A poem

Written by Sophia

This is a story
this is a book
it doesn't matter on how they may look
stories stay
they don't go away
they are here
they are there
there can be anywhere
on a train
on a plain
or even in a play
books don't care if you are cool
books don't care if you are invisible
books don't care if you are rich or poor
they only care if you love them
and read them with care
because books are doors
to a brand new world

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Emilia – 18 December 2020

Das sich auszudenken ist richtig gut!

Oola – 30 June 2020

Greetings, fellow booklovers! That is an amazing poem. I just read. You are incredible!

Emily – 31 May 2020

I am in love with your poem! And it’s so true, I’d love to see more of your writing xxx

Bookworm – 24 May 2020

I love it! Such a nice ending too. It is SO GOOD!!!

Reihaneh – 16 April 2020

This is nice

Cass – 12 December 2019

Wow! I love the ryhme