Gawain Greytail and the Terrible Tab

Gawain Greytail and the Terrible Tab

The castle mice of Raven Castle are desperate. Sir Tristan’s terrible cat is the best mouser in the land. Nowhere is safe. But one night, a little creature scurries in the castle gates.

Sir Tristan and his cat Terrible Tab have almost eradicated the mouse population of Raven Castle. A few survivors remain and all hope seems lost, until a heroic mouse knight appears!

Raven Castle was full of mice. The mice were very happy and content in their castle home.

But the lord of Raven Castle, Sir Tristan of Twitstream, was not very happy. His best chainmail was all chewed up. His wife was tired of shaking mouse droppings off the cheese. Their six children didn't want to play with half-nibbled dolls any more.

So Sir Tristan of Twitstream rode into town to buy a cat. The cat's name was Tab. She was scary, sleek and silent, with claws as sharp as knives. And Tab was always, always hungry. She was the best mouser in the land and Sir Tristan paid ten gold coins for her.