Javi Gámez Author and Illustrator from Spain


What brought you to illustration?

The stories. I have always drawn to tell a story. I always illustrated the characters of my books, my animation projects or my comics. I have always had, inside me, the need to share my inner world with others. Sometimes with images, sometimes with words, sometimes with animations. Everything I do in my current life is interconnected. Drawing comics led me to write; literature led me to animate; and animation led me to teaching... which is the ‘place’ where I am the happiest.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

In the morning, I write or draw. I immerse myself in my personal projects and I create visual stories to inspire other people, to make them grow. In the afternoon, I guide my students to get that ‘impossible dream’ of becoming a creative professional. To guide others is the goal of my life.

Are there any illustrators who influenced/influence you?

I started drawing comics, so my biggest influence was Alan Davis. His art is subtle, emotional and epic. After university, animation came to my life. And I discovered that all the styles in the world can teach me something.

What was your very first illustration?

Wow ... I don't remember which was the first one, because I have been drawing since I was a child. But I am ‘starting’ every day anew, always testing new styles, techniques, tools ... When you see my art on the web, you can appreciate lots of ‘first illustrations’. Constantly trying something new makes me feel alive as an artist.

What inspires you? Where do you get your ideas from?

Life inspires me! I must admit (with a bit of shame) that I have never suffered the terrifying "illustrator’s block". Never! Life fills me with ideas, sometimes too many. I am all day recording on my mobile phone: stories, characters, anecdotes or details ...

Do you have a favourite illustrator/artist/author?

The person whom I have learned the most from about art is Nathan Fowkes. A concept artist who works in the world of cinema and who has taught me everything I know about color, light and composition.



Do you like listening to music or audio books while working or do you prefer silence?

When I draw, I use to play a movie or a tv series (on my other screen). I am a consumer of stories! But when I write, I listen to music. Movie soundtracks.

Is there a particular story you would love to illustrate?

"The NeverEnding Story" was the first book that hit me and made me dream. It is, indeed, the book of my life.

What was your favourite illustration you have made so far?

I have not done it yet ... I am very self-demanding!! Hahaha ...

What can you be found doing when you are not illustrating?

I like going to the movies or to the comic store. I need more new stories!

"Sirius Black"

"Sirius Black"

What makes the art of illustrating special to you?

I am a storyteller, sometimes with illustration, sometimes with words. The important thing to me, when I create, is the meaning of the story, to make the reader dream and being thrilled. The image is an important part to achieve this goal. That is why I always illustrate my own books. And that is why each drawing I make has a different style, because each story needs its own look. Imagination is not a limited place, but an infinite universe ... and I love to explore it!