Jessica At The Academy Of Power

Written by Theresa

(A year earlier...) "Jessica, come on!" cried Diana, Jessica's best friend. "Let's not be late!" Jessica ran after Diana towards the school door's. Once they got in and got to class, they calmed down. Jessica smirked as Diana put a whoopee cushion on Darlene's chair. Darlene was always late, and usually she felt very bad because of being late. So, so that Darlene could feel worse, the girls decided to put the whoopee cushion on her chair. When Darlene finally came, the teacher was angry with her. Great, thought Diana. Now she can feel even worse!
"It's 9:50! School starts at 9:35! How can you always be so late?!" cried Mrs. Heddle.
"I... sept in..." mumbled Darlene. Mrs. Heddle frowned.
"You said that yesterday and the day before that and the day before that!!" Darlene sniffed.
"Go to your desk, Darlene. I'll deal with you later."
Darlene shuffled to her desk. All eyes were on her. Every one knew what was going to happen. Any second now, thought Diana. Darlene sat down. Suddenly the silence was broken with a loud pffffffffffffffrt! The class roared with laughter. Darlene turned beet red and tears began forming in her blue eyes. Jessica suddenly felt bad for Darlene. This wasn't the first time they had pranked her. Mrs. Heddle banged her fist on her desk. "QUIET!" she yelled. There was an uneasy silence. "Who was responsible for this prank?" she demanded, banging her fist on the desk again. No one said anything. Mrs. Heddle's dark eyes scanned the room and rested at Diana and Jessica's desk. Mrs. Heddle knew that the girls usually caused these things.
"Girls," she said. "Did you play a prank on Darlene?" Diana's face looked surprised.
"Us?" she asked. "Why would we ever do that? Poor Darlene never hurt anyone!"
Darlene stiffened. "Yes, Mrs. Heddle, why do you think we'd ever do that?" asked Jessica.
Mrs. Heddle walked slowly away from her desk and towards the girls. "Well," she said. "I only suspect that because you two did all the other pranks on Darlene."
"Name one." Diana said promptly, crossing her arms.
Mrs. Heddle sighed. "Where do I begin? How about the time you dumped water on Darlene during the play? What about the time you tripped her down the stone stairs in the hall? You remember that, don't you? Or the time you 'accidentally' broke Darlene's right arm when you pushed her on the ice in the park? Is that enough evidence, girls?"
Diana smiled. She turned her head to Jessica. "I say we broke a record, huh, Jess?"
Jessica smiled. "It's been a good year!" she replied.
"To the office, girls!" boomed Mrs. Heddle. Diana and Jessica walked down the hall to Mr. Kent's office. When he saw them enter, he rolled his eyes. "What did you do this time, girls? You two come here so often, it's like the principal's office is your home room."
"Trust us, sir! This time it really was nothing we did!" cried Jessica.
"Yes," agreed Diana.
"Darlene just farted during class, thats all!"
Suddenly, Mr. Kent's office door opened. Mrs. Heddle walked in, holding the whoopee cushion in her hand. The tossed it on to Mr. Kent's desk and left. Mr. Kent looked at them in dismay. "Diana, I'm calling your parents. Jessica, I'll get Mrs. Heddle to call your orphanage. I am very disappointed in both of you."

"Jessica, I still don't understand why you do all those pranks on poor Darlene!" cried Ms. Runcorn, the owner of the orphanage Jessica lived in.
Jessica shrugged. "She's a dweeb."
Ms. Runcorn frowned. "That's not a very nice thing to say!"
"Go to your room, Jess." Jessica obeyed.
Later on, Jessica had another fight with a girl in the orphanage. Her name was Rachel. Rachel and Jessica always had fights, but this one was... different.
"I. DID. NOT. TAKE. YOUR. TOY HORSE!!" yelled Jessica in Rachel's face.
"YES. YOU. DID!!" Rachel screamed back. Jessica threw a plastic action figure at Rachel. It hit her on her forehead. "Hey!" cried Rachel, rubbing her head. Jessica stuck her tongue out at Rachel. Then she ran up a flight of stairs to her room. Rachel followed. Jessica made it to her room right before Rachel did. Jessica slammed the door shut. A frantic scream filled the orphanage. Rachel's finger got caught between the door! Jessica opened the door immediately. Rachel's face was red, and tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Ms. Runcorn appeared. When she saw Rachel, she ran back down and grabbed an ice pack. When she came back up, Rachel stopped screaming and was crying loudly. Ms. Runcorn gave the ice pack to Rachel, who put it on her fingers. '
"Jessica! How could you!?" cried Ms. Runcorn.
"It wasn't my fault!!" yelled Jessica.
"Well, who's was it then?!" Ms. Runcorn yelled, trying to be heard over Rachel's crying. Jessica turned around and went into her room, closing the door behind her with a bang.
"Jessica, you come out here, right NOW!!" yelled Ms. Runcorn.
"No!" Rachel stopped crying and sat down on the floor, nursing her swollen fingers.
Suddenly, Ms. Runcorn smelled smoke. Jessica ran out her room. "Fire!!" she screamed.
Soon, all the orphanage kids were outside with Ms. Runcorn, watching the orphanage burn. Sirens filled the air. Ms. Runcorn turned to Jessica. "How did you start a fire?!" she cried.
Jessica wiped a tear away. "I don't know! I was so angry, I stretched out my hands and suddenly... flames came!"
"Look what you've done!" yelled Ms. Runcorn. "You think I'd believe that silly nonsense?!" Suddenly, Jessica started running. She didn't even know where. She just ran away from the burning orphanage, away from Ms. Runcorn. Away from Rachel. Away from everything.
Then, Jessica found herself in a forest. Eyes looked at her from the darkness. Suddenly, Jessica tripped! She fell into a hole! Down down she went until she landed with a thud on dewy grass. A strange woman with purple eyes and green hair loomed over her. Her body was very slanted. "Welcome to The Academy Of Power," she said. "We have been expecting you. I am Ms. Bean. Follow me, please."
Jessica felt as if she had no choice, she got up and followed the very slanted Ms. Bean.

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Reihaneh – 31 May 2020


WOW – 3 April 2020

Is there more?!

dancer777 – 30 November 2018

I LOVE your writing! Keep going!

dancer777 – 9 November 2018

Very good. Keep writing!!!

Katherine Liu – 25 July 2017

Tis is a very interesting story! I am looking forward to read more of it. Does she have the fire power out of the four elements?

Anonymous – 27 May 2015

It was good, but could be better. Do carry on with it, but it needs a bit more excitement.