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Where is the valley of the dragons from where Firedrake and Sorrel set off to find the Rim of Heaven?

In the Himalayas

Wrong, because that's exactly to where their search for the Rim of Heaven leads Firedrake and Sorrel.

In California

No, though Cornelia would no doubt love having some dragons leave in the Santa Monica Mountains nearby her home.

In Scotland

Correct. And later, Barnabas Greenbloom reads to Ben and his family the good news that a newspaper in Scotland had reported a swarm of 'giant birds' flying southwards through the moonlight. The dragons were finally on their way to the Rim of Heaven.

In Italy

Well, Cornelia did place a number of her stories in Italy, but for Firedrake and his companions she picked another place.

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In which city's canals do Firedrake and Sorrel try to hide, accidentaly meeting the orphan boy Ben?

In Los Angeles

There is a part of Los Angeles called Venice, and Firedrake and Sorrel would probably have preferred swimming through its waters, which are warmer and cleaner than where they actually landed. And of course they wouldn't have had it far from that Venice to Cornelia's home in Malibu. Though when Cornelia wrote Dragon Rider, she had no idea that ten years later she'd be living in the 'city of angels'.

In Paris

Paris does have some canals, and cruising along them is a wonderful way to explore the city. But Paris was not on Firedrake's and Sorrel's route.

In Hamburg

Jackpot! The city where Sorrel and Firedrake stop is without doubt Hamburg, the city where Cornelia lived for a long time. And the area where the dragon and the kobold girl hide out is the city's harbor, or specifically its old docklands full of old redbrick storage magazines that used to be filled with spices, coffee, carpets , and other precious goods from around the world.

In Venice

Orphans and Venice … kind of rings a bell. But that was another story, namely the one about the Thief Lord. The canals in Dragon Rider are in another city.

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What kind of creature is Nettlebrand's servant, Twigleg?

A Glassman

Yes, there are some similarities between Twigleg and Rosenquarz, the glassman from Cornelia's Inkworld. But Twigleg is NOT a glassman.

A raven

Ravens are Nettlebrand's most loyal spies, but Twigleg is not a raven.

A stone dwarf

Stone Dwarfs are also among The Golden One's servants, but Twigleg is not one of them.

A homunculus

Hurrah! That’s the correct answer. Twigleg is a homunculus, an artificially created little human. His creator was a medieval alchemist who is now long dead. But as far as we know, homunculi can live forever. That is, unless they form an attachment to a human, because in that case they will die on the same day as the human to whom they gave their heart.

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Which elf species do Firedrake and his friends meet on their way south?

House Elves

That would have meant Cornelia 'borrowing' from JK Rowling. House Elves belong to the world of "Harry Potter".

Sand elves

Bullseye! Very annoying fluttering pests that try to lure travelers off the road.

Christmas Elves

If at all, you’re more likely to encounter these way up North than in the Arabian desert.


Wrong world, wrong adventure. The Elves live in Middle Earth, or in the undying lands of Aman in Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings".

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What’s the name of the Djinn with the thousand eyes?


Absolutely right. And he’s definitely nowhere as friendly as Karîm, from Cornelia’s story "Emma and the Blue Djinn"


Wrong. Sahim is indeed a Djinn, but he only has two eyes, is yellow, and he’s the nasty guy who took the ring of Karîm, the blue Djinn in Cornelia’s story "Emma and the Blue Djinn"


Yes, it can be confusing, because Karîm is also a Djinn from a story written by Cornelia. He is, in fact, the blue Djinn from "Emma and the Blue Djinn". But the Djinn in "Dragon Rider" has a different name.


Hold on – wrong story. Farid is indeed an Arabic name, but he is not a Djinn. He is an orphan boy from Cornelia’s book "Inkheart", who Mo reads out of "The Arabian Nights".

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What kind of book does Professor Greenbloom give to Ben as a farewell present?

A book about fabulous creatures

Yes. The thick, well-read book contains descriptions of any fabulous creature ever reported.

A diary

That would have been a lovely gift for Ben, but he got something even better.

A cookbook

Well, a cookbook would not be particularly helpful for Ben's adventure.

An encycopaedia of mushrooms

That's a present Sorrel would have loved – but Ben got another book.

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Which mushroon is NOT in the small pouch Professor Greenbloom gives to Sorrel for their journey to the Himalayas?

Hairy Earthtongue

That'd be a wonderful addition to Sorrel's collection of swear words, yet this mushroom was not included in the professor's pouch. Correct answer!


That one was also in the pouch, so this answer is wrong, I'm afraid.


No, wrong guess. It is among the most popular of wild edible mushrooms. The name originates from the Greek 'kantharos' meaning 'tankard' or 'cup', a reference to its general shape.

Wood Blewit

That one was included by Greenbloom's wife Vita. This mushroom should be cooked before eating, as consumption of raw specimens could lead to indigestion. Though mushroom addict Sorrel probably won't mind.

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Who is Subaida Ghalib?

A type of mushroom

Mushrooms do have all kinds of names, but this one is certainly not a mushroom.

A dracologist

Exactly. Subaida is Barnabas Greenbloom's colleague, and according to him, she knows more about dragons than anyone.

Twigleg's creator

No, Twigleg was created by the same alchemist who also created Nettlebrand The Golden One.

Professor Greenbloom's wife

No, her name is Vita Greenbloom.

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Who helps Firedrake, Sorrel, and Ben cross the Arabian Sea to reach the coast of Pakistan?

Nettlebrand and his ravens

Haha, hardly, unless Nettlebrand ate some brain-deforming fish that suddenly turned him into a kindly dragon grandpa.

An Oil Tanker

Nope. The tanker crew would have probably sold the dragon and the kobold to the nearest zoo.

A Blue Whale

A blue whale would certainly have been big enough to carry them all, but our three friends used another 'mode of transport'.

A Sea Serpent

Correct! And she also told them a lot about the lost dragons and Nettlebrand.

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Which book by Cornelia is like a prequel to Dragon Rider?

A Griffin's Feather

Can't be, for the Griffin is the sequel to "Dragon Rider".

The Princess Knight

No. Where there are knights there aren't always dragons.

The Great Dragon Quest

Yes, correct. A few years before she wrote "Dragon Rider", Cornelia wrote a book that sort of laid the groundwork for Firedrake's journey to the Rim of Heaven. That book was "The Great Dragon Quest". It was published in Germany in 1988. It tells the story of … a dragon, of course! But this dragon doesn't even have a name to begin with. Our nameless dragon is lonely, and his heart is very heavy. And so he embarks on a search for some other dragons, because there just have to be others in this world.

A Moonshine Dragon

There is a dragon in that story, but it has nothing to do with "Dragon Rider". Cornelia has always been fascinated by dragons.

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