books so much!

Karen on 9 January, 2021

Just finished Reckless 3 and eagerly anticipating the next in the series. Any update on when English version will be available? And is this the correct site to find out? Thx

Hi Karen, we don't know yet, but we will keep you posted here on Corneloia's website

james on 28 December, 2020

hello i was wondering when the book after inkdeath is to be released, because i would really like to know what became of farid's end and perhaps it could include new fire techniques like fire swords... just a suggestion

We don't know yet, James, but the German edition will come out around autumn 2021...

Ella on 9 November, 2020

Hello, is there any update on when the 4th Mirrorworld book will be released in English? So excited

Not yet, Ella.

Arpita on 12 September, 2020

Hello. I have read in previous comments that Mirrorworld 4 will come in Autumn 2020, does it still hold? Do we have a date pls?

Hi Arpita, the German edition will be published in November, but we still don't know when the English translation will come out.

Gaynor on 14 April, 2020

Hi , I am currently half way through The Golden Yarn and see that book four was due for release autumn this year, is this still on track, I cannot wait I am buzzing with anticipation x

Hi Gaynor, the German original edition will be published in October. It is still not known when the English translation will come out... We will keep you posted on that.

Ali on 23 November, 2019

Where will the fourth book in the Reckless series take place? Japan?

Yes, exactly

Meghan on 7 September, 2019

Hi! Love both the Inkheart and Mirrorworld series! I just finished The Golden Yarn and was hoping for an update on when the next books in both series will be released? Thank you!

Dear Meghan, Reckless 4 will come out around autumn 2020. As to the fourth Inkworld book, it is too early to announce a possible date. Cornelia has not even started writing yet.

KC on 14 January, 2019

I admire your captivating mastery of storytelling! Thank you for allowing the Inkworld trilogy to continue to flourish and grow into what I'm sure is shaping out to be another exhilarating tale. I'm certain The Color of Revenge will be radiant. Please do be sure to share your progress on it (and maybe a snippet or sketch... or two).

Matthew Temple on 29 November, 2018

I loved the Three books of mirror world and I especially loved the romance between Jacob and Fox. In your forth book I hope there is much more romance to come.

Alva on 19 November, 2018

Ich bin mal wieder krank und höre jetzt schon zum 4 mal alle drei Reckless Teile durch! Sie lassen mich in diese vezauberte Welt abtauchen und unsere meist so langweilige vergessen! Meine Mutter macht sich manchmal schon Sorgen, weil ich stundenlang der Stimme von Reiner Strecker lausche und ich ertappe mich selbst dabei in meinen Gedanken in dieser Welt zu versinken. Vielen Dank das sie ihre Gedanken aufschreiben und mit uns teilen es inspiriert mich und macht mich sehr glücklich! Ps: Kann den vierten Teil kaum erwarten!!!

Sebastián R. on 8 November, 2018

Your books are way too good! I read the Inkworld and Reckless series when I was younger and they're incredible. Keep it up!

Nervous Reader on 29 September, 2018

I saw a comment along the lines of asking about a 5th Inkworld book. PLEASE do not write a 5th...I don't think my nerves could handle anymore Cheese Face than I already have and will be subjected to.

Ella on 19 September, 2018

Just wondering when reckless book 4 is coming out???? I loved the first three

Hopefully in autumn 2019, Ella.

Dayanne on 2 June, 2018

Hello! I just wanted to say that I LOVED the Reckless series. You’ve made such a great job and I also came to ask you if you could make it least for ever? Please? ???? Or you could tell us (Fans community) how many books do you want to released so we will have time to be mentally prepared then. kisses and hugges for all the Cornelia team!

Hi Dayanne, Cornelia is currently working on book 4, but it is quite probable that there will be a fifth book, too.

Shreyan Ganguly on 1 May, 2018

Hi! This is Shreyan from India! I absolutely loved The Golden Yarn which by the way I got as my surprise birthday gift last year. I'm dying to know when I will hold The Islands of the Fox in my hand. Been waiting for it, for what seems like forever.

Dear Shreyan, welcome to Cornelia's website. Reckless 4 will not come out before 2019, but we will try to ease waiting time here on Cornelia's website. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa

Isa on 9 April, 2018

Hello all! Hope its not to late to ask if there will be a 5th Inkworld book after Colour of Revenge.. Its not even published and I am buzzing to get ready about Dustfinger and co. again!!

At the moment, Cornelia would say 'no', Isa.

Lily on 6 March, 2018

Ok I'mma go work on my time machine... I'm not sure I can reach 2019 without EXPLODING! So excited!

Saisha K on 5 February, 2018

I love the Inkheart trilogy and can't wait till The Colour Of Revenge! Do you, by any chance, have a release date for that yet?

The book will not be published before 2019, Saisha.

Jimena Dominguez on 3 January, 2018

I finally found some time to finish the third book of the Reckless saga, and I am thrilled. There must be a next part, there are so many puzzles to be solved. Can't wait to read the fourth one. When will it be published? I want to start an illustration project with the Reckless saga. I would love to share it with you.

Hi Jimena, "The Island of the Foxes" will not come out before 2019, but we will keep you posted here on Cornelia's website.

Jamie on 29 December, 2017

I've read the Inkheart series more than I can count, and I just, today actually, finished up book three in the Mirror world....super excited to hear about the fourth book cause....It was a very abrupt ending haha. I LOVE Fox, she's my current book world character, cause....I relate to her very much. can't wait for new stories!! xoxo

Becca on 23 November, 2017

Hi! I just wanted to say I LOVED Cornelia's Inkworld series and Mirrorworld series! Do you know when the 4th reckless book is coming out? Thank you!

Probably in 2019, Becca. Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

erica juno on 31 October, 2017

thank u cornelia ur books are faboulous especially the inkheart series...a great work but gonna hate the ending...

Cornelia is currently working on a fourth book of the series, Erica Working title is "The Colour of Revenge". We'll keep you posted

luiser laguna on 13 October, 2017

I am lerning english, I hope you can understand me. Hi Cornelia, just wanted to express the I'm reckless, you have a special way of falling in love with the reader, I already read the three books so far and really I wish with all my heart the fourth book, I know that you are working on the fourth book but I would like to know when it would be finished (only if possible), a kiss and a big hug from me and my best friend, from Colombia, we send you our best wishes, we love you very much, God bless you today and always.

Dear Luiser, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for your entry . Reckless 4 will not be published before 2019. Cornelia is busy working on it, but even if she  has finished writing the book, it usually takes another year to get it actually printed. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

MontC on 2 October, 2017

Hi Cornelia! I just wanted to express you how in love I am with your work. I really love Reckless, all the books and I can't wait to read the fourth book! You created an amazing word that touched my heart since the moment I discovered the mirror world. Thanks for that. Greetings from Mexico!

Hola MontC, thank you so much for this message and welcome to Cornelia's website. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (Cornelia's sister, who takes care of her website and fan mail)

jack hall on 24 September, 2017

Your Inkheart series is what really got me into fantasy novels! Thank you for bringing us these amazing books!

Adonaiah Francis on 22 September, 2017

So glad that Cornelia is writing a new book for the Ink world series!! Also thank you for writing the most awsome stories!!

Sarah on 10 September, 2017

I really really enjoyed the reckless series, and can't wait for 'The islands of the Fox' to come out! Do you have any idea when it will? Also, I am hoping to read Inkheart soon, as a lot of people have told me it is great.

Not before 2019, Sarah...

Morgana on 9 September, 2017

I've only read Reckless but I loved it and I think it's my favourite book; when I have time I'll read all the others books. I can't wait!

Zac Levy on 25 August, 2017

When will The colour of Revenge come out? I am really looking forward to it.

Not before 2019, Zac...

Eliana Gardner on 24 June, 2017

I am absolutely ecstatic that you are working on the fourth book for the Reckless series! I can't wait to read it

Jack on 11 February, 2017

HI, Love the books, so glad your doing an Inkheart sequel One of the most original ideas I'd read at the time... and might still be. Just for my own peace of mind, would you estimate Inkheart Sequel and Book4 of MirrorWorld (hope that's what the series is called) to be Fall/Winter 2017 or spring 2018 or late 2018? Just so I know when to start keeping an eye out for them.

Hi Jack, the books will not be published before 2018. We will keep you posted here on Cornelia's website 

Julie on 3 February, 2017

Ms. Funke, you write so beautifully. Inkheart was the first time I met you. I just finished the Reckless series. As soon as I finished these books, I missed them. Thank you.

Thank you so much, Julie, and welcome to Cornelia's website

Melany Pineda on 3 February, 2017

Oh, thank you! I love your books and reading this makes me feel so happy! A sequel of 2 books that I love... And the fourth book of Reckless!

mlp on 16 January, 2017

when will the mirrorworld series end? is there just going to be 5 books? once all the books are out im gonna read the whole series in one week. cause thats my thing

Cornelia only knows that there will be a fourth and also a fifth book. Maybe more. She can't tell yet.

Rodrigo C on 14 January, 2017

Thank you for existing, your books are wonderful and the worlds you create and the effort and passion you put into your work are tremendously inspiring to me

Rachel Grace on 7 January, 2017

Thank you so much for rereleasing the first two Mirrorworld books!!! I love them all so much. Do you have an ETA for the Inktrilogy sequel?? Those are some of my favorite books ever!

No, not yet, Rachel, but we will keep you posted here on Cornelia's website.

Austin on 23 December, 2016

I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, does the next Inkheart book come out in March, or is that when Cornelia will start working on it as her main project? Thank you very much!

Cornelia will continue working on it in March, Austin. Sorry for the confusion.