Saving Mississippi

The idea for Saving Mississippi came up in Venice … not necessarily the place you think of when reading this story. It came to Cornelia's mind in the lobby of the hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth.

It had just started snowing outside, which is a sight to behold in the City of Water. Another inspiration was my life then with family, dog and iceland pony amid fields and meadows on the outskirts of Hamburg, although Hamburg Sasel or Ohlstedt are not villages like the one where Dolly lives. And as for Mr Clipperbush's dream of moving to America, well, I probably had been dreaming the same dream back then already. First I thought that the idea had arisen out of my love of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. It often happens to me, that a story knows more about my future than I do. Very strange ...



Age 8 + • Published 2010 • 192 pages • Chicken House



Read by Deryn Edwards • Unabridged Compact Disc • Published by AudioGO Ltd.

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