miércoles, 26 diciembre, 2018


These are your wishes for the Xmas Reindeer

Anna's wish: Maybe I should wish for world peace, but I doubt it will come true.
There shouldn't be wars. There should be less suffering in the world. People should finally stop torturing animals and destroying nature. If the reindeer can't fulfill one of those wishes, then I would wish for my very own, private forest. But since you are only granted one wish, I would put all my wishes in a random generator and see, which of them will fall out.

Katharina's wish: Dear Xmas Reindeer, please let it snow!

Paul's wish: Hello Xmas Reindeer, could you please make Cornelia write a sequel to Ghost Knight?

Christie's wish: Dear Cornelia, I earnestly wish to your reindeer to bless you a loooong and happy life, filled with love and surprises!

Melissa's wish: I want many fun sections in the website like Thief Lord and Dragon Rider and many frequent chats!

*** Alice's wish: If Cornelia's Christmas reindeer would ask me any wish, I would love to have an exciting adventurous Dragon Rider sequel! (especially about Maia, Shimmertail Sorrel and the beautiful eggs of Firedrake's! A bit away from humans, maybe!)

Liam's wish: Dear Reindeer, for Christmas please deliver a bag of marzipan to Twinklestar.

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