... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Reihaneh on 27 February, 2020

Hi is there a new website? It is so good and i like it

Hi Reihaneh, we launched this version of Cornelia's website in 2018.

Lunalia on 24 February, 2020

I have been wondering whether I should start Reckless while I wait for The Colour of Revenge... Please may you say your opinion on it Insa? Thank you

Well, I would say: Yes, give the Mirrorworld a try, Lunalia , because it will still take a looooong time before the fourth Inkworld book is finished.

Beckett Riley and Valerie on 24 February, 2020

What is the release date for Inkworld book 4

There is currently no official release date for the English version... The German original edition is coming out in October.

Beckett & Riley & Valerie on 20 February, 2020

Just started the Inkheart series. We LOVE it. You are such a great writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Beckett, Riley and Valerie

Luis Iparis on 19 February, 2020

Does the color of revenge already have a release date?

No, Luis, it has not. Cornelia is working on Book 4, but it will still take a long time before it is finished. We'll keep you posted in our Barn Times

sophia on 14 February, 2020

Hi insa and gusty! Do you guys celebrate valentines day? What does gusty do for valentines day?

No, we don't, Sophia It's not that big here in Germany.

Iris on 12 February, 2020

I loved your Inkworld books and they are everything. I didn't know a book needed. I did like Meggie better with Farid, but only if he started treating her better.

its magic on 11 February, 2020

hallo ich bin ein riesen fan und habe eine frage zu potilla und der mützendieb und zwar, wie kamen sie auf die idee dass es zwillinge sind bei denen der hauptcharakter wohnt ???

Oh, das war einfach direkt in Cornelias Kopf, als sie die Geschichte schrieb. Da gab es keinen speziellen Grund für.

Ava on 10 February, 2020

Hey, I really love your Ink World books. They are truly inspiring.

Lunalia on 8 February, 2020

Hi Insa! How are you? I hope that you have had a wonderful year so far!

Hi Lunalia, I'm fine, how are you? How has your year been so far?

E.M.B. on 5 February, 2020

inkheart was brilliant i cannot wait to read the next two books

Nic Bailey on 5 February, 2020

Guten Tag. I thoroughly enjoyed your dragon rider books.. thank you. Very immersive and descriptive love ur writing style. The kids arent quite old enough but hopefully by the time u have a third book they will be Or maybe a movie even hey... nah, thatd spoil it.

Dear Nic, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for your beautiful message. Warmest wishes from Germany to you and the kids Insa and Guesty

Steph Blake on 4 February, 2020

The year that Buttercup was born.. I found that book by accident, I fell in love with cover, took it home & read The Princess Bride twice before dinner.. I was 13. I have 4 copies of that book & I was horrified by the movie & to this day when I hear “that’s my favorite movie” I have a reaction that is not Lady Like...

Ms. Dustfinger on 29 January, 2020

I just started my third (or fourth?!) read of Inkheart, this time in French! Dustfinger's name is "Doigt de Poussière." What is his original name in the German edition?

He is called "Staubfinger" in German

Mason.F on 28 January, 2020

hello i love your books keep up the amazing work

Braylin. D on 28 January, 2020

Hi, my name is Braylin. Our grade 3/4 class is reading your book called ''Igraine The brave''. We are all inspired by you! We all wrote our own book inspired by you!

Dear Braylin, welcome to "the Barn" and thank you so much for your message in Cornelia's guestbook Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Mikaela on 28 January, 2020

You are so special to so many kids!!!!

Magnus and Harper on 28 January, 2020

We love your book Igraine the Brave - from Magnus and Harper

Welcome to Conelia's guestbook, Magnus and Harper, and enjoy your time at Castle Pimpernel Insa and Guesty

Leigh on 19 January, 2020

My daughter is about to graduate from college. I would love to get her a signed Thief Lord book for graduation. Can you recommend a legitimate book seller ?

Dear Leigh, we could send you a handsigned bookplate, which you can glue into a Thief Lord copy. Just send your home address to mail@corneliafunke.com

Federica on 18 January, 2020

Dear Cornelia, I read Inkworld trilogy exactly one year ago *sigh... nostalgia* :') and next month, in Febrary, I'm going to read Mirrorworld series. Well, what can I say? I want to cry because entering in your paper world again is very emotional to me. Thank you, my favourite storyteller

Thank you for this beautiful message, Federica, and welcome to Cornelia's Barn. Insa and Guesty

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