Molly Rogers. Pirate Girl

Molly Rogers. Pirate Girl

If Captain Firebird, the most feared pirate of the seas, only had known who he kidnapped from her boat. He would have been better advised to hijack an ordinary merchant ship.

Captain Firebeard is the wildest pirate of all. When his ship appears on the horizon all honest sailors quake like jelly. However, he should have better let pass one ship. Because on board there is a little girl named Molly....

The pirates leapt on board with an ear-splitting roar. Molly tried hiding among the ropes, but Morgan O'Meany soon fished her out.

"What shall we do with her?" he smirked. "Take her with us, you fool!" bellowed Firebeard. "Her parents will pay a handsome ransom for such a little treasure. And if not, then we'lll feed her to the sharks.

"You'll be sorry for this!" cried Molly. But Morgan O'Meany rolled her up like a herring and tossed her on board the Horrible Haddock.

When the sun had gone down Bill the Bald dragged Molly to see the captain. "Right, tell me your parents' names and address, or else!" growled Captain Firebeard.

"Will not!" Molly growled back. "If I told you my mother's name, you'd be so scared, you'd cry like a baby!"

At this, all the pirates howled with laughter.