The Book No One Ever Read

The Book No One Ever Read

Young Morry had been sitting on its shelf for five years. One day he was fed up with not being read and pushed himself forward... just a few inches.

"The Book No One Ever Read" tells the story of a young book who yearns for a reader. It is a tale about the enchantment that can be found on printed pages. You will discover the famous authors and illustrators lending their faces to the book characters, the heroes of the story.

"Yes!" whispered Beatrix. "One hears terrible things! Books left open for days and days, weeks even..."

She went on and on...

"Pages smeared with coffee and chocolate!"

The others moaned after each sentence.

"Okay, that's terrible!" said Morry.

"But not as terrible as NOTHING HAPPENS! EVER! I want fingertips on my pages! I want to be read, until I come apart!"

Oh, the moaning and rustling that filled the library!

"Quiet, all of you!" shouted Dumas, who claimed you could learn fencing just by reading him.

"The young one is right! I would love to leave" But I am so old, I guess my spine would come off!"

"Leave?" asked Morry. "How?"

"Well, why don't you jump?" Victor said.

And before Morry could say "Wait!" Victor pushed him off the shelf.