Crazy temperature

Written by Mery G.


My name is Mery G. and this is a story about me. Enjoy it!

I was in hospital, because I wasn't very good. I had a high temperature and my skin was even wight! It was early in the morning. I woke up and saw somebody sitting on my bed.
I said "Hello", because I thought that it was a doctor. But I didn't hear the answer!
He stood up and gave me a glass of blue water. I drank it. Later I understood that the stranger wasn't the doctor! He was really grey, without face and with wight hair! I asked him about my parents.
"They are here! And you have to sleep!" answered the man.
"But I don't want to sleep!" I said.
"You have, my girl! I'll sing for you!" and he started to sing. His voice was fantastic, nice and light. I fell asleep.
Suddenly I heard my mother's voice! She was calling me, but I couldn't answer! My lips were like stones: heavy and grey. I started to cry. I cried and tried to say something, but I couldn't! 
It was very scary, when I opened my eyes and saw just darkness!
"What is it? Where am I…" Yes, I could talk, but I didn't hear my mom. That was very scary and strange.
"You are here! With me, my little girl!" That was my mother's voice! But I didn't see her!
"Mommy? Where are you?"
"I am with you. And where are you?"
"I don't know! Mommy, where is dad?"
"He is right here!" Someone took my arm and I felt my father's face. But I didn't see them! Where were they?
"Dad? Is it you? Where are you, daddy?"
"I am with your mom. And where are you?"
"I don't know!" I started to cry. My voice was very fast and very low.
"No, my daughter! You know where you are! You have to remember! You remember!
Can you hear me?"
"Yes, daddy! I can… But I still don't know this place!"
Suddenly I felt something very cold on my head and something sweat on my lips.
I closed my eyes and opened them again. I was sitting on my hospital bed! Was that just a dream? Maybe! There was a wet towel on my head...  I saw a doctor sitting on the bed with a glass of blue medicine! My mother was holding a thermometer! I had a very high temperature! That's why I saw some strange and scary pictures! That was only a dream! ...

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lu hart – 29 June 2020

it was kinda scary but good

Reihaneh – 30 May 2020

Wow good

Charlotte – 24 July 2019

Wow! Was that a true story? It was cool!