Cornelia’s website has been around for more than 10 years now. It has gone through four makeovers and many stories about Cornelia and her books have been told since since its launch in 2010. We have selected some of the most interesting articles for you. Enjoy!

Magical Image Makers

"The most important things can't be expressed by words", Cornelia once said. We'd like to "introduce" you to some inspiring illustrators from around the world. Read

Ghost Knight: Reading and Exhibition Opening at Isny

In September 2011, Cornelia and German painter and illustrator Friedrich Hechelmann opened the exhibition of the original illustrations of Cornelia’s new book Ghost Knight. Read

Angels, Pigs and Pirates: A Picture Book Story

Kerstin Meyer is an illustrator. She has illustrated many of Cornelia's books and her pictures always hit the right note for Cornelia's stories. In summer 2016, we paid a visit to Kerstin's studio in Hamburg Altona. Read

Felt Fervour in the Chamber of Miracles

From 2013 through 2016, Suse Federschmid kept the "Wunderkammer" shop in Nuertingen. We paid her a visit in summer 2015. In July 2016, Suse closed her shop for good to find new treasures and ideas. Read

Interview Barry Cunningham

"My job is to represent children": Barry Cunningham, Cornelia’s British publisher, tells about his favourite books, about his polar she-bear, a secret passion and his work as a publisher. (The interview took place in summer 2016) Read

Don't Say Anything Now

In September 2017, Cornelia "answered" questions in a very different sort of interview. Read

Stories like a bond between us

In September 2010, immediately before the Reckless world-premiere Cornelia was extremely busy. However she enjoyed replying to Michael’s curious questions. Read

Cornelia's website from then till now

Maybe some of you remember the many different faces Cornelia's website has had over the years. So come with us on a bit of a voyage through time! Read

The little dragon quest

Cornelia's story "Dragon Rider" is about young dragon Firedrake, who embarks upon a quest to find the Rim of Heaven, the mythical home of all dragons. We tried to follow the footprints of Firedrake. Read

Next School Bus Stop: Rim of Heaven

In April 2019, sixty children, parents, and tutors visited Cornelia at her farm in Malibu. Ducks, donkeys, plants, pizza, painting, drawing, scavenger hunt. A Sunday in nature for city kids, and the fist event hosted by Cornelia's foundation. Read

Voices behind the mirror

In June 2010, Rainer Strecker and the publishing company Oetinger recorded Cornelia’s new novel Reckless at a studio in Hamburg. Read

Dragon cake for the queuers

On 14 July 2017, Cornelia let the dragons fly around the Anselm Feuerbach Hall of the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe. And after the reading, there was dragon cake. To sweeten queuing time at Cornelia’s book signing. Some of Cornelia’s little fans were even patient enough to stay still for a photo. Read