The Monster from the Blue Planet

The Monster from the Blue Planet

Zaleb is longing for a pet. One of those two-eyed Earth monsters. So she sets off to the blue planet. But the Earth monster does not want to be a pet...

Zaleb is fascinated by the solar system. So when she gets her very own spaceship for her birthday, she decides to go on an adventure! She’s always loved the tales about the little blue planet called Earth and the monsters that live there, so she sets off to catch one for a pet. But Izzy isn’t about to be anybody’s pet...

It was only as the strange sun was about to set that Zaleb spotted what she was looking for — a green meadow filled with white flowers. And in the middle of it there was an Earth monster!

This Earth monster was as pale and bare as the ones in the pictures that Zaleb's grandfather had brought home, and it really did only have two eyes and two thin arms like sticks.

It's eyes had an odd wet shimmer about them and there was a huge ugly bump in the middle of its face. But it wasn't as scary as Zaleb had imagined. In fact, she was a little bit disappointed.