Ghost Knight

With The Thief Lord, Cornelia discovered the magic of a story that is set in real place that her readers can visit. She received so many photos, postcards and letters from children who visited and discovered Venice with her book under their arm. What a wonderful thing to happen.

I love it when a story shows us the magic of the world that surrounds us. I hope that Ghost Knight will bring many children to Salisbury and Kilmington and Lacock and that they will discover the magic waiting in those places. I hope they’ll go to find the effigy of Longspee, the church where Stourton almost kills Jon and Ella, and Lacock where a dead knight finds peace thanks to them.

Maybe you will even visit the island behind the cathedral school, walk through the close, find the cafe where Jon sits with his mother?



Age 8 + • Published 2012 • 176 pages • Little, Brown and Company Orion Books   Available at IndieBound.org • Illustrated by Andrea Offermann



Read by Elliot Hill • Unabridged Compact Disc • Published by Random HouseAvailable at IndieBound.org

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