A new image maker

Our "Magical Image Makers" have been joined by a new impressive artist: The Ukrainian author and illustrator Oksana Bula.

Drop by and get inspired: corneliafunke.com/en/stories/magical-image-makers/

Do you remember?

We've added some more articles to our archive. Stories we fondly remember: https://corneliafunke.com/en/stories

An Email from the frozen world

How is Cornelia’s book "Dragon Rider" related to Antarctica? Two new (and very special) articles in our "Stories" section unravel the mystery . Curious? This way, please ....

A very special guest

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Our Quiz Show is back!

Step into the guestroom and find our quiz show with a sparkling new design AND a new add-on.


A new section for Cornelia's website

For over a decade of corneliafunke.com we have been telling stories about Cornelia and her books.

The most interesting ones you will find in our new "Stories" section. Enjoy!

Draw A Bird Day

Draw A Bird Day is April 8th of every year. It is an unofficial holiday, but it has been celebrated for over 70 years. It originated in the United Kingdom. You can find the background story HERE. On Instagram we asked Cornelia's followers to share their birds with us. And here they are! Thanks to Andrea, Nadine, Ani, Nelly, Jana, and Elli >3

Anja's owls first headed in the wrong direction...

... but finally they found us to be part of our "Draw A Bird Day Collection", too.

Most loved books

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Cornelia has moved - and her website got a makeover.

A former Agriturismo in Tuscany will be Cornelia's home and meeting place for her "Artists in Residence" for the next few months.

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To my dear readers

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