A Brave Brother

Escrito por Christie


Dear Grace, this is a story that I wrote from your inspiring idea. It's a bit lengthy, but I hope everyone would like it!

Once upon a time, in a little cottage in the woods lived a big husky called Christopher. He was a brave and caring dog and loved to explore new places… whether be his neighbour’s turnip garden or the village graveyard.

One day, his master’s eldest daughter asked him out.

“Dear Frost, let’s go on a walk! It’s been such a long time!” she said, cheerfully.

Christopher growled happily. Though he dearly loved the whole family, Christina, the eldest daughter was his favourite.

And so, out they went, into the deep green woods. With trees and trees and trees everywhere! With chirping of birds, and the gurgling of streams. Everything seemed so fresh… from the morning dew to blooming plants.

Suddenly, Christopher stopped before a fallen tree. He let out an angry and alarming growl.

“Dear Frost, you don’t have to scold that log for lying on the road!” said Christina.

But, the husky continued to growl. He wouldn’t even let the girl pass from there!

“Now, now,” scolded Christina, “Don’t become a naughty dog!”

She bent down to pat him on the neck. And then, she suddenly spotted the wooden box beside the log.

“It’s amazing…” she said, picking it up.

And indeed, it was an amazing box. Dragons, phoenix, unicorns and dinosaurs… all were inscribed in it. Slowly, and with trembling fingers, she opened the lid.

But what she saw inside, really disappointed her. Nothing was there except a rotten fruit!

Nonetheless, Christina picked it up. Maybe it wasn’t as ordinary as it seemed… Maybe it was a magical fruit that could change her into a dragon or phoenix or unicorn or even a dinosaur? She brought the fruit closer to her mouth. Just a bite…

Suddenly, someone pushed Christina hard and she fell down. Was it the spirit of the dragon that pushed her? Or the phoenix? Or the unicorn?

She looked around. What she saw, brought tears to her eyes. It was Christopher who had made her fall! Her beloved husky had betrayed her! And now, he had taken the fruit for himself! What a traitor he was!

“Don’t cry! Your face looks as red as an apple pie,” said a male voice. “And you’re already seven year old!”

Christina turned around, scared. There was nobody there… only she and her husky.

“W-Who a-are you?” she stammered, fearfully, “W-What do you want?”

Christina had read hundred stories about monsters who eat little girls. She moved as close as possible to her husky.

“O Coward Girl, look up and you shall get your answer!” the voice seemed to laugh.

“I’m not a coward!” she replied indignantly, with puffed cheeks. And she looked up.

And who do you think was laughing at her with his tongue hanging out? Yes, no-one other than Christopher, her beloved husky!

“Why did you push me, Frost?” she blurted out. A hundred questions rang in her head but she couldn’t speak them out.

“Idiot, you shouldn’t eat anything lying on the road!” he said, nudging the girl on the shoulder. “It could be poisonous! And besides…”

“What is it, Frost?”

“I’ve something important to tell you.”

Something was strange in his voice… something alarming, something stern. “Why do you think, Christina,” he started, “I’m allowed to sleep at your bed? Why do you think we have so similar names and so similar eyes? Why can I understand each of your word, gesture and feeling, Christina?”

He paused and looked at her eyes. “That’s because… I’m your big brother, Christina, cursed to be a dog.”

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