Atmende Buecher

In March 2016, Cornelia and Eduardo Garcia, owner of the Hamburg sound studio "German Wahnsinn", co-founded the audiobook label "Atmende Bücher" to publish all of Cornelia's future stories.

As Cornelia's readers have known at least since "Inkheart", she has always had a passion for the sound of words. So of course it was only a small step from there to the dream of transforming her words into sounding books herself.

Since her reading tour for "Reckless", Cornelia had known that Eduardo García and German Wahnsinn are the perfect partners for this. When she stepped on stage for the first time to music by German Wahnsinn, it was as if someone had tailored the most wonderful acoustic garments for her words — a fantastic feeling! Together with Eduardo García, the owner of the sound studio German Wahnsinn, she started her own audio book publishing company "Atmende Buecher" in spring 2016.

The following audiobooks and audio dramas have been published by Atmende Buecher:

Palast aus Glas Eine Reise durch die Spiegelwelt

In eight new stories, Rainer Strecker takes us into the world behind the mirrors. We accompany Jacob on his search for a witch's comb, experience how Celeste becomes a shape-shifter in the vixen's dress, meet the sculptor Rodin and travel behind the mirror to London, Madrid, Stockholm, and Hamburg.

Read by: Rainer Strecker · Unabridged audiobook: 234 minutes · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn · Guest musicians: Martin Bentz, Micky Berg, Florian Buba, Lasse Eilers, Philipp Feit, Eduardo García, Berglind Hatje, Moritz P.G. Katz, Ralf Lippmann, Roman Rossbach,Sandro Friedrich, Tobias Günnemann and Adam ZolynskiMusic, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn

Drachenreiter Die Vulkan-Mission

Dragon Rider — The Volcano Mission (spin-off audio drama)

The organisation for the protection of all mythical creatures has a new mission! All over the world, fantastic creatures seem to be disappearing without a trace. Dragon rider Ben and his sister Guinever are very worried and brownie Sorrel senses that something has also happened to her dragon Lung. When a photomeleon shows up and reports his own kidnapping, a scouting team is formed immediately: Sorrel, the homunculus Twigleg, and Lola Greytail, the aviatrix rat, set off for Iceland, where they make a terrible discovery in the depths of a seething volcano. It soon becomes clear that this mission will not stop at scouting ...

An exciting adventure and an unexpected encounter lie ahead for the three little heroes, to whom Cornelia dedicates a radio play of their own for the first time — with fantastic musical accompaniment.

Voice actors: Samuel Weiss, Hans Peter Hallwachs, Bjarne Mädel, Kathrin Angerer, Gala Othero Winter, Stefan Brönneke, Henning May, Rainer Strecker, Gordon Piedesack, Achim Buch, Moritz P.G.Katz, Mirko Thiele, Björn Meyer, Uta Dänekamp, Cornelia Funke. · · Audiodrama: 90 minutes Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn

Dragon Rider 2 The Griffin's Feather

From the Norwegian forest to the wild jungle of Indonesia: In the sequel to Dragon Rider, Marc Thompson is the voice of Ben, Barnabas and Firedrake. He takes our ears and minds on a unique journey, effortlessly transforming his voice from the deep rumble of a troll to the lisp of a tiny homunculus. Cornelia Funke introduces her story with an emotional preface and speaks the part of Guinever and Vita Greenbloom, Ben’s sister and mother.

Read by: Marc Thompson and Cornelia · Unabridged audiobook: 574 minutes · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn · Featuring: Lute / Theorbe: Rolf Lislevand, Violin / Viola: Stefan Pintev, Cello: Boris Matchinm, Transverseflute: Leandro Saint-Hill, Vocals: Benedikt Ruchay

Drachenreiter 3 Der Fluch der Aurelia

Dragon Rider 3 — The Aurelia Curse

Rising from the sea, it will bring either darkness or light to whoever it first encounters. It’s a race against time to protect it, for if the Aurelia is hurt, all fabulous creatures will vanish from Earth. In the end though, it may take the arrival of the original silver dragon, Firedrake, to help save them all. The third book in the bestselling Dragon Rider series, lovingly turned into an audio adventure above and below water.

Read by: Rainer Strecker · Unabridged audiobook: ca. 662 minutes · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn · Daxophone: (Aurelia's chant): Philipp Feit

Die Farbe der Rache Tintenwelt 4

Inkheart 4 — The Colour of Revenge

"Actually, I didn't want to take you all into the ink world again until the end of next year. After all, I haven't finished writing 'The Colour of Revenge' yet. But these are hard times, and stories are especially needed in such times. So, together with my very good friend Eduardo García, I have decided to let Rainer Strecker read the first 14 chapters of the new book to you. All my love! Cornelia"

Read by: Rainer Strecker · Unabridged audiobook · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn · Guest musician: Fidi Steinbeck (Cello)

Das Labyrinth des Fauns

Pan's Labyrinth

This dramatized reading is a lavishly produced 3D audio book with a captivating soundtrack of music and sound design. Narrator Tom Vogt, known as the German voice of Colin Firth, Clive Owen and Laurence Fishburne among others, reads the dramatic story with gripping accuracy and brilliant flexibility. Taking turns, Cornelia herself tells of the labyrinth's dark past. Staged in full-length 3D sound for the first time, listeners are guided through the story as if they were part of the action themselves.

Read by: Tom Vogt und Cornelia · Unabridged audiobook: 423 minutes · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn · Special thanks to Javier Navarrete for giving us permission to rearrange and use his masterpiece »Mercedes’ Lullaby«. Guest musicians: Cello: Fidi Steinbeck, Vocals: Pia Davila

Die Wilden Hühner. Audio drama. Book 1

Atmende Bücher has published an audio drama series of "Die Wilden Hühner", Cornelia's books about Germany's probably best-known girl gang. A modern and elaborate production, including a music album with somgs performed by German artists such as Antje Schumaker, Lina Maly, Fidi Steinbeck & Ebow.

Voice actors: Anne Moll, Chloe Lee Constantin, Malin Steffen, Leonie Landa, Alexandra Kurzeja, Alicia Warns, Lino Kelian, Daniel Kirchberger, Lino Böttcher, Florian Marissal, Elga Schütz, Verena Wolfien, Christine Kutschera, Martin Sabel, Jan Hasenfuß · Audiodrama: 89 minutes · Die Wilden Hühner Hits (music album): 19 minutes · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn

Reckless 4 Auf Silberner Fährte

Reckless 4 — The Silver Tracks

Jacob and Fox may not have found Jacob’s brother Will, but they have found something even more unexpected in the Mirrorworld: happiness. Just as they give up the search to enjoy their new life together, Will appears.

But now Jacob isn’t sure he can trust his own brother. Travelling with Jacob and Fox’s deadly enemies, Will is on his way to Nihon, beautiful land of sea serpents and samurai, talking forests and magnificent foxes, in pursuit of another magical Mirror. The pair can only follow.

If they are fortunate, what they find could save them. If they are not, they will find painful truths, terrible risks and a greater danger than they could ever have imagined.

Read by: Rainer Strecker · Unabridged audiobook: 685 minutes · Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn · Guest musicians: Nicolai Kopka, Moritz P.G. Katz, Philipp Feit, Eduardo García