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Jacob Reckless' brother Will is slowly growing a skin of …


Onyx is the most exclusive skin a Goyl could have, and under their rule, only those born onyx can thrive, but Will is growing another stone.


Yes, that’s correct. The Spanish conquerors gave this gem its name by calling it 'piedra de ijada' (which means 'lumbar stone') after they had seen natives of Central America holding pieces of jade to their sides, believing that it could cure kidney ailments. The Chinese call it 'Stone of Heaven' or 'The Emperor’s Stone'. They think it brings success and a long and healthy life. Since ancient times, jade has been admired and worn for healing and protection - and so do the Goyl. They wear it as talisman and their mothers sew it into their children’s clothes, so the stone would make them fearless and protect them. Jade skin is sacred skin.


In many cultures Carnelian is believed to provide steadfastness and courage: virtues of a king. Kami’en’s skin is of this precious gemstone, but not Will’s.


Nope. The Dark Fairy will choose that stone skin for the Skinless Prince ("Reckless - The Golden Yarn").

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Which element do the Goyl strongly fear?


Yes! They fear it so much that the sea had restricted their King’s conquests, making him dream of the power of flight.


One could think so, for who does NOT fear the terrifying power of the flames, but there is another element which scares them more.


No, they need the air to breathe like we do.


Why, no! Earth rather makes them feel at home, for they once lived underground. Down there, where they built their cities in the shelter of the caves, they feel at ease. They had peace and quiet there for sometime, but they didn't stay there.

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What does Terpevas mean in the language of the Dwarfs?

Dwarf City

That’s correct. You seem to speak "Dwarfian" fluently.


No, Terpevas neither means 'silver' nor 'gold'.


That would be a beautiful name for such an elegant fabulous creature, but it does NOT mean 'unicorn'.


Granted, it sounds quite majestic, but it is not the right translation.

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In the first version of Reckless, the door to Mirrorworld was not a mirror, but…

... a book

Oops, you mixed that up with "Inkheart", right?

... a door

Yes, exactly. It was a wooden door. When Cornelia started to write Reckless she as well had the strange feeling of stepping through some kind of door entering someone else´s mysterious world. "I can´t help having the impression that behind that door I have discovered the world of someone else, and now I am writing about that very world", she said while reworking one of the earliest manuscripts. When writing down Jacob´s story it almost was the same for her as for her hero: finding the way to another world. Only later on the symbol of the wooden door being the entrance to the fairytale world was replaced by the dark mirror.

... a phone box

This (wrong) answer was definitely not chosen by a Whovian

... a wardrobe

That’s another story. In "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis, four children discover a wardrobe that leads to the magical land of Narnia.

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Which magical property does a waterman scale contain? Put the scale under your tongue and you will ...

... cause storms and let the oceans roar and foam.

That’s what a waterman might be able to do, but putting one scale under your tongue wouldn’t raise storms.

... dive like a fish.

Exactly. What might such a scale taste like?

... be able to talk to whales.

That would be a fantastic charm, but that is not what a waterman scale is used for.

… become invisible.

No, Jacob would have to search for waneslime then.

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Beyond the mirror, fairy tales come alive. Which fairy tale is Cornelia’s most favourite one?

The Six Swans

Yes, that is the right answer. The fairy tale about six brothers, who have been turned into swans, and who are rescued by their sister’s vow of silence, is very dear to Cornelia’s heart.


A beautiful fairy tale, indeed. And Cornelia loves the Czech movie adaptation "Three Wishes For Cinderella" very much, but still it is not her favourite fairy tale.

The brave Little Tailor

Maybe you thought so, because there is a tailor in "Reckless", too… though that one is far from being a brave little tailor

The Frog Prince

Though Cornelia loves, loves, loves the Muppets retelling of "The Frog Prince", it is not her favourite fairy tale.

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What’s the Dwarfs’ reputation in Mirrorworld?

They are trustworthy business folk.

Are we talking about the same Dwarfs???

They are gifted dancers.

Haha, no. Maybe their Disney relatives are.

They are excellent spies.

Yes, they are. And anything but likeable tots.

They are afraid of water.

No, but their "tall chums" are. The Goyl really dread the water.

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How did Jacob meet Fox?

He bought her from a Dwarf.

Not unlikely as to the Dwarfs’ wheeling and dealing, but that’s not how they met.

He found her caged in the house of the Witch.

No, he freed her from a less dangerous "prison".

He freed her from a trap.

Yes, he did. And the vixen has not left his side since.

She came through the mirror into his world.

The other way round. Jacob came into her world.

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What covers the wings of the Dark Fairy’s moths?

Blood-red arrows

Those would also go with the moths’ nature, but it is not the right answer.

Pale spots that look like skulls.

Yes, a skull pattern. Creepy, isn’t it?

Gold threads

There is a moth species called The Goldwing, but the moths that are serving the Dark Fairy show no gold at all.

Rose tendrils

You find them on the silver frame of the mirror, that brought Jacob into the Dark Fairy’s world, but you do not find them on the wings of the Mirrorworld moths.

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Where do you find the Chambers of Miracles?

In the city of the Dwarfs.

That would appeal to the Dwarfs, but you do not find the Chambers there.

In the Empress palace

Yes, that is where you find the Chambers, in the south wing of the palace.

In the Earth’s Womb

In the Goyls’ caverns you will not find any "miracles". There is stone and iron and darkness, but no magic crows, witch brooms or dragon scales.

In Chanute’s tavern.

No, you don’t. Though Chanute certainly found several treasures for the Empress, which are now in the Chambers of Miracles.

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