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Carolyn, 2 December 2023

I so love how this woman writes stories. They’re just magical!

Is there any date in sight for the 4th installment of the Inkheart series in the USA?

Not yet, Carolyn, but we'll keep you posted in our news Warmest wishes from Germany! Insa (and Guesty)

Brian, 1 December 2023

I have loved the Inkheart series since I was little. I remember before Christmas hunting for my presents as I hoped Inkdeath (which was newly released at the time) was among them. I stole a glance at the first pages and sat in my father's coat closet and read as long as I dared to without being caught. I am eager to hear news for The Colour of Revenge. Any news? Perhaps my wife can hide it away for Christmas for me. Thank you for years of magic from a child raised on fairy tales.

Dear Brian, thank you sooo much for your wonderful message and welcome to Cornelia's website. As to The Colour of Revenge: No news yet, but we'll keep you posted Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Norma Kerr, 25 November 2023

Has Islands of the fox been published yet? I have a 71 year old brother going crazy waiting for it. Lol

Yes, Norma, it has been published in 2022:

Kate C, 25 November 2023

I started the Inkheart series when I was younger and have been in love with it ever since (I’ve even started getting my friends to read it)! The Black Prince is definitely my favourite character and I’m so excited for the Colours Of Revenge

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Kate

Ashly, 9 November 2023

Thank you for your books they are amazing, please write back to me

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Ashly, and thank you so much for your message Insa and Guesty

Rosalind Lindsay, 21 October 2023

Hi Cornelia. I joined this group because I really love your books, especially the Inkheart series. They are so beautifully and cleverly written. I am thinking of being a writer when I get older, and if I turn out as one I would love my books to be as inspiring and original as yours. My favourite character is Dustfinger, and he is closely followed by Meggie. Your books really are inspiring for me, thank you. Rosie.

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Rosie, and thank you so much for your kind entry

Rosie, 21 October 2023

Hi , I really love the inkheart series so I joined this. When will the colour of revenge come out in english, if it does? I am a great fan of those books, and the movie is well done.

We'll keep you posted, Rosie

Livia, 20 October 2023

Omg, I love the Inkheart series and I think your an amazing author. I was just wondering when the English version would be published?

Many thanks, Livia

We don't know yet, Livia, but we'll keep you posted here on Cornelia's website

Bella, 8 October 2023

Hiiii, I was wondering if the fourth Inkheart will soon be in English?

And the release date? Thanks, Bella

We do not know a date yet, Bella, but we'll keep you posted on Cornelia's website

Imogen G., 8 October 2023

Hello! My name’s Imogen, and I am eleven years old. For a long time I never knew what to read until I saw Dragon Rider on the library shelf. As soon as I flipped to the first page, it felt as if I had entered the valley of dragons. I am now on the third book and am so sad it is the last in the series. But the journey I’ve had throughout the books I will never forget. Thank you so much Cornelia Funke for the best books of my life!! I am looking forward to reading more of your work!

Dear Imogen, welcome to Cornelia's website and thank you so much for your beautiful entry

Parker, 4 October 2023

I love the Inkheart series! I’m almost done with the 2nd. It’s so good! My favorite character is Dustfinger. He seems like he would be scared of nothing and never lets someone see his feelings. But he cares for his friends. I can’t wait for the next one to come out! I hope the English version comes out soon! I’ve noticed that the titles of all your books are said in the books at some point. So, that gave me an idea for another book, if you ever write a 5th one. “Inkwell” because Fenoglio uses it to write the story, and they say it multiple times in the books. But I bet you have other ideas. Thank you for your books!

Thanks for your beautiful message, Parker, and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook!

Alex, 28 September 2023

Is there any word on how long it will be before The Colour of Revenge is published in English? Can't wait for the upcoming release!

Not yet, Alex, we'll keep you posted on Cornelia's website.

Unbroken Inkheart, 22 September 2023

I just learned of the 4th book being released soon and I cannot wait, I haven't had time to fall between the pages of a book in years and now my son is approaching the age to be read Inkheart (from a signed copy my wife got me for our 1st dating anniversary.) I'll most certainly be waiting impatiently to once more fall between the pages of these amazing books.

Thanks for your charming message and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

Ms. Dustfinger, 2 September 2023

October 2023 for "The Colour of Revenge"? Is this true? Unfortunately I don't speak or read in German, hopefully the English translation is released soon!

We hope so, too, Ms Dustfinger. And yes, Inkheart 4 is going to be published on 12 October, 2023.

Katherine, 2 September 2023

Hi, how have you been? I was wondering if there's a possibility that the Mirrorworld short stories collection (Spiegelwelt: Folge Jacob und Will Reckless durch das Spiegelbild deiner Welt in ein Reich von Zauber und Abenteuer) might be translated into English in the future? I have the Mirrorworld app but the physical copy looks so beautiful

There are sadly no plans to do so, Katherine. Sorry! Best from Italy, Cornelia

Lily, 23 August 2023

My first copy of Inkheart was secondhand, picked up by my mother in a thrift shop when I was seven. It's one of the first books I truly remember falling in love with. Inkheart has accompanied me on my travels to far places, and has gathered a thousand memories within its pages. I'm on my 2nd copy now-the first is held together by electrical tape I used to keep the spine in place on a camping trip. Your words keep me company on rainy days and on nights when I need an old friend; and as a writer myself, your influence is immeasurable. Thank you for your words, thank you for your beautiful imagination. They mean the world

Thank YOU, Lily, for such a beautiful message. And welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

Joyous, 14 August 2023

Inkheart made my daughter a reader. So much so that, when she finished Inkspell, her sitter called me at work as she was inconsolable having finished it and was deeply mourning the ending. I was fortunate that I had Inkdeath, newly published, in my car. Now she is 26 and we are still rereading the series over and over again. I am hoping Fenoglio publishes a second edition of his book, Inkheart. In the mean time, when will The Color of Revenge be available?

Dear Joyous, thank you so much for the beautiful entry and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook As to The Color of Revenge, we don't know yet, but we will keep you posted on our website.

Hannah, 31 July 2023

Dear Ms. Funke, I am currently reading Inkspell to my sister, and was delighted to hear that there is a fourth book in the Inkworld series. I live in America, however, and am wondering if and when the fourth book will be published in English. In addition, I hope you are doing well, and would like you to know that we love your books. You write very well, and the Inkworld is now a prized part of my collection. Thank you for your time, I know you must be very busy.

Sincerely, Hannah

Dear Hannah, the German original will be published in October. As to the English edition, we don't know yet, but we will keep you posted on Cornelia's website

DJ, 18 July 2023

I didn't discover Inkheart until I was an adult. It was sometime time after I saw the movie with Fraser not realizing then that it was based on a book. I forgot the story until sometime later when I saw the book. I'm one of those people that always think the book is better than the movie so having forgotten a lot of the movie I read it. It easily became one of my top favorite books of all time. I read it again with my oldest daughter as soon as she was old enough to read it and then later I listened to the Audible version by Fraser. My top book request ever is for Funke to write Inkheart from Inside Inkheart! Please!

Dear DJ, Cornelia can't write the "real Inkheart" because Fenoglio is the copyright holder. Besides, Fenoglio's storytelling style is very different from Cornelia's

Shelby Darden, 12 July 2023

Dear Cornelia, my bucket list has "meet Cornelia Funke" somewhere in the top lines. Not in a creepy kind of way, but a "please sign my book" kind of way. I was introduced to your imagination through my older brother, starting with Inkheart. I loved it so much that I remember crying because I wasn't Meggie or a silver tongue. Now I am an adult and devour every book in the Mirrorworld series. They have inspired me so much for my own writing.

My brother and I would freak OUT if you went on a U.S. tour. Please please please consider it! And maybe a writing class on Youtube, since I'm dreaming?

Dear Shelby, thank you so much for your kind entry. Cornelia lived in the US for 16 years. She moved to Italy in 2021. If there are plans for a U.S. tour, we will post it on her website Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Kaylee G., 3 July 2023

The Inkworld books have been such an enormous influence on my life. I read the first two when I was 12 and participating in Battle of the Books with my school. I knew every answer to the questions regarding Inkspell, I'm proud to say. Not only that, but between her books and Cornelia's support of young artists, I began writing with feverous passion and never stopped. Life has admittedly led me into a seemingly endless night, but writing and reading have ever been both my anchors to reality and ways to escape the darkness when I need to. My thoughts always return to Inkheart and Cornelia with immense gratitude. Thank you.

Dear Kaylee, such a beautiful entry and compliment!!! Thank you so much and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

Anea, 15 June 2023

I have loved your books since I was 8. The first book was Dragon Rider, I have read it 3 times. It is still magical. I love all of your characters in that book, especially Lung and Sorrel. I love the Inkheart trilogy and many other of your books. Well what I try to say here are that all of your books are amazing and they mean so much for me. Dragon Rider made me fall in love with reading, maybe I was just lucky or maybe it was some kind of ‘destiny’ (and I don’t even believe in destiny) but if a kid whose love for reading haven’t come yet start read a 474 pages long book I don’t know what to call it ...

Dear Anea, what a beautiful compliment. Thank you so much for your message and welcome to Cornelia's website

Niklas, 12 June 2023

Dear Cornelia,

I trust you are well.

I was inspired by your Artists-in-Residence-Projekt in California — and the continuation of it in Tuscany. Since your move from the U.S. to Italy was triggered by the tragic wild fires, I was wondering the following: Would you be open to the idea to host an event in Tuscany, bringing together artists for a joint effort to bring the inspirational power of all kinds of art (music, literature, filming etc.) to develop several positive narratives to act against global warming, to act for a sustainable future?

If you are interested to know more: I would be glad to hear from you.

Dear Niklas, we are doing that here already with several projects Best wishes from Italy, Cornelia 

Amber, 7 June 2023

Cornelia — I am writing to let you know how special your books are to me! I first read “The Thief Lord” in grade school and it was one of the first books that truly taught me the power of storytelling. I remember feeling equal parts betrayed and mystified at “the twist” and I am not sure I have ever fully recovered from that (because I’ve loved reading ever since.) I have read and adored all of the “Inkheart” series. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us—I will treasure the memories I have of your books always. Take care — Amber

Dear Amber, thank you so much for your beautiful entry and welcome to Cornelia's website. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Zeyad Abdulkareem, 4 June 2023

Mögen Sie die Harry Potter- Reihe ?

Hallo Zeyad, Cornelia liebt die Harry Potter Bücher

Melanie Mather, 25 May 2023

Vielen Dank! Gutes Geschichtenerzählen und Schreiben, die Bücher „Ink Heart“ und „Dragon Rider“. Ich liebe die Serie Ink Heart, jetzt bin ich ein neuer Fan Ihrer Dragon Rider-Serie! Danke schön! Ich verwende Google Translate, um dies auf Deutsch zu schreiben. (Thank you so very much! The good storytelling and writing, books of "Ink Heart" and "Dragon Rider." I adore the series Ink Heart, now, I am a new fan of your Dragon Rider series! Thank you! I am using Google translate to write this in German.) Melanie

Dear Melanie, thank you so much for your beautiful message and welcome to Cornelia's website. By the way, there is also an English version of this website

Eva and Annabel, 23 May 2023

Hi! We are working on a school project for the book Igraine The Brave! We are doing a wanted poster on Sisyphus. We need to know the age of him! And also could you make a second book? Our class loved Igraine The Brave! Thank you!

I am so thrilled you’re doing this project on Igraine! Thank you so much! And please send a photo of the poster to the guestbook Sisyphus is 7 years old — although he likes to pretend he is 17, as he finds it embarrassing that Igraine remembers him being a small kitten. As for a second book — maybe you all can tell me how you think Igraine’s adventures continue? Best wishes from Italy! Cornelia 

Tori Bender, 11 May 2023

Hello — just wanted to stop by and say hi from Japan. It's been awhile since I've visited, but I just want to say thanks for continually inspiring me for all these years. I still have my worn and well-loved of Inkheart from about 16 years ago and brought it with me overseas as it brings me so much comfort and artistic inspiration. We recently had a "show and tell" in an adult English class that I teach, and I brought it with me to show my students now they all want to read it! Anyways, much love and take care.

Welcome back, Tori, and thank you so much for the beautiful message. Warmest wishes from Germany to Japan

Lunalia, 30 April 2023

whoa, it must've a year since i last visited, the website looks so cool now!!! i was wondering when the colour of revenge is set to come out? i should probably start rereading the first three before then haha

Hi Lunalia, welcome back As to the Colour of Revenge: the German original edition is going to come out this autumn. We will keep you posted on the English edition.

Farhan, 20 April 2023

When will there be an English translation for the 4th edition of the Ink World books.

We don't know yet, Farhan, but we'll keep you posted...

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