... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

NuriaGoldston on 19 November, 2020

Can you put my two posts please - think you got them as I sent them in three days ago!

...Read more

Emily :) on 18 November, 2020

I'm so excited to hear about your new book The Colour of Revenge! Do you have a release date for it yet?

Not yet, Emily

Klara on 18 November, 2020

Thank you soooo much for those great tips!

Klara on 16 November, 2020

Hello! I want to write a book but I don't know what to write about or how to start it. Do you have any tips for me to do? I love all your books that I have read so far!!! Thank you

Dear Klara, you have to have patience and collect ideas about something you're really passionate about, characters you want to talk about and that readers would want to read about. Then collect ideas for places in the book — look at photos and boo...Read more

Diana on 15 November, 2020

WOW! The Pan's Labyrinth book is VERY AMAZING!! I never expected such an end. I love this book's movie's music. Although death is a sad and unfortunate event, it can also be a happy ending! At least for one person!

Martha Kraft on 15 November, 2020

Liebe Frau Cornelia Funke, Ihre website finde ich toll. Soeben habe ich sie heute im Webinar "And the Story Goes on...: A Conversation with Cornelia Funke" kennengelernt. Vielen Dank für die wunderbaren Antworten auf unsere Fragen.

The Curious Bookworm on 14 November, 2020

As an author does Cornelia read her books over and over again and love it or does she think she would like to change some parts. As I know with a lot of authors that they really want ot change some parts. Does this happen to Cornelia???

Oh yes, it does, Curious Bookworm. There are some stories she would tell in a different way today, because her writing style is constantly developing.

Sophie Materlik on 11 November, 2020

Hallo Liebe Frau Funke, wir machen in der Schule gerade das Thema BÜCHER und dann haben wir uns mit ihnen beschäftigt. Sie haben eine sehr schöne Homepage!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wir haben auch schon ihr Buch "Hinter verzauberten Fenstern" in der Schule gelesen. Liebe Grüße

Hertlich willkommen in Cornelias Gästebuch, liebe Sophie

Diana on 7 November, 2020

Insa, I have a question. When was Pan's Labyrinth published?

It was published in July 2019, Diana.

Diana on 7 November, 2020

No one can really believe that at the end of the InkDeath, everything is over. The end of this story is open. But because what happens is no longer defined, it seems like the story is over. I really want to call this "infinite book"! There are many professions to say ...!

Max on 6 November, 2020

Musste Referat über Cornelia Funke machen. Die Homepage hat mir sehr weiter geholfen. Danke an die Ersteller und Programmierer.

Oh, das freut uns sehr, lieber Max

R. Funke on 6 November, 2020

I enjoy reading your books! Greetings from another Funke!

Daniel on 6 November, 2020

Liebe Grüße aus Österreich. Tolle Homepage

Olga Azucena Gámez Gámez on 6 November, 2020

Hola, buenos días, les saludo desde Guatemala, muy de mañana, el día de ayer supe por primera vez de Cornelia Funke y aunque había visto sus libros y alguna película no sabía quién escribía, y pues me parece una mujer extraordinaria con ese don que Dios le ha otorgado, felicitaciones y que Dios la siga bendiciendo con salud, vida y creatividad, hasta luego.

Muchas gracias

Jennifer on 6 November, 2020

I've been reading Inkdeath for four years now... I don't want the story to end, so I keep stalling! I just want to see Dustfinger have a happy ending...

Favor O. on 5 November, 2020

I have your Dragon Rider series and I love them! I agree with Madi because me and my sister are book addicts. We have have both read the Inkheart trilogy, but I am like Fenoglio. The villans are the best characters. Mo the bluejay and Mo the bookbinder sharing the same body was absolutely genious!

The Curious Bookworm on 4 November, 2020

Hi I have decided that I want to be an author when I am older along with being and engineer. I have one question though. Does Cornelia do drafts on a laptop or on paper or both? I am a fast typer and my handwriting is a bit scruffy but I do enjoy handwriting though. What does Cornelia like most? You are a great person at giving people advice Insa so I would love it if you could help me here.

Hi Curious Bookworm, when Cornelia begins a new story, she writes the first draft by hand. In A4 notebooks. For her book "The Griffin’s Feather", for example, she had one book for notes, thoughts, and sketches before she started, and then another six for the handwritten first draft and the print out of the second draft. She more and more sketches characters and places while she is writing.

Scheppi on 1 November, 2020

I love all of your books. You are my favorite author. I am writing a book, too, but it’s not as good as your writing.

Hi Scheppi, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for your entry. Insa and Guesty

Diana on 1 November, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Madi on 26 October, 2020

Dear Cornelia, okay, let me just say, I am the biggest fan of your books! When I was at my public library, my mom brought me your Dragon Rider book and I decided to give it a try, it was the best book ever! I totally want to ride Firedrake with Ben, Sorrel, and even Twigleg. Another book I REALLY liked was Inkheart. Meggie is totally like me in the sense that we both love to read. I also really like Mo, but I absolutely hate Capricorn!!! I am currently reading Inkspell It is pretty good so far. I really hope you can write me back! One more thing: Do you like dragons like me too? From your dragon rider pal

Dear Madi, thank you sooooo much for your beautiful message here in Cornelia's guestbook. And yes, Cornelia loves dragons. And ever since Cornelia wrote Dragon Rider, she has been a mad collector of dragons – stuffed dragons, paper dragons, china d...Read more

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