The Rim of Heaven

So what is that? Well, the sanctuary for the last dragons in the world, Dragon Rider readers would say. But, beyond that, it is also something different ...

Cornelia on her foundation

My foundation Rim of Heaven supports small initiatives, that inspire creativity by working with children and teens, in Los Angeles, but also in Germany and other countries my books are published in.

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Cornelia's Artists in Residence

In February 2019, Cornelia started her 'Artists in Residence program', which is part of her foundation. Look who has visited the farm since then.

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Next School Bus Stop: Rim of Heaven

In April, 60 children, parents, and tutors visited Cornelia at her farm in Malibu. Ducks, donkeys, plants, pizza, painting, drawing, scavenger hunt. A Sunday in nature for city kids and the first event hosted by Cornelia's foundation.

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The List

Have a look at the variety of the very first projects supported by Cornelia's new foundation. You will find all four legs, the "Rim of Heaven" is based on...

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#6 - Fighting Extinction

#6 - Fighting Extinction is an international campaign promoting the protection of biodiversity. Initiated by the German journalist and TV presenter Dirk Steffens and supported by environmentalists around the globe, its goal is to educate, activate and promote change – and to start a collective movement making the protection of nature a part of our daily lives.'
The people behind the project work with celebrities around the world to help them raise awareness. One of their supporters is Cornelia.

The project's official website went live on Oktober 25. Take a look - it's worth it!


The first projects

Maybe an initiative that encourages immigrant children to put their stories into words? Or an organization, that supports students to finish high school with a program focused on art and creativity? Or how about an environmental group, that makes a city more livable by planting trees? There is hardly any occasion, Cornelia and her foundation "Rim of Heaven" would not be open to.

I would like to help those who help others in creative, joyful and inspired ways. 
Maybe I can help to make their important work a little bit easier…

"The Rim of Heaven" is of personal concern to Cornelia. 
It fills her with joy to give back a little bit of what life is giving to her.