Princess Pigsty

Princess Pigsty

Boring, boring, boring! Isabella hates being a princess and throws her crown into the fishpond. That’s the last straw for the king…

It’s a pig’s life being a princess! Young Princess Isabella has it all – but has had enough of all of it! Isabella has had enough of being waited on hand and foot, of having to smile all the time, and of wearing beautiful dresses so she can’t climb trees. When the king banishes her to the pigsty, his punishment backfires – Isabella’s happier there than a pig in mud!

One morning Princess Isabella throws her crown out the window--it's BORING being a princess, she declares.

When she steadfastly refuses to fetch her crown from the fishpond, her father, the king, puts his royal foot down. "Off to the pigsty with you!" he commands--and Isabella couldn't be happier about her punishment!

Because while plain old princesses spend all their time primping and smiling and stifling yawns--yuckety-yuk!-- REAL girls get to peel onions, pick blackberries, and sometimes even sleep outside with the pigs.