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Test your knowledge of Cornelia's books, and see how well you really know her stories!

The Thief Lord

Cornelia's adventure about a gang of homeless children who live in the heart of Venice, about their leader Scipio, who calls himself 'The Thief Lord', and about two brothers who, after their mother's death, have run away from home to escape their horrible aunt and uncle, was published twenty years ago! How time flies... Let us take you back to the lagoon city.

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Dragon Rider

As Cornelia is writing the fourth Dragon Rider at home in Malibu, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to remember how it all began ... don’t worry if you’re catching a whiff of mushroom while doing this quiz!

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It will take a good deal of time until book 4 of the the Inkworld series is finished. This quiz brings you back to the beginning of Meggie's and Mo's adventure. Do you remember?

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The first book of the Mirrorworld series was published in 2010. The fourth book is already in the works. Time to reminisce about the beginnings.

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Merry Xmas around the World

Imagine Niklas Goodfellow takes you on a sleigh ride around the world. The trouble is that with the best will Julebukk can't remember where he left his Christmas Greetings Dictionary. Maybe Twinklestar has eaten it, because some marzipan has stuck between the pages (Niklas used to nibble sweets while writing Christmas cards). How do you say "Merry chrsitmas and a happy new year" in Mongolian??? And where do people wish you "La Maunia Le Kilisimasi Ma Le Tausaga Fou"? Our Christmas quiz will teach you Christmas greetings from all over the world. Enjoy!

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Ghost Knight

How well do you remember Cornelia's spooky boarding school adventure story?

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