Tuesday, 4 September, 2018

Cornelia on her foundation

My foundation Rim of Heaven supports small initiatives, that inspire creativity by working with children and teens, in Los Angeles, but also in Germany and other countries my books are published in.
The Rim of Heaven has four legs, on which it stands, we like to say.

"Visual arts", as I am an illustrator.

"Storytelling", as I am a writer.

"Music", as I believe that to be the most powerful form of expression we humans came up with so far.

The fourth leg is "conservation", of wild beasts and wild places, and the attempt, to make children and teens aware how much they lose if all they know are manmade things.

As an artist I believe that without nature we don’t understand the circle of life on this planet and what inspires our creativity.

There will be monthly workshops here in Malibu, busloads of city children meeting ducks and donkeys, but also hawks and owls. We will show them what compost means, but I also want to bring them here to experience what defined my childhood - time in nature without schedules or supervision (at least not the one that tells them all the time what to do.

Additionally I have young artists in residence here twice a year, who stay for a week or maybe even longer in one of my Tiny Houses, built in Nashville, to create together or to just get inspired by this place.

There won’t be applications! I don’t want competitions- this world has far too many of those - no miserable losers or triumphant winners. Sometimes my publishers may pay for a residency and ask readers to apply, but those will be the exception. I myself will only invite guests, whose work I learned about by chance and whom I think to be a good addition to this wild and wonderful place I live in. That way my visitors will come here in a casual and natural way, without fighting others for that chance. Fate will bring them, serendipity, coincidence….. whatever you want to call it.

Maybe there’ll be a German illustrator and in the other house there’ll be an Indian musician. Maybe a Mexican storyteller will meet an illustrator from Russia? Time will tell. I will just watch and see whom the tides of the world will bring to the Rim of Heaven.


Amelia on 10 March, 2020

I love your books, especially the Inkheart trilogy. Your worlds are so easy to imagine. I would love to be in any of the worlds you created.

Colin on 18 February, 2020

Your Inkheart trilogy is an amazing trilogy, but what would be nice is if you make another book, but Meggie goes back into the real world, and Capricorn is back, but stronger than ever

Jasmin on 19 July, 2019

What a pleasure to read Cornelia's ideas on how life will flow just in the right ways, without competing, judgement... what a beautiful human being, it's so inspirational that you act so differently to most people & organizations and still live right in the heart of society (in the way that you are admired & known around the world) Thanks xx

Mary Hanna on 21 May, 2019

Thank you for the gifts and the whimsy. The world hasn't enough. My energy is for students at school, and families and ecosystem at the park and greater community. We can all give back.

Finder on 10 November, 2018

The best author foundation!!

Stefan Cherry on 30 October, 2018

Hello Cornelia, thanks so much for your wonderful books. I just finished reading the Griffin's Feather to my 10 and 8 year old son and daughter. I too have enjoyed going on the journeys with Ben and company. We live on a small farm outside of Ottawa, Canada. We can't wait for the next book. Thanks for your great work in promoting care for creation! Cheers, Stefan, Elijah and Malaika

Dear Stefan, Elijah and Malaika, thank you sooooo much for your beautiful entry and welcome to Cornelia's Barn Warmest wishes from Germany to Canada! Insa and Guesty

Grace on 25 October, 2018

Oh. Never mind. I am sure everyone agrees!

Grace on 23 October, 2018

I'm the only person who has commented?

I'm afraid, yes

Grace on 20 October, 2018

I think that this is a wonderful foundation!