... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Miri on 20 September, 2021

Dear Cornelia and her team, I have known the Thief Lord book since my Highschool days and last year I “discovered” the book again and started re-reading it. The story was very enjoyable as always . I am very fascinated by the character of Scipio. My question is: who or what inspired Cornelia to develop this character ? Thank you

Cornelia's wish was to be a grown up when she was a child She never understood the Peter Pan wish to remain a child, and she wanted to tell the story of a boy who is very good at pretending he is already grown up and independent. Once she sat out to write though Scipio walked in and had his very own ideas on who he is and wants to be - as all of her characters do

BookHugger on 19 September, 2021

I finally built up the courage to watch the film adaptation of Dragon Rider (called “Firedrake and the Silver Dragon in English-how creative of them). So sad to watch my childhood favorite book ripped to shreds. Not only was it unfaithful to all of Cornelia’s brilliant lore and character work (WHAT DID THEY DO TO TWIGLEG), but offensive to multiple cultures. Honestly, watching it made me realize what a smart book Dragon Rider is—the plot is complex, the lore is thorough and well-established, it tells a story with a lot of moving parts, and yet it’s still completely accessible to a child. I understood everything reading it for the first time at seven and am able to appreciate it’s brilliance now. Because of this book, I played games on the way to school, pretending to talk to my favorite characters. I wrote about all kinds of magical creatures for school assignments, much to my teacher’s confusion. It brought me so much joy, and it still does today. Thank you so much for this incredible story, and I’m though I’m so sorry about the adaptation, I hope it will encourage people to read the book and enjoy the story that’s impacted my life in so many ways.

Thank you for that beautiful entry, BookHugger

Persephone on 17 September, 2021

Hey! I'm writing a book at the moment, a few years after reading the inkheart trilogy (which inspired me more than any series ever) and I wondered if you had any tips on creating good characters?

Hi Persephone, here is what Cornelia once answered when she was asked how to develop characters: "Don't look for an "oomph factor"! Let them come - the ones who show up to have their story told by them. Then give them time. Find out what they love, f...Read more

Reihaneh on 17 September, 2021

Hi Insa! YUPPP I finally bought the Inkheart book

SARWAT RIAZ on 16 September, 2021

Hi Cornelia Funke, This my first time in your magical world. I am so excited to find your website. I bought your book DRAGON RIDER in 2014 and si ce then i have been reading this book to my 1st and 2nd graders every year chapter by chapter on daily basis duri g the school year. So far my students love your book. I am a Montessori teacher and part of my curriculum requires read out loud daily. I recommended the inkheart series to my 3rd and 4th graders. My students have fallen in love with your work. We have done creative art with the characters from your books. I cannot say enough about your writing. When I read your work to my students, there is a pindrop silence in the room. And at the end of our session, my students wait eagerly for the next day reading. Yesterday I stumbled on N Nimated version of FIREDRAKE The Silver Dragon movie on Netflix. Sad to say I wS very disappointed with this movie. Whoever produced and directed it, has ruined the whole image of your beautiful creation. Did you allow the script writer to change the contents? I don't want to be rude but this movie has destroyed the beautiful image of yoyr creative writing and characters of the story. What do you have to say about this?

Dear Sarwat, Cornelia posted a comment on the movie here in our Barn Times. It#s the entry from 8 October, 2020

Diana 1 on 12 September, 2021

Hi Insa. Your name also has a meaning. Insa is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is "Chaste".

I did not know that. Here in Germany, "Insa" is a Nordic name.

AJ on 10 September, 2021

Hello! Thank you for replying to my message. It means the world to me I love this website and will use it often. If you could meet one creature from Inkspell, Insa, who would you want to meet? ~AJ

Maybe that would be Firedrake

AJ (a newbie here) on 10 September, 2021

Hi, Insa and Cornelia! I read Inkheart multiple times. I am continuing to read Inkspell after having stopped reading it a few months back because I had no sense whatsoever. Why would I stop reading such a good book? Anyway, onto my question: who is your favorite Inkheart character? Mine is Dustfinger. ~AJ

Hi AJ, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook As to Inkheart, I especially like Mo, as to Inkspell, my favourites are the Black Prince and Rosenquarz ...

Reihaneh on 31 August, 2021

Thanks Insa

Paula on 30 August, 2021

Will there ever be more books in the inkheart world? Is Cornelia currently writing a book or will she public anything soon in general

Hi Paula, Cornelia is working on book 4 of the Inkworld series. Besides, a third Dragon Rider book will be pulished in October.

Julia on 27 August, 2021

I think I'm a Silvertongue!! Remember I wrote that I published a story? It was a true story, and on Monday I saw my friend--the subject of my story!! He lives in a different city but we crossed paths after 6 years apart... it felt like I had read him out of my own story!!

Taanirika Sharma on 27 August, 2021

Hi Insa and Cornelia! What are the meaning of your names?

Hi Taanirika, as to Cornelia, "Cornelius" is likely to derive from the Latin term cornu, which roughly means horn. So the name Cornelia has the connotation of hard, strong or firm (like horn). There is also a very pretty tree called Cornel Cherry Tre...Read more

Reihaneh on 27 August, 2021

Oh I'm so happy that you liked my massage and thanks. oh I'm realy realy excited to see updates and new website And Did you notice that my English is so much better then past Beacuse some times my sweet cousin was helping me in English and Dictionary to But now I don't need help anymore

Wonderful news, Reihaneh

Elizabeth on 27 August, 2021

Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your Inkheart series. I wish I had read them as a child (alas I am an adult, but it's never too late to find something new!). Thank you for everything, hope you and yours are well! -Elizabeth

Welcome to Cornelia's website, Elizabeth

Reihaneh on 26 August, 2021

Hi sorry sorry my massage suddenly send and I didn't write it completely so here we go again I just wanted to say thanks for everything you've done for me and us . You've been always so good with us and answere all of our questions so patiently. You've always treat with me like you're in my age and I feel comfortable to ask Cornelia's questions and .. I just es wanted to say thanks thanks thanks a lot You made realy beautiful days for us in lock down and Covid and Yo're still do I miss chat barn and when we have something like that again I just realy miss barn friends and .. So send my warm wishes for you and Thanks Pp I don't know why but I think when I talk in English I talk like I don't know Like I'm bigger than my age and I just don's know why LOL

Reihaneh on 26 August, 2021

Hi dear InsaHow are you ? I hope you're realy fine and safe I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you done for us you've been always so friendly with us and answer all of our questions so patiently I mean for me you're so nice person I you've always treat with me like you're in my age and I feel so comfortable

Dear Reihaneh, thank you so much for that sweet, sweet message. I'm always happy to find entries from Iran I'm sorry that it is currently a bit quiet here, but we are working on a new website version. Please be patient with us.

Arya on 24 August, 2021

Hey Insa! Sorry I haven't sent a message in a while. We were moving to a new house, and we're finally here! But I actually wanted to tell you that I've finally got an idea to write a story! You'll be receiving an email of it soon enough!

Theresa on 21 August, 2021

Hi Guesty, I wondered if you could let cornelia know that she is (together with Michael Ende) one of my hugest inspirations to write! I began writing at the age of 7 and it has been my hobby and my dream job ever since. I’m now 17 and currently writing my own first book (well at least I hope I’ll get to finish it at some point) and just a week ago I read the 4th book of reckless which is my favorite fantasy book series and I was very happy to see that there was a 4th book and I’m really exited to read the 5th. I’m already sorry for making you read this much but I just have to tell you the story how I came to read reckless for the first time. I was round about 10 years old and had a serious eye infection that made me somewhat emotional since I wasn’t able to open my eyes do a whole day. So my mum decided to bring along an audiobook -reckless-. She thought it was a children’s book because until then we only knew Cornelia Funke as a children’s author but I really loved listening to it and dived into the world behind the mirror even though things like the tailor did make me a bit frightened at that time. Anyways I did not regret getting to know reckless at all and read the second and third book shortly afterwards. Having them read again after all that time made me realize again, how awesome Cornelia Funke and her seemingly endless imagination and knowledge of describing things in the exact perfect words were. A HUGE Thank you from a very inspired hopefully future author

Dear Theresa, oh, what a beauuuuutiful message/story. Thank you so much and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook Insa and Guesty (and Cornelia)

Taanirika Sharma on 18 August, 2021

Hi Insa! Taanirika here. What's your favorite flower? (The meaning of my name is flower)

Hi Taanirika, that's beautiful . I love cornflowers and wild flowers in general.

Mojtaba on 18 August, 2021

Hi, I am Mojtaba, I live in Iran and I love reading books. And I love your writing. Tell me which novel book do you like the most? What book did you decide to become a writer after reading? One day while reading an article in a magazine, the idea of ​​writing a long story suddenly came to my mind. Has it ever happened to you? And that you have ever received a message from Iran? Thanks a lot

Hi Mojtaba, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook. Cornelia's favourite book is "The Once and Future king" by T.H.White. As to your second question, Cornelia was an illustrator, but she was awfully bored with the books she had to illustrate — so she decided to write her first own story. We have got several entries from Iran so far. Browse our guestbook and you will find, for example, Diana...

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