Reckless 3 - The Golden Yarn

Reckless The Golden Yarn

The Earlking demands Jacob’s 'contribution to the deal'. And he has Will over a barrel as well, requiring the impossible of him. The journey goes back behind the mirror. Eastbound. To the land of the Tzar and the Baba Yaga.

Jacob Reckless continues to travel the portal in his father's abandoned study. His name has continued to be famous on the other side of the mirror, as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. His family and friends, from his brother, Will to the shape-shifting vixen, Fox, are on a collision course as the two worlds become connected. Who is driving these two worlds together and why is he always a step ahead? This new force isn’t limiting its influence to just Jacob’s efforts – it has broadened the horizon within MirrorWorld. Jacob, Will and Fox travel east and into the Russian folklore, to the land of the Baba Yaga, pursued by a new type of being that knows our world all to well.

When he spotted Clara at the bottom of the steps, he nearly stumbled into a tourist who was coming up.

Will? Jacob’s heartbeat was set racing by all the worries he’d tried to keep at bay ever since he sent his brother back through the mirror. It was ridiculous how any unusual gesture or expression he’d not seen on his brother’s face before immediately took him back to those moments in the palace in Vena where Will had nearly killed him.

But Clara smiled at him reassuringly, and Jacob slowed so that he wouldn’t stumble over his own feet. If this wasn’t about Will, then what was she doing here?

Yes, what, Jacob? Oh, he could be such a fool. Naive like a puppy, he stumbled straight into the trap. But the face at the bottom of the steps was so familiar. It still reminded him of all they’d been through together. His memory’s soft focus had turned even the Larks’ Water into a pleasant anecdote. He noticed she was wearing leather gloves despite the warmth of this summer morning, but he didn’t think too much of it.

“What are you doing in a museum so early in the morning?”

Even the question didn’t raise Jacob’s suspicion. But then she kissed him on the lips.

“Just think of the unicorns,” she whispered to him.

And she pushed him into the oncoming traffic.

Screeching brakes. Horns. Screams. Maybe even his own.

He closed his eyes too late.

Felt a bumper break his arm.

Metal and glass.

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