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Shatakshi Pandey, 3 days ago

Hey Insa, how's everything going. You know, today I am posting with my sister Sarthika. Any new updates from Cornelia? And do you know in a few days I'll come to Germany to meet my cousin. And did I mention to you that I have one more sister who is just 10 months...

Bye Insaaaa, Have a great day

How exciting, Shatakshi, and that is beautiful news. Welcome back to Cornelia's website. As to updates, you will always find them on our starting page....

Bonnie, 16 May 2022

Hi Cornelia, I wrote on your site in August of 2020, I think, about the Inkheart series and how much I enjoyed it. Coincidentally, I am actually re-reading it again, it really is a favourite of mine. Anyway, I had a question about the fourth Inkheart book, when can we expect a release date in Australia? I hear it's October 2023, but I'm not sure, any info you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance

Dear Bonnie, it's October 2023 for the German original edition. As to the Australian one, we don't know yet. Warmest wishes from Germany Insa and Guesty

Mai, 13 May 2022

Hello. I just started reading the Spanish version of "Reckless 4" that has finally come out in. However, a few months ago I read the English version of the book, because the wait was long... And that's why I realized that something is missing in the Spanish version: the first chapter is incomplete. Several paragraphs are missing at the end of the chapter. Is it a problem with the digital edition (Amazon Kindle)? Or is it a translator error? I'd appreciate it if they fixed it.

Thank you. (Sorry for my bad English).

Dear Mai, thanks for letting us know. I forward your message to our Spanish publishers. Warmest wishes from Germany! Insa (and Guesty)

AJ The Storyteller, 11 May 2022

Hi, it's me again... though you probably don't remember me. I pop in with my little comments and questions occasionally. I was wondering if you, Insa—although I realize this is something you probably do not know—knew why Meggie was the name chosen for Meggie from the Inkheart trilogy. Anyways, I love the name and think it fits Meggie perfectly.

Yes, I remember you, AJ As for Meggie, if I remember rightly, Cornelia once knew a girl called Meggie. Besides, she always liked that name very much.

Mirrorworlder, 3 May 2022

Hi Insa , how are you? I love the new website (especially the "Stories" section), even if I miss some things from the previous one (most of all the interactive barn). Anyways, i had a little question: in which languages has "The silver tracks" (Reckless 4) already been published? What will the next ones be? (Most importantly, will it be published in Italian?). Thank you very much

Dear Mirrorworlder, Reckless 4 has been published in English, Russian and Spanish. As to Italy, we still don't know yet, but I guess it will be published by Mondadori...

Rebekah, 24 April 2022

I love the Inkheart series and I am very excited for her next books!

Diana, 13 April 2022

Hello Insa! I haven't been here for a while and.... WOW! this new update is amazing! I wanted to know that is that possible to send you pictures or cosplays about Cornelia's books?

Yes, of course, Diana. Welcome back

L, 6 April 2022

Hello, I love your Ink series! I was just wondering when The Color of Revenge would be released. I look forward to reading it !

Hi L, Cornelia is still working on the fourth book. We will keep you posted on her website.

Piney the Pineapple!, 22 March 2022

Hi Cornelia! I have been a big fan of you for a really long time but it has only been recently that I have discovered this fabulous website. I have read all the Inkheart books and have just finished Dragon Rider. And Wow! I can feel the characters build a world around me when I read the words off the page. You have also inspired me to do more creative writing and I have really been getting into it recently. Thank you soooooo much, Piney the Pineapple

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Piney

Ali, 21 March 2022

Before I begin, I would like to say that I liked the Thief Lord, Dragon Rider, and Inkheart when I was a child. Otherwise, I wanted to ask what happened to that list with Cornelia Funke's favorite books. I can't find it anymore on this website. I recall that she liked Charles Dickens, Toni Morrison, Philip Pullman, Michael Ondaatje and so forth.

There will be an updated list soon, Ali

Anna, 20 March 2022

Thank you very much, I feel very relieved that it has already been solved in Spain. I can hardly wait until April.

Anna, 18 March 2022

(2/2) Another entry, from January 23: "Well, let's hope next year, because it still has to come out in German." If previously they excused themselves because it was not going to be published in Spanish soon, I don't understand why now they simply deny its existence... Misinformation should not be spread on the official site itself? Especially since the Fondo de Cultura Económica (Mexico) has just published it as "Reckless 4: Tras el rastro de plata". I wonder when it will arrive in Spain... I am very worried about it.

Hi Anna, the Mexican edition (Fondo de Cultura) was published some weeks ago: "Tras el rastro de plata". The Spanish edition (Siruela) will be in the bookstores in Spain in april 2022: "La estela de plata"

Shatakshi Pandey, 15 March 2022

Hey Insa, do you remember me? I used to ask you so many questions but since Cornelia's website got a makeover I thought now its gone boring because now I won't be able to talk to you or post any message but as I opened it today, I noticed the guestroom option up there and was very happy.

How are you and Cornelia? Wishing you a nice day...

We are both fine, Shatakshi, how are you? Welcome back

Ayami, 15 March 2022

Hi Cornelia! I have not read much of your series, but I am reading the series INKHEART. And I just finished reading the book INKSPELL, and I LOVED it! I don’t know if you are but, I am hoping that you are going to write another book after The Color of Revenge. I just LOVE the ways you mix all kinds of emotions throughout the books. At school we had to write an essay about our favorite author and I remembered Meggie, Mo, and all the other characters, and just couldn’t’ help, but to pick you for my essay. And when I read your book I feel like I am really in your book. Have a good day!

Hi Ayami, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

Amélie-Hanan, 14 March 2022

Hi Cornelia, I read your book: Ghost Knight (I read it in Dutch, Ridder zonder hart) and I really loved it. In the beginning it was too scary, but when I continued reading it was a really special story. I also think this book is beautifully written, very fluid as well. And actually the further you read, the more exciting it gets and things happen you don't expect. After reading this, this book became my favorite book. I am also planning to read Dragon Rider. I really am a big fan of your writing. I am sending you my love Greetings Amélie-Hanan (11 years)

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and dankjewel for your entry Groetjes uit Duitsland! Insa (Cornelia's sister, who takes care of her website and fan mail)

AJ The Storyteller, 14 March 2022

Hello Cornelia/Insa! I was scrolling through the guestbook, and I saw someone mention an app. I am wondering what the name of it might be as I have had no luck finding it in the app store. Thanks! -AJ The Storyteller

Hi AJ, that's the Reckless app.

Lunalia <3, 11 March 2022

Hi Insa, how are you? Will The Colour of Revenge be the last book in the Inkworld series?

Probably yes, but it has not been decided yet, Lunalia

Yumi, 11 March 2022

Hi Insa! Thank you so much for replying, and thank you for your wishing me for my exams. I really appreciate it.

And thank you too AJ! It was ever so kind you to write that for me, and yes, what you said is absolutely true...

AJ The Storyteller, 10 March 2022

Hi, Yumi! I read your post below, and I just realized today is the day your exams start! I wish you much, much luck! Exams are stressful, but we do better when we aren't stressed. You have to remind yourself you did all you could to prepare.

You got this! Wishing you luck, AJ The Storyteller

J, 10 March 2022

Are Hornet and Victor's neighbour related? They have the same last name.

No, that's just a coincidence, J.

Yumi, 6 March 2022

Hello Cornelia/Insa! I wanted to let you know that this website is so amazing! It's so beautifully made and it looks absolutely stunning! I recently read your book Inkheart, as well as Dragon Rider and I just wanted to say that you are so talented with words. You express things so well, and the pages almost flip through themselves! I keep on rereading them, and I'm really such a huge fan of your books! Only problem, my exams will start day after tomorrow, so I can't read right now. But my only motivation is that I can read them as much as I like after they're over. Thank you so much for bringing me joy! Have a great day!

Dear Yumi, welcome to our new website and thank you so much for that beautiful beautiful entry We will keep our fingers crossed for your exams

J, 6 March 2022

How can you ask Cornelia questions?

You can post your questions here in our guestbook or send them to

Fangirl Superstar, 3 March 2022

I am a 6th Grade student and so in love with your work. Dragon Rider is the best series ever. I can't wait for book 3. Keep up the great work!

Kri, 1 March 2022

Dear Cornelia, just stopping by to say thank you for writing such heartwarming stories. Your books made me fall in love with literature and I will always be grateful for that — especially in times like these we are living in. I hope you are enjoying your new home and may the birds always sing you beautiful songs about far away and unknown worlds! Sending you hugs.

Sending hugs back from Germany, Kri, and thank you so much for your lovely entry in Cornelia's guestbook.

Audra Y, 1 March 2022

Hello! I just finished reading Inkheart for the first time, and I have to say I'm absolutely blown away—I can't wait to read Inkspell! I couldn't put Inkheart down after I started. Also, I read Dragon Rider many years ago (wow, probably about 10 now...I feel old), and I remember it as one of the first books that struck up my love of dragons and fantasy fiction when I was younger. At the time, I didn't know about Inkheart, but I get to enjoy the Inkworld books now, as well as the new(ish) sequels to Dragon Rider! What a treat! ♡

(P.S., this site is so lovely and well-laid out.)

Welcome to Cornelia's website, Audra, and thank you very, very much for your charming entry

Hina, 27 February 2022

Hi Cornelia! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your new home! (I was so excited when I came to site and saw this news!) I just come here because I was feeling nostalgic... I read Inkheart when I was in the school, 12 years ago. Now, I'm just already gratuated, working, starting my life... I'm so thankful for your stories had been part of my life. They inspired me and given me peace in many moments♡ All your stories, some day, will be part of my children's life too, I have no doubt.

I just want to say thank you. Continue always sharing your magical and wonderful world with more kids, they'll never forget, just like me♡

Dear Hina, welcome to Cornelia's new website and thank you sooooo much for your charming message

Aaliyah, 27 February 2022

I came back to your website after rereading the mirrorworld (reckless) series and was surprised by the change. I remember seeing an app about the series on your website and was wondering if it was still available? I love your writing and all the magical worlds that your books create gateways to.

Hi Aaliyah, welcome back. The app has never been available here on the website, but only on the App Store.

N'rae Bends, 23 February 2022

Hello Cornelia! I have just come back to your website after some time away and I didn't know it had changed so! It's so unique! I love visiting when I feel uninspired, or lackluster. It always puts a smile on my face. Hope all is well with you! and wishing good health!

Welcome back

Etienne, 23 February 2022

Hello, I am fan of Cornelia Funke. My favourite book is Tintenherz. I also like Geisterritter and Drachenreiter.

Margie, 23 February 2022

This newest chapter in your life sounds pretty amazing! I wish you much luck and happiness! I originally found your site while searching for your Giant Octopus knitting pattern but am having difficulty locating it. Is the pattern still available, please?

Dear Margie, please send an email to and I will send you the pattern. Warmest wishes from Germany! Insa

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