The Murder and Two Mystical Friends

Written by Meghan


Hi Cornelia Funke, my name is Meghan Hurley and I would like for you to put these up on your website. I give you permission to make any changes that you might want to do and the title will be "The Murder and Two Mystical Friends". Your Inkworld and Reckless book lover, Meghan

Chapter 1

In a small, quaint valley was a silent phoenix, named Ronnie, waiting to approach the vanguard that was coming through his territory in order to get a message to the neighboring kingdom. Next to him was a specter named Patience, who could not find peace in the world; therefore, she was forlorn and apathetic because of this.

Meanwhile, a murder happened at a neighboring kingdom, so King Mateo and Queen Sofie sent a letter to the kingdom to the east. The person who was killed was a close friend to their daughter, Rachel. His name was Cole. No one knows who killed him, so they sent their best knights to get the only person who was good at mysteries, Meghan.

In the kingdom to the east, lived Meghan who lived an ordinary life until about 10 days ago. She was very interesting and smart, and loved to solve mysteries. One day, Scott, a guard who came to visit her often, told her that the king would like to speak to her concerning a letter.

When she went into the eloquent castle, she was having trouble finding the grand hall where King Jordan sat. Meghan then heard a shout coming from an area that she thought was the kitchen. “JOHN, YOU STUPID CAT, I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME IN HERE! I AM GOING TO BLUDGEON YOU TO DEATH WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!” Meghan heard a slight meow and looked at the cook coming through the kitchen chasing an orange tabby cat.

The cook stopped for a second and kneeled to the ground in front of Meghan. She was very confused by this action and was clouded by the innumerable possibilities that could be the case of this. The tabby then jumped into her arms and curled up getting her back into reality.

“Detective, I did not know that you would be arriving so early. My name is Jensen, and I will quickly create a meal for you,” said the cook. Jensen was cursory about making Meghan breakfast and gave her a murky drink to wash it down. Meghan rebuffed the drink, but Jensen put in an ultimatum that made her drink it down without a second thought.

A couple of hours later, Meghan woke up to find that she was in a bed with a textile blanket over her. She then heard the door open and saw a servant come in. “I apologize for Jensen’s behavior,
but he is not very scrupulous and had an ordeal a while back that he cannot get out of his head. Oh, pardon me, but my name is Patrick.” “Nice to meet you Patrick; however, why did Jensen call me ‘detective’?” asked Meghan.

When Meghan asked this, John jumped onto the bed and started to speak to her telepathically. “The reason why he called you ‘detective’ was because you will be solving a case in the neighboring kingdom involving a murder.”
Meghan thought for a moment. “I see. I am going to need at least two to three people to come with me. I know that there are two in the valley that I want to take, and I am guessing that John would like to go with me as well.” John meows his excitement and started to sleep on her lap.
Two messengers came in and told everyone that the king was going to go to the other kingdom with Meghan and that only she can stop him. “King Jordan can come if he wishes; however, he might turn back in the valley. I am not sure yet though.” Meghan replied knowing something everyone else didn’t.

Chapter 2

As Meghan, King Jordan, and John were getting ready, Jensen came in with a sack that was very heavy. “Here, let me help you,” said Meghan.
Jensen quickly complied and was about to say something when King Jordan interrupted. “Thank you, Meghan, for offering to help Jensen, but he does not need any help. He has been doing this for a couple of years and he knows when he is at his limit.”

Meghan was appalled at what the King just said. “’Been doing this for years’, huh, I guess that would be a better reason to help him even more because as you can see, your highness, that Jensen was about to collapse with all this weight if I did not help him. I am going to help Jensen set this down and that is final,” replied Meghan with a tone of disgust. Jensen then said,
“Thank you, Meghan, and I am also sorry for what I did earlier, but like Patrick said, it was because of something that happened many years ago and it became a habit.”
“I do not mind one bit, now, let us set this sack down and get on with our own work.” Meghan stated as she started to set the sack down.

Meanwhile, in the valley, Patience came back to the cave where Ronnie was to tell him what she heard. Ronnie uses Patience as a spy for various things and this time was because of the vanguard that came through earlier. ‘Hmm, interesting,’ thought Ronnie. “Patience, try to find out what you can about this ‘Meghan’ person then come back here as quickly as possible.” Ronnie demanded.

“Fine,” Patience replied. As she floated away, Ronnie kept on thinking about how Meghan knew that she was going to have him and Patience on the trip with her. It was confusing him so he decided to forget about it and sleep until Patience came back. A loud “Hello” woke Ronnie up with a startle. He did not recognize the voice as Patience so he waited until he saw who exactly the person was and why that person was invading his cave. “Ugh, why do I have to deal with this almost every time I come back from a mission?” whispered a voice that was all too familiar. “I guess I will have to wake him up... RONNIE, WAKE UP! WE HAVE VISITORS AND ONE OF THEM IS IMPORTANT!” yelled Patience.

“Well sorry.” Patience muttered under her breath. Ronnie soon came out of the shadows and started to flame up when he saw Meghan.
“Whoa, Ronnie, my name is Meghan, I am sure that Patience told you a little about me.” Meghan said not wanting to get burned. Patience whispered to Meghan, “I do not think that he is aflame because of you. I think he is aflame because of the cat.”

Patience was right. Ronnie was staring at the cat like it was going to hurt him. “Seriously, why is it always me?” John said telepathically to Meghan.
“What do you mean?” Meghan thought back.
“Well… I sort of know Ronnie from my parents. It turns out that my parents and Ronnie were in a huge feud that left Ronnie scared of cats.”
‘Oh’ thought Meghan to herself. “Listen to me, Ronnie. John here is not going to hurt you in any way. He is just here for the trip and if something happens, I will take care of it. Okay, so turn down the heat before you burn someone.” At that moment, Ronnie lashed out at John and before he did, Meghan snatched John out of the way, but ended up being the target herself. When Ronnie noticed that Meghan was the one he had lashed out to instead of John, he quickly retreated and looked at her burning figure.

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