Friday, 8 June, 2018

The Glass of Lead and Gold

Pushkin Press will publish a new story by Cornelia in September

 On 27 September, Cornelia's novella The Glass of Lead and Gold is coming out with Cornelia's UK press Pushkin. It's a beautiful story set in an alternate London, and is full of magical characters you may have seen in the InkWorld and MirrorWorld stories!


Book Cover The Glass of Lead and Gold (Pushkin Press)


Stella on 7 October, 2018

Can you read this as a standalone? Without having to read any books in the Mirrorworld series?

Yes, Stella

Charlotte on 21 September, 2018

When will it be published in America?????

It IS already available in the US, Charlotte.

Xwodas on 29 August, 2018

Is this originally published in English or is it a translation, and if so, what is the German title?

It IS originally published in English, yes.

Austin on 19 July, 2018

Will it also be released in the US?

Cornelia has not sold the rights yet, but, yes,  it will be published in the US some time soon.