The Secret of Me

Written by May-May

Chapter 1

My heart is pounding rapidly as I get out of the car. This is my last chance. My last opportunity. My last hope. I cannot ruin this. No, I can’t. After all we’ve been through…

I step into the hallway of my new school. Some people stop by to ask, what’s your name, are you the new kid, where are you from. Others just walk past by, ignoring me. To be honest, I would prefer the latter. I don’t like people digging into my past, asking about my future. My past is regret and gui< my future is deadly and dangerous. I don’t want to remember anything about it, besides, it’s not a pleasant story anyway. I want to start a new life here.

I somehow find my way towards my locker, and fiddle with the combination lock.
“Hi, my name is Hannah.”
I look up and see a blond girl smiling next to me.
“I’m Savannah,” I say through gritted teeth.
“Do you need help?” Hannah asks, gesturing to the lock.
I nod, and after a few minutes it’s unlocked.
“Thanks,” I say, but she doesn’t go away. Hannah just stands there looking at me as I keep my stuff, and when I slam the locker shut, I can’t stand it anymore.
“What is it?” I ask. “Why do you keep staring at me?
Why don’t you go away?”
“My locker is next to yours, and... I think…”
Hannah looks guiltily at the floor, like she knows something about me. Wait. What if she does?

Because, I have a secret. I know that everybody has got to have a secret, but they are pathetic compared to mine. Only I know this secret, and I have gone so far as getting myself expelled from nine different schools just to protect it. I have special powers. The first time I discovered it was when I was in kindergarten. We had to draw our family, and when I took my drawing home, the stick people came alive. Yes… whenever I draw something, it comes alive. And, trust me; it is not a good thing. I always dread art lessons. Not that I hate drawing, because actually, I love drawing. I love creating a character, being able to make things look like whatever I want. However, I did not love creating a character that came to life. Another power besides that was that I was able to read minds. Although nowadays I can’t really do that because there’s so many people and so many minds that I can’t focus on one.

Suddenly, Hannah grabs my arm. “You have special powers too?!”
I almost had a heart attack, I swear. My mouth kind of dropped open and luckily and had the locker to lean on or else I would’ve fallen to the floor. I stayed like that, paralyzed with shock, for a long time. She knows. She knows. She knows! How COULD SHE KNOW??!! I didn’t say that out loud, did I? So how could she know? The secret that I dedicated my life to protect it? And then it all hit me like a tsunami wave. Hannah had asked: you have special powers too? She said too. So does that mean Hannah also had special powers? Like me? Was that how she was able to know about me? By reading my mind? A million kajillion questions are swirling in my mind like a whirlwind. I’m so dazed and light headed I can barely speak. You have special powers too?!” I ask Hannah.

We were instantly friends after that. Hannah’s power was that every time she erased something with an eraser, it would disappear. Even if it wasn’t pencil marks! She could use any normal eraser to erase objects, and even walls. I really envy her, though. It was easier for her than me. My powers were too troublesome.
“Have you ever tried erasing living things?” I wonder.
“You know. Like people.”
Her reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. She turned white as a ghost and started trembling uncontrollably. I didn’t know how to calm her down, so I started telling her one of my horrors too. “At one of my old schools, in English, we had to write a ghost story. Everything was okay, until we had to illustrate our story.”
I shudder. “That night… it was horrible. Our house became haunted. It was very, very scary.”
We looked at each other, and without words, we ran to the girl’s bathroom and had a total breakdown.

I survived the first half of school. And it is the first time that I have a friend. Sometimes, when I feel really lonely, I would draw someone to keep me company. On the other hand, lately, I barely drew anything. Most of the drawings that come to life cause trouble. I sit with Hannah at the lunch table, getting out my lunchbox.
“You know, we look a bit similar to each other, don’t you think?
I got people asking me if you were related to me!” Hannah says cheerfully, and then dropped her voice to a low whisper.
“Do you think it’s got to do with the powers? Like, maybe people who have these powers look the same. And have similar names, like us?”
I guess we did look similar. Hannah had dirty blond hair that is the exact same length as mine, though my hair is dark brown. We both have blue eyes, but mine are a darker shade.
“So we should look out for people with names like Banana?”
I suggest, laughing. Hannah started laughing too, then all of a sudden, she stopped and looked serious.

“Savannah!” Hannah gasped. “Your power is whatever you draw, it comes to life. My power is whatever I erase, it disappears. That’s it! The things that you drew that cause trouble… I can make them go away! Savannah, we’ll we brilliant together!”

Chapter 2

Hannah watches me, eyes unblinking, as I draw a simple lamp. A few moments after I finish the last stroke, a warm golden light glows from the drawing of the lamp and the paper appears to float as the drawing grows bigger and bigger, and then suddenly, whoosh, it’s like the lamp gets sucked out of the paper and with a loud thud, it stands on the table. The paper falls to the table and the light disappears, and it is like nothing has ever happened. I look at her out of the corner of my eyes. She wears the same awed expression as I did when I first discovered my breathtaking power. Hannah reaches for the paper that I drew the lamp, but the drawing is not there anymore. The paper is blank. The drawing turned into a real lamp.

“Wow… now you never have to buy anything! Just draw some stuff and TA-DAA, it’s there,” Hannah laughs and tests out the lamp, switching it on and off in a fast beat.
“Hey, it’s true. All the furniture and paint on the wall was drawn!” I point out. My room, I admit, is not a typical teenage girl’s room. Instead of the walls being covered with posters of rock bands and male singers/actors, I’ve painted natural phenomena disasters on every wall. The wall next to bed has a painting of the volcano erupting, red hot lava trickling down under the plume of ash that blocked out the sun. The wall that my full floor-to-ceiling bookshelf leans on has a painting of a tornado, the one where my closet partially covers has a tsunami, and the one with the window shows the debris of a 9.9 magnitude earthquake. As for the ceiling, it’s filled with grey storm clouds and bright lightning. Yes, my room would not be considered as a typical room. But I find it strangely comforting, surrounded by all these dangers. Even though it takes time to get used to the dramatic surroundings. And maybe it did help me with geography.

“Oh, I’ve just realized. You painted the walls yourself, right? Did the paintings come out, or what? Was there an earthquake in your room? What happened?” Hannah’s voice is filled with concern. “Well, I practiced it first. I drew it on paper, but nothing happened. I guess the only things that I can create are objects, humans, plants, and animals,” I reply, tracing the outline of the lava path carefully with my finger.
“And you really created the furniture? Didn’t your parents wonder where you got it from?” Hannah presses. I’ve known her long enough to know that she is very inquisitive.
“My dad bought some cheap furniture for me, and I replaced it.
He rarely comes into my room, so he doesn’t notice. Also, I made sure that the furniture that I drew was similar to the cheap one.”
“What about your mom? Moms are very suspicious. Well, mine anyway. She always comes to check my room.” I sigh. Will she ever stop asking questions? Sure, Hannah’s my friend, but sometimes she is annoying like a little kid. “I don’t have a mother,” I simply say, hoping that it will be the end of the conversation. “Oh. I’m sorry.”
“So… will you get rid of the lamp? It’s just a waste of space,” I change the subject.
“Oh, right. Yeah…” Hannah picks up an eraser and it’s my turn to be awed and bursting with questions.

As soon as the eraser touches the lamp, it instantly disappears in a split second. It’s one of these blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. I begin to take back all my comments about my power being more troublesome and Hannah’s being easier. If you touch the eraser that Hannah is touching… well, you’d just disappear.
“Whoa…” I say. “Can you draw a person? I really want to see. Not just objects, humans. Please? Because I can always erase them, right? So it’s okay. They won’t cause any problems. Please, please, please…?” Hannah begs. “All right, all right,” I give in. Therefore, I start to draw her… not knowing how disastrous this will soon be.

I draw in a Japanese manga style, not wanting to make her look too realistic. I haven’t drawn like this for a long time. Drawing comfortably, without the worry pressing on me how the character I’m drawing will cause trouble and I won’t be able to get rid of it. After I finish sketching the character, I start coloring. “What happens if you don’t color it?” Hannah asks as she bends her head to look at my drawing of a manga girl. “They would be transparent, only with lines. You could shade them, though; however they’ll be in black and white.”
“Make her hair blue! Hey, can I help color too?” Hannah eagerly asks, inquisitive as always.
“I think that if you color the half of her hair, she would only have half of her hair! The person with that power can only draw or color it,” I answer, coloring her bangs which reach to her eyebrows pale blue, “But you could still make suggestions, Hannah.” I wish I hadn’t said that, because Hannah erupted into a bomb of suggestions. “Make the bows in her hair pink! Make her dress pink, too! With blue bows. And her stripy leggings pink and blue! Her laced knee high boots pink! Hey, make her hair longer. Oh SAVANNAH, don’t rush! Look, her hands are all messy.” I groan, frustrated. What’s the point of making her perfect if we’re going to erase her anyway?

Finally, the drawing is done. We sit back and wait excruciatingly for the drawing to come to life.
“We should name her, too,” Hannah grins from ear to ear. I don’t know why she’s so happy about this. I guess she doesn’t know how much trouble these drawings can cause.
“Whatever, you name her.”
“Oh! I know the perfect name for her! How about Pinky-Blue? Since she’s all pink and blue!” Hannah giggles. “Yeah, yeah...” I say vaguely, and then bolt upright. The page is glowing! We hold our breath as glitter swirled around the paper and then, all of a sudden, she is standing right in front of us!

She looks exactly like I’ve drawn her… well… minus the huge eyes. Her pale blue hair tumbles down her slender shoulders, her eyes are icy cold, and she is wearing a pleased smile. I sneak a look at Hannah, the one who wanted to meet “Pinky-Blue” so much. She looks like she’s going to pass out. “Don’t you think that I should wear a different color other than this?” Pinky-Blue says. Her clear voice is as cold and icy as her menacing cool glare. “Umm, but your name is Pinky-Blue, so, umm, you should just wear those colors,” Hannah squeaks, stuttering. Clearly, Hannah is amazed by Pinky-Blue but she’s also a bit scared of our own creation. In addition, I would want to tell Hannah that that is a bad thing to say to Pinky-Blue, but I can tell it is too late by the way Pinky-Blue is narrowing her eyes. “Couldn’t you have drawn me better? Sheesh! What am I, just something to practice before you destroy me?” Pinky-Blue snaps and that is when I know it is time to rid her of this world. “Do it,” I hiss to Hannah, “Do it before things get ugly!” Hannah grabs an eraser with a shaking hand and thrusts it into Pinky-Blue.
“See! See, I’m right, I knew you would do that, do you even know how it feels? I’m going to show you! You deserve to go there with me, you heartless creators!” Pinky-Blue screams as a mist surrounds her, and without warning, her hand reaches out from the mist and shoves Hannah’s hand, which still holds the eraser, into me. I’m disappearing… I’m disappearing! My body feels weightless as the mist surrounds me, and I drop into the unknown darkness. My last glance at the world is of Hannah touching the eraser to herself, erasing herself, sacrificing herself so she can join me in the world where destroyed things go. “Hannah!” I yell, but I have no voice, I have no body, I have no sense. All I can see is blackness. All I can feel is the emptiness of my mind. All I can do is nothing.

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Oh my gosh, this ending is so amazing!!! Plz keep writing

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i love this, me and my class are reading thief lord currently (5|6) love your work

Llilyana – 24 February 2021

AMAZING!!! This is so cool! The ending just makes me want to read more!! Have you written chapter 3 yet? I would love to hear how Savannah and Hannah manage to get back to the real world (if they do) and whether Pinky — Blue gets destroyed! Keep on writing — you are amazing!!

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