The incredibly misspelled story

Geschrieben von Anonymous


Intro: My name/names/I don't want to say my real name, so I will give some different ones and people can guess, if they want. Name: Cygnus, Sumantha, Sofia, Nymphadora_Tonks_144, Eleccity. I don't know how to spell very well, but when I was even worse at it I wrote this story. So if you read it aloud with friends it would be really funny. I am only sending chapter 1 for now, But if you guys like it I can send more :)

Me and my family

I olwas hafto stort with myself, everione dos. So I will stort with the boooring sentens "my name is." My name is Mor, fine it's Mury, but name's are wot pipole cole you, so ther it is Mor. Mury Christina Broun. Boring I know, but that is wot my perints Lorin and Jorj named me.
Hobis: Sports, plaing with Anniy my dog, climing, ice scating.
Favore clasis in shcool: PE, art, history.            
Classes out of shcool: crovmoga, ice scating, plaing the chelo.
Oh and one more fact I am 10 years old.
Next is my sister Alis. Alis loves to reed. Even wen she wus to to tong to reed mom had to reed olmost the howl litl kid section  to her. But she has never herd or red a book more then ones. Now I bet she has probably already red all the litl kid books. And she is wercing on the older kid secshin, and she has olredy probobly red haf. oh and she is olmost 13.
Next is my older brother name Alfred, hobis firtogrifi. his room is cofered in pictiors he found on the computer taken by is favorit fortogrifers. He probably got his first camra wen he was 3. His book shelf is coverd in camra icwiptment. And his desc is to so he has tow descs one to rit on and the other desc is for camra icwitment. But his secent desc is olso coverd in icwitment. He is 19 and has a girl frend.
Next is Lorin my mom. She loves mac up and buty things. She has a big boks of mac up and buti stof. She is 38 and she olso loves baby's. She weercs as a docter, pffffff No she dos not, she is a pidiotrishin. That is ol, I can not thinc of enithing ens rit now so that will be it for now.
Next is Jorj my dad. He wercs as a doctor, But as a hoby he liks to cook. If he cold, he wold take cooking as his port tim job, but doctors are to bisi for port tim jobs. He olwas levs the hose at 4:00 in the morning shorp, and comes bac at 10:00. so I do not sea him very often. His job is the tip wer he has to work on the wek ends be cos it sims like pipole trie to get sok on the whek ends more then on therk days.
Last but not list is Anny my dog. Lots of pipole cole ther familis dogs ther dogs so I am jest dooing the same thing. Eniway Anny likes to play bol. And she is very quot she is one of thos smol toy pootls. She never bits or scrachis dosent lic ether. Her favorit food is hot dogs. And she is trand to come, and wolk on her hind legs if some one is holding her pos. And she jest ternd 1!

Chapter 2

Its somer. cos I wold not bw writing this if it wos the shoole year. Its July 21and I go up to mom, "hay mom" I say. "Yes dear" she ansers "can I go to Katherins hous ples" mom is woshing the dishis, "Whoy yes dear you may jest asc if she is ocay with it first olrit." She poses and then locts at me "onles you olredy have?" "I olredy have mom" I tell her. Katherin invited me" "olrit you may go," she sad.
Going bac to the dishis. Horay I jump up and run out sid. I hop on my bik and petl for fiv mor blocs doun the necst naber hood, then stop in front of a red brik hows wich bilongs to Katherin. 
I get of my bik and blim up the stares liding to the dor and ring the dor bel. The dor opend, it wos Jostin, Katherins broter. "Hi Mory" he sad "Hi Jostin" I say. "Kath is out sid" He sas. "Olrit,'' I say. He lets me ron throu the hows to the bac yord. "Hi Kath," I say, "Hi, Mory, you are finely hir," she ses. "Lets go jomp on the chrampolin" "ok come on." We ron to the trampolin and stort jumping. 

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