... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

BookHugger on 1 April, 2020

I'll "be" there! Can't wait!

Sophia on 1 April, 2020

OK i try my best to remember this time so I don't miss it for the 5th time in a row!

Lunalia on 31 March, 2020

A) I have made it my mission to remember the chat on Friday! B) I have sent in something for the Feathers project C) How are you, Insa? I hope you are happy as I currently am!

Hi Lunalia I'm fine, thanks. And I'm looking forward to meeting you on Friday

Pom on 27 March, 2020

Looking forward to the barn chat!

Reihaneh on 27 March, 2020

Hi Insa. Ohhh yeah we have barn chat today . I'm join us .

Looking forward to meeting you again, Reihaneh

Maria-Sophie Schneider on 26 March, 2020

Alina on 24 March, 2020

Hi! Liebste Grüße aus Münster! Ich liebe diese Seite und schaue immer mal wieder rein. Möchte mich eigentlich auch aktiver hier beteiligen, aber finde selten die Zeit. Jetzt durch die Coronakrise sieht das wieder anders aus. Cornelias Geschichten bedeuten mir die Welt und ich freue mich schon so sehr auf den vierten Teil der Reckless Reihe! Wünsche euch allen ganz viel Gesundheit und Kraft!

Hallo liebe Alina, was für eine schöne Nachricht. Danke dafür Vielleicht hast du ja am Freitag auch Lust, im Scheunen-Chat mit dabei zu sein... Liebe Grüße von Insa und Gästy

Sophia on 23 March, 2020

Sadly, I missed the barn chat for the 3rd time in a row... When is the next one?

Have a look at the Barn Times, Sophia

Victoria on 22 March, 2020

Hello! Just wondering when the next barn chat is, it was such a pity when I realized I was 2 days late for a barn chat !

Hi Victoria, the next one is on Friday. Have a look at our news....

Reihaneh on 21 March, 2020

Hi Insa Ilike chate barn and it was realy nice to meet Grace and I can't wait for the next chate

I was so happy that you could join us, Reihaneh. I will announce the next one tomorrow

Reihaneh on 20 March, 2020

Why can't chateing in the chate barn ? Why?

Dear Reihaneh, the barn chat takes place today from 6 to 7 PM CET (which is 8:30 PM Iranian time)...

Grace on 19 March, 2020

Insa, are you sure about the chat time? What I mean is, isn't my ( UK ) time a bit early for this chat? Five in the morning? Are you sure it's AM and not PM? P.S. In Wales they've shut down our schools due to coronavirus ( COVID- 19 ) . Have they done the same in Germany?

Oh noooooo. grace, I'm terribly sorry That was a typo. Of course, I meant PM And yes, here in Germany they closed all universities, schools and day-care centres. Looking forward to meeting you in the chat (if you have time)

Anna on 19 March, 2020

Hello. From Okinawa, Japan. I've only recently started building up my collection bookshelf, and the first books I wanted on it were the Inkheart trilogy. These books spoke to my soul and filled my world with magic from a very early age. My favorite scene of all time is when Dustfinger walks the shoreline with Farid and describes how water and fire love each other, then lights the ocean on fire, producing a fairy. It fills me with wonder just thinking about it. Anyway, my quest to fill my bookshelf brought me here. Thank you so much!

Oh, hello Anna, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for your lovely entry Warmest wishes from Germany to Japan

Tammy Dantoin on 18 March, 2020

I read Inkheart to my students daily and they are captivated. Thank you so much for creating books that even 5th graders find amazing!

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Tammy and students

Elizabeth on 15 March, 2020

How are your books so magical??

Kellyn on 12 March, 2020

Dear guesty, I just want to say how much I love the Inkheart trilogy. I will never stop wanting to read it; it is truly a beautiful escape from my daily torments. And for that I thank you Miss Funke

Sophia on 12 March, 2020

Hi Insa and guesty! Does Cornelia do something while writing? (Listing to music, eating snacks, daydreaming, etc.-D

She often listens to music, Sophia. Mostly to classical music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Haendel or Henry Purcell. 
And she "needs chocolate"

Reihaneh on 6 March, 2020

Hi dear Insa . Please say soon . Please. When barn chate begin?

I have not announced a new one yet, Reihaneh. You will find the date in our Barn Times

Reihaneh on 5 March, 2020

Hi Insa What's guesty from?

He's from Germany

Reihaneh on 5 March, 2020

Hi Insa Who's Guesty? And what's her name? There is boy or girl? What's her or his from?

Haha Reihaneh, Guesty is a "boy", actually he IS the "living" guestbook. It is explained in the introductory text of the guestbook: "Guesty ... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too. He is here for your questions and comments."  

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