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What inspired Cornelia to tell Meggie’s story?

A marten, that flitted past her in a Ligurian village alley.

That could have happened, because Cornelia lived in a Ligurian village for a while, and many beech martens live in the mountainous Liguria region, nonetheless that did not happen.

A picture on her mind, of a girl sitting in her bed while outside her bedroom window she glimpses a dark figure standing in the rain.

Exactly. This picture got the story going.

An illuminated medieval manuscript that she saw at the Museo Nazionale di San Marco in Florence.

Cornelia visited Florence several times and she probably saw impressive medieval manuscripts there, but they did not inspire her to start writing Inkheart.

A bookmark poking out of the book she was reading back then.

Imaginable, but not the right answer.

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Which book did Mo give to his daughter Meggie for her third birthday (it was one of Cornelia’s favourite picture books, too)?

"Tales From the Thousand and One Nights"

Nope, though that book will play an important role in Meggie’s life.

"Kapitän Bommel und die Seeschlange"

Yes, the story about a sea serpent with a toothache winding itself around a lighthouse was written by the German children's book author Günter Spang. Unfortunately there is no English edition of "Captain Bobble and the Sea Serpent" so far.

"The Once and Future King"

It is still Cornelia’s most favourite book, and Meggie has it with her on her journeys, too, but it is not the book we are looking for.


No, though that book can also be found in Meggie’s Treasure Chest.

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Why doesn't Dustfinger read the ending of the story when he has the chance in Meggie's bedroom? What stops him?

Meggie prevents it.

No, Meggie was fast asleep then.

He can’t read.

Well, one might think that about a fire-breather, but he CAN.

Mo kept him from doing so.

By that time, Mo had already left Elinor’s house for Capricorn’s village.

He is afraid of foreseeing his future.

That’s right. Dustfinger HAS fears, though he seems to be fearless.

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Complete the following Inkheart quote: “Books have to be heavy because …

… words weigh heavy."

Oh yes, and they can have a great impact on us, but the quote says something else.

… paper is made from wood."

But first the wood is chipped into small pieces to make pulp. There is no trunk bound between the covers.

... stories need enough space to spread."

That’s what they need, yes, but though it sounds beautiful, it is not the correct answer.

… the whole world's inside them.”

Correct. Mo more than once said it to Meggie.

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Where does Meggie’s great aunt Elinor live?

Beside a lake in the north of Italy.

Exactly. Mo always forgets which of the Lombardy lakes it is.

In Hamburg

Cornelia lived there for decades, but Elinor’s home is far away from the German Hanseatic city.

In Liguria

No, that’s where you find Capricorn’s village.

In Venice

Maybe you had another of Cornelia’s stories in mind…. Elinor lives in Italy, yes, but not in the lagoon city.

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What story did Farid emerge from?

"Treasure Island"

Luckily not! At the worst Captain Flint might have slipped out, too.


No, Farid does not belong to Capricorn and his Inkworld fellows.

"Tales From the Thousand and One Nights"

True. From "the book that goes on and on forever", as Mo calls it, because the Arabs say no one can read it right through to the end.

"Emma and the Blue Genie"

Farid would fit well into Cornelia’s genie adventure, but it is not the answer we are looking for.

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Which book packed Meggie for the journey to Capricorn’s village?

"Collected Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen"

No, that book was given to Meggie by Darius, for the test Capricorn wants of Meggie’s talents.

"The Lord of the Rings"

Yes, and it still one of Cornelia’s favourites, too.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

That’s one of the few books Meggie does not particularly like.

"The Pirate Pig"

Meggie definitely would have loved pig Julie, but it is not the right answer.

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What is Basta terribly afraid of?

of Dogs

Not at all. Actually Basta himself has two German shepherd dogs by his side.

of knives

Quite the contrary. Basta and his knife are inseparable.

of fire

Oh yes, for not even the sharpest knife can fight fire.

of Capricorn

Basta certainly has respect for his "master", but there is something that scares him more.

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Why did Cornelia set the story in Liguria?

Because she lived there herself for a while.

Yes! When her daughter Anna was three years old, Cornelia and her husband Rolf spent three months in a little Ligurian mountain village called Costarainera.

For no particular reason.

Why, yes! Virtually all the settings of Cornelia’s stories were inspired by certain places.

Cornelia’s aunt lives there.

No, but Cornelia’s aunt lived in Kenya and Zimbabwe for many years. Maybe one day Cornelia will write a story that is set in Africa.

There was a book about Liguria lying on her bedside table, when Cornelia first had the idea for the Inkheart story.

That could be the right answer, because Cornelia loves that coastal region of north-western Italy, but the correct answer can be found further above.

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Who does not belong to Capricorn’s henchmen?


That’s right. Though Darius "serves" Capricorn (he is forced to do so), he does not belong to his "Black Jackets".


Together with Basta and Flatnose, he belongs to the hard core of Capricorn’s henchmen. Wrong answer, sorry.


Oh yes, he does. Poor Flatnose was read out of a book by the untalented Darius. now he has to live with that face.


Basta is one of Capricorn’s most malicious helpers!

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