Distant Glory

Geschrieben von Flaira Flor

Don't leave me alone

Don't let me lost, please

When I go up and up

This hill, this black forest

So dark, I can't see

I don't see the next step

I just think I don't want to be alone


I want to run the other way

I want to go back, the winds whisper my name

The trees are too tall to see the moon

The moonlight, it illuminates me, tells me that I must follow

She tells me that you never give up on it

That I must chase my soul until I lose my body and my life


When it's too cold to bear, my heart shakes until it's just a pile of shards

I scream, I scream for you, but you're gone, you've left me

My thoughts don't help, I want to hear that voice again

What calms my mind

But I hear nothing but the noise of vultures, waiting for me to give up

But they will still wait much longer

I won't give in easily

I'll run after these aging dreams until my legs turn to dust

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