Monster Busters

Monster Busters

Monsters in the fun fair ghost train, monsters in the school bus, monsters in the classroom… monsters everywhere. Plenty of work for Rosa and Ivan, because they are "The Monster Busters".

When Rosa and Ivan come across a real live monster on the fun fair Ghost Train, they narrowly escape getting gobbled up!

It’s a good thing that they’re both such excellent monster busters, because soon they are finding monsters everywhere. Nowhere is safe…. Monster Busters to the rescue!

Far, far away in the mountains above the town where Rosa and Ivan lived, there was a big, grumpy and altogether horrid monster called Grubbybats. He loved high up in the mountains, where there is nothing but ice, snow and stones.

For more than 3,000 years, Grubbybats had lived in a pitch-black cave all by himself. His tummy had rumbled for most of that time. Day in, day out, Grubbybats had only stones to eat. There was nothing else to be had — just an unlucky hiker or a squirrel now and then.

But the stones gave Grubbybats the most terrible tummy ache. And, after all those years, Grubbybats was really sick of tummy ache, and really really sick of stones. So every day, from sunrise until late into the night, Grubbybats would lie in wait. he waited and waited and hoped and hoped that a careless, tasty creature would get lost and wander past his cave.

And one day — at long last — a school bus packed full of children lost its way. It ended up high in the mountains, in the place of ice and snow and stones where Grubbybats lived.