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Madalena, 25 January 2023

Hallo Cornelia, ich bin in einer französischen Schule und wir arbeiten an Ihren Geschichten im Deutschunterricht, also habe ich mich gefragt, welche Botschaft Sie durch Ihre Geschichten vermitteln möchten? Danke und schön Tag

Liebe Magdalena, Cornelia mag keine Botschaften, aber ein zentrales Thema in ihren Büchern ist die Freundschaft bzw. der Gedanke „Gemeinsam sind wir stark“. Cornelia ist der Meinung, dass man nur gemeinsam etwas schafft, und dass alles, was man für sich alleine macht, eine gewisse Begrenztheit hat, weil man dadurch blind gegenüber bestimmten Sachen ist. Sie glaubt sehr an den befruchtenden Einfluss von anderen. Natürlich gibt es in ihren Geschichten noch viele andere Grundmotive – das Überwinden von Angst z.B., Figuren, die nicht das sind, was sie zu sein scheinen, die Entdeckung, wie bizarr und vielfältig die Welt ist, Mitleidlosigkeit .... und so weiter und so weiter ... eine gute Geschichte sollte viele Motive haben.

Jim Robertson, 16 January 2023

I saw Inkheart and I agree Brendan Fraser is a very good fit for his character. Great movie. I read The Thief Lord and thought it was wonderful. I am almost finished Dragon Rider. Although I’m reading it for my 11 year old granddaughter, I love it. Your imagination, Cornelia, is just amazing. Thank you so much for blessing us with your wonderful stories and illustrations.

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Jim, and thank you so much for the beautiful comment

Catherine, 13 January 2023

Hello, I am a teacher and plan to start reading Inkheart with my grades 7,8. I was wondering if a list of all the stories mentioned in Inkheart exists? I teach at Landmark East school with students who have learning differences such as dyslexia

I want to challenge my students with selecting one of the stories mentioned in Inkheart and create their own story. Example Little Red Riding hood appears in your town. What adventures will take place. A list of the stories mentioned in Inkheart trilogy would be very helpful in creating a link to what students have read. Thank you, Catherine

Sadly there is no such list, Catherine! And actually my Reckless series has far more fairy tale references. In Inkheart you could choose a few stories I picked the quotes at the beginning of the chapters from? Very best wishes from Italy, Cornelia 

Samantha, 31 December 2022

Inkheart was the first book (and then series) I ever fell in love with. I read it for the first time in 2006 when I was 10. I was just like Meggie and would stay up till 4 or 5am reading it, I could never put it down. I read the series again at 13 & again at 16. As I got older I started to see the story in different ways based on events in my own life, but my love for it never changed. I am now reading it again at 26, still have my original copy! It’s funny I remember the overall story but not the minute details. It’s felt so warm, like getting reacquainted with a very old friend. Thank you so much for an amazing series!

Morrigan, 11 December 2022

A few days ago, I found Dragon Rider at a library, so I brought it home with me. I hadn't read Dragon Rider yet, and I loved the book!

Ava A., 9 December 2022

Hi! I just had to say, I love Inkheart! I literally JUST finished it today and I can't wait to start. I am also super excited about your fourth book (Even though I haven't even gotten into the second yet). I never was a reader, but then a nice man recommended Inkheart to me and I fell in love. I have told my friends about it, and they all love it too! Your books are so great! Thank you!

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Ava, and thanks for your entry

Madelyn, 5 December 2022

Hello again! How are you today? I know that The Color of Revenge is going to be published in German in October, 2023, or around then. Do you know when it will be published in English?

There is still no news, Madelyn, I'm sorry. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Rachel, 13 November 2022

Hi, Insa! I'm 32 and live in the US. I found the Reckless series a few months ago and have just finished The Silver Tracks. I've fallen in love with this story and was wondering if there is an expected publish date for the fifth book? Thank you!

Dear Rachel, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook. I'm afraid it is far too soon to tell. Cornelia is currently working on book 4 in her Inkheart series. As to Reckless, we will keep you all posted on her website.

Kelly, 9 November 2022

Dear Ms. Funke, my children and I absolutely love the Inkheart series. My children have informed me that there is a fourth book out-The Colour of Revenge, however I cannot find it on sale anywhere. Where can I purchase it? Thank you!!

Dear Kelly, welcome to Cornelia's website. Cornelia is still working on the fourth book of the Inkworld series. The German original will be published around autumn 2023. We will keep you posted on her website

Connor Idso, 27 October 2022

Hello! I've loved Cornelia's books for as long as I can remember. In fact, Dragon Rider was one of the novels that started my passion for reading, which has blossomed into a love of books larger than I care to admit. My wife, who grew up in Germany, has also loved reading your books. I've been trying to consider a good gift for her for one of the upcoming Christmases or birthdays, and I think that she would be thrilled by a signed copy of one of Cornelia's newer books. I know that it's a long shot, as Cornelia's moving (maybe has moved?) to Italy and we live in Texas, but is there a way that we could make it work?

Dear Connor, please send us an email with your request to and I will get back to you on that. Warmest wishes from Germany! Insa (Cornelia's sister, who takes care of her website and fan mail)

Robert Gregory, 24 October 2022

I got my Grandma a copy of Inkheart. One of the last things she said to me before she died was how much she liked Dustfinger. I first read the Inkheart trilogy because my penpal in Germany (I am American) recommended it. I never imagined it would have such a profound effect on my life.

I was wondering what happened to Fenoglio's Grandchildren? I thought it was sweet how he thought of them in the third book. Does he miss his grandkids? Do Fenoglio's grandkids and his family ever wonder what happened to him? If you ever write a 5th Inkheart book, i would love to see it about Fenoglio's grandkids trying to find him.

Dear Robert, thank you so much for your beautiful entry and welcome to Cornelia's website. She is currently working on the fourth book in her Inkworld series. Working title is "The Colour of Revenge".

Madelyn, 24 October 2022

Hi, Cornelia! This is my first time on your website and I'm super excited because I get to ask a question! So, I've heard rumors of there being a fourth book in the Inkheart trilogy. Is it true that you're writing another one in the series? I'm currently reading Inkspell, but almost done and really excited to go on to Inkdeath. It would be amazing if there is going to be another one in the series! Also, you're my favorite author of all time!

Welcome to Cornelia's website, Maydelyn. And yes, it is true, Cornelia is working on the fourth book in her Inkworld series

Arianna Gilbert, 13 October 2022

I'm currently reading Dragon Rider. So far it is soooooooooo good.

Cassie, 4 October 2022

I was 5 when Inkheart was published. I was 7 when I read it for the first time after my big sister raved about it. Since then, I've read the entire series about ten times. Here I am at 24, still reaching out for my old tattered copy. Inkheart started my love for books. It is my constant reminder to never give up, even during my darkest moments. I wanted to say thank you to Cornelia for changing my life for the better and continuing to do so.

Thank YOU, Cassie, for your beautiful entry. Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

Ariel, 26 September 2022

Hi! I have been hooked into the world of Inkheart and am currently in love with the Mirrorworld series Looking forward to reading more and holding out for a crossover (I see the hints and am excited!!!)

Seren, 18 September 2022

Hi! My friend loves reading your books and enjoys your type of writing. Her name is Maggie and I am Seren. !!!

Hi Seren, (hi Maggie), welcome to Cornelia's website and thanks for your entry

Maggie, 18 September 2022

I wanted to say that I loved your description of a sunset in INKHEART book 1, page 119.I have just started to read the book, and I'm loving it. My mum just told me INKHEART is a trilogy, and I am so excited! My name is Maggie which is really close to the name Meggie. I think that the way you write is INCREDIBLE! I'm looking forward to reading more of your AMAZING stories! from Maggie (8, nearly 9)

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Maggie

Milo, 4 September 2022

Dear Ms. Funke, I loved your Dragon Rider books. Please, please, make more in the series, because they are so awesome! Thank you, Milo (aged 8)

There WILL be a fourth book, Milo. We will keep you posted here on her website

Lunalia, 22 August 2022

Hi, Insa! I haven't been on the guestbook for a long time but I was wondering if there were any updates on The Colour of Revenge? I hope you're well, thank you!

Hi Lunalia, welcome back The German original edition will come out around autumn 2023. As to the English translation, I'm afraid we do not know yet.

Unnat, 15 August 2022

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are reading Dragon Rider and the Inkheart Series, and then recommending and discussing the wonderful stories with my friends. It is unfortunate that I haven't read many more of these magical books since then, and I am pleasantly surprised to find that Cornelia had published many, many more.

Rediscovering her books and especially her work with children and conservation through this amazing website has left me inspired to rediscover the whimsy in my life, and hopefully inspire it in others the way she has. I truly wish her the best in all of her endeavors!

Lauren, 10 August 2022

Cornelia, Igraine the Brave was the first book I read for myself after my mom read it to me when I was little. Now I'm reading Inkheart for the first time and just like the characters inside it, I've found that it's woven a spell over my heart. I just finished the second and I can't wait to read the third! I'm a sophomore at college and I'm studying English, Editing, and Creative Writing. Thanks for writing words that are so full of life and magic!

Welcome to Cornelia's website, Lauren, and thank you so much for your entry

Cicada, 8 August 2022

I’m going into college now and looking back on how I’ve grown up and I want to sincerely thank for the memorable childhood all of her books have given me.

Thank you so much for your beautiful message, Cicada

sabryna joy, 8 August 2022

hello i love your stories, cornelia and your name, its lovely. im nearly 70 years old but very young at heart. i liked your "Igraine the brave " so much i bought my own copy! thanks so much!

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Sabryna

Julia Tilson, 4 August 2022

Thank you for your beautiful stories! They have inspired me to become an author too! My first published piece was a short story called "A Best Friend Crush," and my first published novel is called "Coincident."

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Julia

Joshua Dockery, 24 July 2022

A single spark of the imagination, and dreams come to life.

Thank you Cornelia Funke for a window and a door into amazing worlds. Sincerely, -Joshua Dockery

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Joshua

Ali, 20 July 2022

I know that Cornelia Funke liked "Pan's Labyrinth" by Guillermo del Toro. Does she also like Hayao Miyazaki's films like "Spirited Away"? It would be SO awesome if THEY had adapted Cornelia Funke's works into a film instead of Hollywood.

She does! She loves Miyazaki VERY much!

Ellery, 20 July 2022

I've read Inkheart over 15 times now and it's still my favourite book of all time. It's completely enthralling and the characters are beautifully written. Where did you get your inspiration from?

Dear Ellery, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook As to your question, have a look at our Inkheart book page, where Cornelia tells about how she came up with tge idea for the story.

Christian Kracht, 15 July 2022

Hey, wann erscheinen denn neue Bücher von Cornelia oder für wann sind sie erwartet?

Hallo Christian, der vierte Tintenherz Band — Die Farbe der Rache — erscheint im Herbst 2023.

Caitlin, 15 July 2022

Cornelia, I absolutely love your books. I have read the 'Reckless' and 'Fearless' four times each, while working my way through 'The Golden Yarn' for the second time. I already have 'The Silver Tracks'. Your writing speaks to me in a way not all books do. It's immersive, wondrous and unique, whilst sparking my imagination and interest. The tone you set and the worlds you create are beautiful, dangerous and charming. I just can't get enough. Your style is a large part of my own strive to write. You inspire me, and I cannot wait to see what you have to share next. Kind regards, Caitlin.

Dear Caitlin, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for that wonderful feedback and your charming lines

Violet, 15 July 2022

This is so random but I was going through the books on my bookshelf earlier and I found the inkheart books, and I just felt the need to express how amazing my younger self thought they were. I read them when I was around 10, and instantly started to write my first "novel". I was so dedicated to this little book, winding up a year or so later with 70,000 words. I wrote another novel after that, just as bad but TWICE as long (!!!) and here I am on my third piece, thanking Cornelia for the amazing books and inspiration (although no magic in this little romance novella, Im afraid ) SO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

Thank YOU, Violet, for the beautiful message and welcome to Cornelia's website

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