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Where is the story "Ghost Knight" set?


A far too bustling place for old knights


Nope, though it is a haunted place, too


Rumour has it that there are many haunted places in Edinburgh, however it is not the setting of Ghost Knight



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Who guards Jon from the malicious knights?

Edward Popplewell

He indeed is a good house warden, but by no means a brave knight.

William Longespee

Yes, the brave AND sad knight William Longespee.

Lord Stourton

Good heavens, no! He is the one who is after Jon...

William Hartgill

No, he has no energy left for battling.

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Who did Cornelia think of, when she created her story character Ella Littlejohn?

Of Ella Wigram, the daughter of a friend

That's the right answer. Ella read several versions of the story, and of course Cornelia asked Ella's permission to be part of the story

 Of "the Wild Chick" Charlie

Cornelia would not base a character on one of her other book characters. They should all be distinctive

Of herself when she was a little girl

Cornelia was an adventurous girl, yes, but that's still not the right answer.

 Of Hermine Granger

No, though she is also an endlessly brave girl.

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What does Alma Popplewell smell like?

Cigarette smoke

Why, no! The boarding school is a non-smoking area.

Washing powder

Maybe she does the pupils' laundry, but one can't smell it.

 Lavender soap

Right. So much that it nauseates Jon.

Potato soup

Very tasty. But I'm afraid it is not the right answer.

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Who are Jon’s boarding school roommates?

Prosper and Bo

Those two enjoy the freedom in the back alleys of Venice

Bonnie and Clyde

Te-hee! You mix up centuries...

Stu and Angus

True. Stuart Crenshaw and Angus Mulroney

Ron and Harry

Jon certainly would like to have them as roommates, but Ron and Harry are part of another story.

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Who is "the giant" in Salisbury Cathedral?

William Hartgill

His bones are rather to be found at Kilmington.

Sir John Cheney

Yes! A 21" thighbone, found in his tomb at Salisbury Cathedral in the 18th century, puts his estimated height at 6 feet 8 inches.

William Longspee

There is a taller knight to be found at the Cathedral.


Definitely not

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Wellington is...

... the little dog of Zelda’s friend Alyce

Yes, that's his name. And Cornelia's close friend Elinor Bagenal has a dog named Wellington, too.

... the name of Zelda’s favourite liqueur

It is not even known if Zelda has a soft spot for liqueur.

... Zelda’s favorite toad

If one of Zelda's toads bears that name, we will never know.

... one of Stourton’s ghostly servants

None of them is called Wellington.

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Where was William Longspee’s heart buried?

On the Choristers’ Island

Absolutely right. The island which is not an island, but only a little hill on the grounds of Jon's boarding school.

Well, in his tomb, where else?

The answer is NOT that easy

In the graveyard at Kilmington

Many hearts are buried here, but Longespee's is not.

At Stonehenge

Well, Ella, Jon, and Zelda went there in search for the buried heart, but they did not find it.

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What does the seal show, that Longspee gave to Jon?

A lion

Yes, correct answer. The lion is the heraldic animal, which is also displayed on Longespee's shield.

A unicorn

No. But "four legs" points you in the right direction.

A toad

No way! There are way too many in and around Zelda's house.

Longspee's initials

That would make sense, but it is not the right answer.

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What hangs in the staircase of Jon’s boarding school?

The portraits of several bishops

Right answer. They hang there because the school building originally was the Bishop's residence.

An old cane

Fortunately it’s 30 years since the use of corporal punishment was outlawed in British state schooling.

A portrait of Richard the Lionheart

Would be an eye-catcher, granted, but the bishops do not leave room for the old king.

A fire extinguisher

Sure, fire extinguishers must be accessible at all times, but it is not mentioned in the book

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Why is Jon haunted by Lord Stourton and his "ghostly helpers"?

He saved Ella from the ghost knights

If at all, Ella would help saving Jon.

By reason of his descent

Exactly. Jon's mother' maiden name is Hartgill, and vicious Lord Stourton had sworn to chase all Hartgills down.

He spat on a picture of Stourton

Even though Stourton had deserved it, Jon's decency prevents him from doing so.

He danced on their graves

Not possible, for in the beginning Jon does not even know who Lord Stourton and his servants are.

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What does Jon call his mother’s boyfriend?

The Moustache


The Bard

It is not mentioned in the book, that the dentist is a passionate singer.

The Beard

Yes, that's how he calls the unshaved dentist.

The Bore

Well, from Jon's perspective he definitely is, but it is not what he calls him.

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What should you not bring up in the presence of Jon’s roommate Angus?

His baby-blue autograph book

Maybe he hides one under his pillow, but the story does not mention it.

His dog print pajamas and fluffy toys

Right. You better do not, if you don't want to "feel a Scottish hug"

His morning body odour

Ok, sleeping under a mountain of fluffy toys might influence morning odour, but Angus is not a skunk at all.

His mother’s sticking-out ears

Possible, but the book does not give away, if his mother has bat ears.

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How does Zelda Littlejohn, Ella’s grandmother, look like?

Like an old bat

Well, no. Though she is sometimes a bit quirky (batty), she has nothing in common with those "flittermice".


Close. But that's not what Jon thought.

Like a ghost

Why, no! Zelda is alive and kicking.

Like an owl

Yes, that's what Jon thought when he met Zelda for the first time, because Zelda has a small head, frizzy grey hair, and oversized glasses sitting askew on her nose.

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What is Jon's history teacher Mr. Rifkin so passionate about?

Long-ago wars and historic battles

That's right Battle line-ups, military strategies, and huge armies excite Mr Rifkin so much that he sometimes breaks the chalk while sketching on the blackboard the deployment of troops in some famous military encounter or other.

The fashion for periwigs of the English nobility

No. That powdered head covering is not Mr. Rifkin's cup of tea.

The chanting of the choristers

Rifkin would rather prefer sabre-rattling over choral music.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Rifkin's nickname is Bonaparte, but not because of his admiration for the military leader, but his general interest in military stuff plus his vain attempts to comb his sparse hair over his bald skull

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