I am the last person here you will meet

Written by Taanirika Sharma

Hi extraterrestrials. My name is Akshata. I am 10 years old and I am from India, Earth. Now, the thing which I am going to tell you might sound quite silly, but it’s true. Do you know that even if you roam my whole planet, you won’t find anyone except me?
That’s because I am the last person here! Yup, It all happened when I was asleep last night. When I woke up, the electricity (a source we use on Earth, controlled by humans) was gone, I tried to find my family but no one was there. I called all my relatives, but no one answered, I thought to watch some TV (a device on which we can have some entertainment and other
things), but it had no signal! All of this, along with some other strange and suspicious incidents told me something was wrong. And after more things happened, I got to know just what happened, and that was that I am the only human being left on this planet!

I quickly got myself ready after that and, then I started thinking, what is going to happen with me now? Would I get enough food to eat, would I be able to get daily comforts, will I ever get to know how to cook delicious food like my mother, will I be able to get the humans back, WOULD I BE ABLE TO SURVIVE?

As all these questions roamed my head, I prepared myself by writing some hacks, tricks and things about the world I have learned so far in my life in my diary, hoping that all this would help me. When I was done with all this, I thought about the good things about this incident that is going to change my life forever. Now, I will be able to do all the things which my family often told me not to do, I would be to go anywhere I want without giving any money, everything which I always wanted and are still left will be all mine, etc. So to motivate myself a little bit, I wrote this in my diary as well.

Now, you may be thinking that now I don’t need to study at all, but I am still going to as when I grow up, I would use all my education to make a machine to get humans back on Earth. For now, I have only this much to tell you. Good bye for now...

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Taanirika Sharma – 3 April 2021

Thanks Everyone

Arya – 17 March 2021

Nice Story

Patrick Knaus – 9 March 2021


Diana – 5 March 2021

Great job!

Llilyana – 5 March 2021

Ooh! Nice story!