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Abigail T., 2 days ago

I am simply sharing my unfiltered JOY at the knowledge of a new book in the Ink World series. This book series has been my absolute favorite since I read Inkheart in 2nd grade. I have my gnarled, devoured copy because as you said, “Some books should be tasted, some devoured but only few should be chewed and digested thouroughly” and I have revisited this world an abundance of times. I cannot tell you how many times I lost myself wanting to be with Meggie and Farid, wandering in Elinors library, and wanting to hang out with Dustfinger. Thank you for sharing their world with us, I cherish them.

Thank YOU, Abigail, for your charming message and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook

Kaleb Southern, 9 July 2024

Hi Insa! I'm currently reading Isaac Asimov's book Pebble in the Sky and I was wondering if you or Cornelia were sci-fi fans? My favorite novels in the genre are C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy and Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man. What are yours?

Hi Kaleb, Cornelia IS, I am not really (at least not a great fan). Cornelia especially  likes Philip K. Dick's stories.

Miranda, 27 June 2024

Hi Insa! I used to come onto this website for the weekly chats you hosted! Do you still host those? I miss talking about stories with other book lovers/ writers!

Hi Miranda, I remember you well I'm afraid, due to too few participants we do not offer our chat anymore. Maybe we should think up another concept...

Kate, 9 June 2024

Dear Cornelia, Insa, and Guesty (so cute!), a few years ago I was sick with a bad sore throat & Inkheart was the only book I could focus on. I couldn't look away from the page. The image of Dustfinger eating fire that night at Elinor's house is always stuck in my brain. It's so otherworldly. In book two, I love the descriptions of the glass men & fairy nests. Dustfinger & Elinor are my favorite characters; Dustfinger because he is so mysterious & Elinor because she is grumpy but has a good heart. I want to be an author & you inspire me so much. Your books are like beautiful tapestries that unfurl in my mind. Thank you!

Jennifer Seoul, 22 May 2024

Hey! I loved Inkheart. I have read it 5 times by now. I wanted to ask you how do you read and manage to reply so many comments? Do you work with your team or is it just you?

Hi Jennifer, Cornelia's sister (that's me takes care of her website and fan mail. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Liv, 16 May 2024

I love the Inkheart series, hope there’s merchandise! If there is can you give me a link? Thanks! From a Funke fan, Liv

Dear Liv, we can only offer you bookplates and postcards. If you are interested, please send an email to

Gabriella, 30 April 2024

Hey! I love Cornelia's books, but just discovered this website, and was super excited, but I was wondering, is there any limit to the length of the stories you send in for the Your Stories?

No, Gabriella, there is no limit Welcome to Cornelia's website

Stephanie Packer, 8 April 2024

Hello, one of my 3rd grade students has written Cornelia a letter and has asked if I can mail it. To what address should I send the letter? Thank you,

Stephanie Packer 3rd grade teacher in America

Dear Stephanie, you can send it to her US fan mail address: Cornelia Funke, 4335 Van Nuys Blvd., #140 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, USA

Sabrina, 8 April 2024

Hello, I’m curious as to whether ‘The Colour of Revenge’ contains any references to other books written by Cornelia Funke besides the amazing ‘Inkheart Trilogy’, of course. I just want to make sure I understand any references and if I need to read any other book series by her first to understand certain elements in this fourth instalment to the Inkworld.

Cheers, Sabrina

Yes, Sabrina there are references to Cornelia's Reckless book series Welcome to our website, by the way Warmest wishes from Germany! Insa and Guesty

Sierra, 28 March 2024

Hi, I'm a super big fan of your work Ms. Funke. I have read Inkheart over and over again and am excited to have the fourth book (Color of Revenge) being released in English in the United States (I live in Oregon) in October. I can't wait to re-read the series again before the release date. I can't wait to walk with Dustfinger and see him dance with flames and smell the leather as Mo fixes books. Your books still speak to me even after all these years. Thank you for making us another book so I may dive back into the Inkworld.

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Sierra, and thank you soooo much for your beautiful entry

Nila, 14 March 2024

OMGGGGG I’m so exited for the colour of revenge I may just DIE I LOVE your books I’ve only read the inkheart set but I’m definitely going to read more. your books are inspiring I love the creativity and please keep writing books im sure they will be just as amazing. is there any news on the English colour of revenge because I sadly can’t speak German? Best wishes from UK, Nila

Dear Nila, it will probably be published this autumn, but we don't know yet. We'll keep you posted on Cornelia's website

Ben Roybal, 20 February 2024

Just finished reading the first 4 Reckless books for the second time, and it's left me so hungry to know how the story resolves. Never stop channeling stories Miss Cornelia. The world seems to be losing the old magic, but perhaps the stories that are found rather than made can help save it. I'm grateful for your treasure hunting soul. Ben

Welcome to Cornelia's website, Ben, and thank you so much for your message

Johanna, 17 February 2024

Inkheart is the book that made me truly fall in love with stories and want to be a writer. I'm currently living in Germany and so excited to go see Cornelia in Hamburg, even though my German is not good yet. I know the magic will still be palpable. Thank you for your stories and your words.

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Johanna. We hope you will enjoy the reading

T :), 8 February 2024

I remember having a huge obsession with this website and basically everything Cornelia Funke during covid. Recently I've reread the inkheart series and fallen back in love. Already so excited for future books. Best wishes from England

Welcome back, T

Jelly, 4 February 2024

Hey! I recently found out there is a fourth Book in the Inkworld series, I'm so excited!! I love Cornelia's books, especially the inkworld series and the Thief Lord Is there any news about a Dutch translation for Die Farbe der Rache? I really hope so!!

Not yet, Jelly, we only know that the English edition will come out this autumn.

Ms. Dustfinger, 29 January 2024

I am so excited to read "The Colour of Revenge"! Just wondering when the English translation will be available? Cheers from Canada!

We don't know yet, Ms. Dustfinger, maybe this autumn. We will keep you all posted

Chizuko, 21 January 2024

I'm really enjoying reading Inkheart! It's super good! Thank you so much for writing all these awesome books! I look forward to reading the rest in the trilogy!

Zayaan, 15 January 2024

Dragon rider was an amazing book! I just found out you have a son named Ben too! I'm doing a book report on it and its amazing. Thanks!

Mia, 15 January 2024

There is something magic about the inkheart set. I was glued. I think that Cornelia is an amazing author and I hope she continues to write for many years and gives us more amazing stories. Have you got any ideas for more books and is there any news of the colour of revenge in English, because I sadly can’t speak German

No news yet. We'll keep you posted here on Cornelia's website, Mia. Thank you for your patience.

Rosalind, 19 December 2023

I am just reading the third book in the Reckless series and they are amazing! I feel bad for all the characters, and all of them are so complicated. I love how Cornelia makes all the characters equally detailed and unique, and the characters are really what make all books so great. My fav characters so far are FOX and Nerron , and mabye Will, too, but all of the characters are just so great! Do you know if Cornelia is working on any new books yet, because if she is, I would love to read them

Dear Rosalind, Cornelia's new book — The Colour of Revenge (Inkheart 4) — was published in October. We still don't know when the English edition will come out. Warmest wishes from Germany and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook.

Orochimaru, 17 December 2023

Hello I just wanted to ask if there will be a fifth MirrorWorld book. I really loved the fourth book and I'm curious to see what happens next.

Currently there arte no plans for another book, but it is not unlikely

Serenity Wolfe, 12 December 2023

Dear Mrs. Funke, although I haven't read your book yet I believe it's gone to be a wonderful read. I think your name is beautiful. I wish mine was like yours. The illustrations in your book, Inkdeath, are so beautiful and I can't wait to read it. How did you get into writing? Have you always loved writing, did a friend get you interested, or did you just have to write a story for a school assignment and you got into it? Either way, I hope you continue you to write! Thank you for making beautiful worlds for people like me to reside and find comfort in in darker times

Dear Serenity, Cornelia was an illustrator, but she was awfully bored with the books she had to illustrate — so she decided to write her own story. She loved it — writing — and still does Your name is beautiful, too, by the way

Carys, 12 December 2023

I love the inkheart series with my whole heart. please let the forth book be out in English soon. I think your such an amazing author and I’m looking forward to reading the colour of revenge

Kate, 9 December 2023

I loved the Inkheart books, they’re in my top! I was so happy to find out the 4th book came out, but can’t find anywhere information regerding the release date in Poland (translated, as I don’t know german). Are there any plans of releasing it in Poland? Please, make my day!

We don't know yet, Kate, but I will forward your question to Cornelia's literary agents

Carolyn, 2 December 2023

I so love how this woman writes stories. They’re just magical!

Is there any date in sight for the 4th installment of the Inkheart series in the USA?

Not yet, Carolyn, but we'll keep you posted in our news Warmest wishes from Germany! Insa (and Guesty)

Brian, 1 December 2023

I have loved the Inkheart series since I was little. I remember before Christmas hunting for my presents as I hoped Inkdeath (which was newly released at the time) was among them. I stole a glance at the first pages and sat in my father's coat closet and read as long as I dared to without being caught. I am eager to hear news for The Colour of Revenge. Any news? Perhaps my wife can hide it away for Christmas for me. Thank you for years of magic from a child raised on fairy tales.

Dear Brian, thank you sooo much for your wonderful message and welcome to Cornelia's website. As to The Colour of Revenge: No news yet, but we'll keep you posted Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Norma Kerr, 25 November 2023

Has Islands of the fox been published yet? I have a 71 year old brother going crazy waiting for it. Lol

Yes, Norma, it has been published in 2022:

Kate C, 25 November 2023

I started the Inkheart series when I was younger and have been in love with it ever since (I’ve even started getting my friends to read it)! The Black Prince is definitely my favourite character and I’m so excited for the Colours Of Revenge

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Kate

Ashly, 9 November 2023

Thank you for your books they are amazing, please write back to me

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Ashly, and thank you so much for your message Insa and Guesty

Rosalind Lindsay, 21 October 2023

Hi Cornelia. I joined this group because I really love your books, especially the Inkheart series. They are so beautifully and cleverly written. I am thinking of being a writer when I get older, and if I turn out as one I would love my books to be as inspiring and original as yours. My favourite character is Dustfinger, and he is closely followed by Meggie. Your books really are inspiring for me, thank you. Rosie.

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Rosie, and thank you so much for your kind entry

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