... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

emelie linderer on 8 May, 2021

Mir Gesteauch Gut

Lena on 7 May, 2021

Hallo ich bin Lena, Ich werde das Buch heute Abend anfangen zu lesen, habe aber von vielen Freunden gehört dass es sehr interessant ist und deswegen freue ich mich das Buch heute anzufangen

Verrätst du uns, welches Buch, Lena?

Arya on 7 May, 2021

Hi Insa! I can tell that you really love and care about animals, just like me! So if you had a choice between keeping all the animals you want or giving them all a home, which would you choose?

Giving them all a home, or even better, giving them back their freedom

Lisa Trace on 7 May, 2021

Insa, if you could live in any place in the world, where would it be?

Oh, I can't decide, Lisa, there are so many beautiful places, but one of my favourites is Mortehoe, a village on the north coast of Devon. I also love the German city Hamburg very much

Emelie Linderer on 6 May, 2021

Cornelia Funke, Wie get es tdier Und Dein Hund Deine Emelie Herzen

Liebe Emelie, Cornelia und ihren Hunden Tabby und Jake geht es sehr gut Wie geht es dir?

Raya on 6 May, 2021

Hello Ms Insa! I'm new here but this is an amazing website. I admire your patience in handling this website. Hope you and your family are all safe!

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Raja, and thank you so much for your beautiful entry Insa and Guesty

Shatakshi Pandey on 6 May, 2021

Well Insa I like you very much, anyway right now I am in India, say cornelia a hi from me

I will, Shatakshi, warmest wishes from Germany to India

Naija on 6 May, 2021

Wow cornelia where did you get the inspiration to make this app

Hi Naija, do you mena the mirrorworld App? Have a look at our Barn Times article here on Cornelia's website..

Pixi on 5 May, 2021

Hi Insa, wir haben das Buch Herr der Diebe in der Klasse gelesen es ist super spannend!! Jetzt ist es eines meiner Lieblings Bücher! Ich habe aber noch eine Frage: Was hat dich inspiriert die Hauptfiguren Prosper, Bo, Mosca, Wespe, Scipio und Ricio heißen ? Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen. Would love to have a respond ! LG Pixi

Hallo Pixi, zu Wespes Spitznamen findet sich ja, glaube ich, schon eine Erklärung im Buch. Für die anderen Namen hat Cornelia in italienische Namens- und Telefonbücher geschuat

Eva on 5 May, 2021

Hi Insa , mich würde interessieren wie Cornelia zum Buch Herr der Diebe und den Namen Prosper und Bonifazius gekommen ist und warum es in Venedig spielt. Würde mich freuen wenn ich eine Antwort bekomme

Hallo Eva, Venedig hatte sehr großen Einfluss auf die Geschichte. 
Cornelia liebt Venedig sehr und war schon oft dort – meistens im Herbst oder Winter, wenn die Stadt besonders verzaubernd ist. Im Dogenpalast, wo man sich auf der “Treppe der R...Read more

Constantin11 on 4 May, 2021

Liebe Cornelia Funke, ich hätte da ein paar Fragen zu Ihrem Roman Herr der Diebe. Zum Beispiel würde ich gerne wissen wieso Scipio sich als Herr der Diebe ausgibt. Mich würde auch interessieren wieso Victor Bärte sammelt. Es würde mich freuen wenn sie meine Fragen beantworten.

Hallo Constantin, Bärte gehören für Victor als Privatdetektiv zur beruflichen Ausrüstung dazu, Tarnung eben Scipio will sich von seinem unbarmherzigen Vater, der ihn gar nicht zu kennen scheint, emanzipieren und daher komt auch sein starker Wu...Read more

Diana 2 on 3 May, 2021

Hi, again Insa! What are your likes and dislikes?

Oh, that's difficult. Well, for example, I like my husband (), our dog, animals in general, nature, caring, tender-hearted people, music, camping, spending time with our dog... I do NOT like cruelty to animals, ruthlessness, racism, greed, selfishness, ....

Emma on 3 May, 2021

Hey Insa! What did you want to become when you were young? And are you younger than Cornelia or older? Also, please tell me which are your favourite books Cornelia has written

...Read more

Lisa Trace on 3 May, 2021

Hi Insa Do you like Music? If you do, which is your favourite instrument? Please tell Cornelia to answer as well!

Hi Lisa, oh yes, I do One of my favourite instruments is the Cello (and I think Cornelia loves that, too).

Arya on 3 May, 2021

Hi, again Insa! If you could make some/one of your wishes/dreams come true, what would they/it be?

Hi Arya, that we could all (humans and animals) live together peacefully, without exploitation, greed, discrimination, cruelty... well, one is allowed to dream, right?

Arya on 2 May, 2021

Hey Insa. Sorry for replying back so late but I would love to visit Germany or any other country in Europe one day! And also, what types/genres of books do you like to read and what are your favourite books?

Usually I prefer non-fiction to fiction I like to read books about animals.

Nymphadora_Tonks_144 on 29 April, 2021

Plot holes Plot holes! have no fear my friends! Fenoglio did write about Doria but no one ever read what he wrote aloud! She won't necessarily have to marry him!

Biskit on 28 April, 2021

Hallo Cornelia Funke, Ich habe ihr Buch Herr der Diebe mit meiner Klasse in der Schule gelesen. Dann haben wir eine Lesemappe gestaltet. Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht ihr Buch zu lesen. Eine Frage habe ich aber noch. Gibt es die Orte die in der Stadt beschrieben sind wirklich? z.B. der Markusplatz oder die Casa Spavento. Gibt es auch die Isola Sigreta? Oder ist das alles nur fantasie?

Hallo Biskit, bis auf die Isola Segreta gibt es alle Schuaplätze auch in Wirklichkeit. Cornelia war selsbt schon oft in der Lagunenstadt und hat dort auch mal ein verlassenes Kino entdeckt, was sie zum Sternenversteck inspiriert hat

Ilisha Saroha on 27 April, 2021

Hello! Insa can you tell your most favorite stories

Hi Ilisha, some of my favourite books are "The Shipping News" by Annie Proulx, "She's come undone" by Wally Lamb, and "The Philosopher and the Wolf" by Mark Rowlands.

The Curious Bookworm on 26 April, 2021

I am reading Inkheart for the trillionth time and I REALLY love it. I noticed at the start of each chapter is has a quote from a certain book. I also noticed it was closely linked to the chapter. Which are your's and Cornelia's favourite quotes and has Cornelia read all the books which are quoted from. I love that idea and think it adds a bit more excitement. I don't really have a favourite quote I love them all. It has also helped me to choose more books to read as the quotes are usually really funny or exciting or sad and happy. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Curious Bookworm, Inkworld is all about books and the countless voices whispering from their pages. That's why Cornelia wanted some of those voices to mingle with her own story. It was an incredible amount of work to find these quotes and for her publishers to clear all the copyrights. Many of them are from books Cornelia really loves, and some just went so well with the respective chapters.

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