Travel Without Transport

Geschrieben von Flaira Flor

The horizon disappears

Devoured by the darkness of this night

The sky seems to mix with the sea

But from this window I know that the sky shines brighter than the sea

Like the eyes of lovers

Because its also have stars


I must thank

This beautiful night almost makes me forget the problems

And the pretty orange lady next to me is so deep

She makes one think of going out for a while, of leaving everything, and taking a walk far away

So mysterious, she didn't tell me her name, but she told me legends


The legends of the book in your hands

This book almost makes me think that there really is peace these days


Peace these days, a rarity

I used to say

May the truly good moments and feelings

They are better when they are rare

Makes us enjoy more


She keeps telling me legends

That tell about a boat

An abandoned boat in the middle of the sea

With two bags full of gold

But the name of the lucky missing person is not known

Maybe I'm not even on this earth anymore

However, these stories are very useful

Distract me, make my mind wander

They make my mouth make curious questions

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