Alice out of Wonderland

Written by Cassandra Castelant

She stood on the top of the hill, the whole countryside spread out before her. It was glorious. An absolute sea of green stretched out and in the morning wind it moved like waves. All around her the scent of life wrapped her nostrils with an earthy scent. Above her, roaring with silence, blue skies rushed forth and clouds raced like wild horses on great plains. It was all that she ever wanted. And now it was to be destroyed. Unless, she stopped it herself. Alice raced froth, treading silently down the hill. She heard nothing but her own heart thumping in her chest. She saw nothing, and feared nothing. For she had been given the most powerful gift of all.


She walked like this for many days, passing the Chester Cat and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. All who asked her to come, to forget, to play nice and stay awhile. She was done playing nice. She passed the Tree Of Needles and Thorns, where she spent many of  her days. But she gave it now glance and continued her March. Finally as night was beginning to fall, she approached the mouth of the Dragon's Cave. A streaming hole in a mountain that stood 9 feet high and smelled  like death. It was hot, she could tell that much of the dark abyss. Slowly, she stripped herself form her armor, all except the sword by her side. The metal falling on the ground with little clanks. Wearing nothing but a thin robe of cotton she continued her journey onward. The pit was, indeed, very hot and sweat traveled down her back. But she didn't flinch and only swatted the flies away when they began to swarm around her. She was in no rush, she would get there when she did.

Finally, she stopped. The pit had spiraled downwards deep into the earth and now she was in the center. She saw no one but stood, her back straight.
"Hello" it said. Hot breath water-falling down her spine, a pair of red eyes stared down upon her. "I am the dragon, the one to whom you seek. The wish granter, the King of this land.
What do you desire and I shall give it to you."
"I desire nothing from you, and I desire nothing to do with you. But I have a request.
Leave now" she said unsheathing her sword.
A horrible laugh issued from its steaming mouth. "And who are you little girl to tell the King of Kings what to do?" It glared at her, its tail curling up around her legs.
"You are no King. You are nothing but a weakling, a shadow, a theft. You take up innocent lives and wrap your black poison against their lungs until they can't breathe and come begging to you. I know of the True King of Kings and you are not him. You are a monster and I am no longer your puppet."Another horrible laugh rang forth but now the laugh rang from inside her and around her as well. It rang and echoed back in that dark hall and she could not escape from it not even in her mind.

"Brave words," it said. "Brave words from such a weakling. You've already been caught in my spells once, what makes you think you can escape me now?" And the it wrought itself around her mind and blinded her. Her eyes filled to the brink with darkness and she was trapped in her body like a cage. There in her mind it searched for her hopes and dreams. It whispered sweet promises about fulfilled desires and promised her the world. It was no longer a horrible dragon but now a soothing lover, a prince. And it was true for she could see it plainly, that she was a princess at her wedding. Her family and friends smiling at her from above. She climbed up to the altar in a beautiful white gown, and leaned closely into the prince. With only a second between their lips she pushed him off, where he hit the ground and changed form. Now he was a pack of school girls, calling her names, telling her she was ugly. Next, her mother ignoring her, her father smoking without her. Friends, neighbors, enemies all warped into one constant scrambling.

"Enough!" she said. "I am stronger than my wounds. I am more beautiful than your words."
And with that she strike at the images in her head at the voices and, sometimes, at herself. She and the dragon fought for many days and a year went by and they were still fighting. It was a long and hard war and sometimes she thought that she would fall into the dragon's  hands (and almost she did) but she always came back. She continued to fight and never let go of herself. For all she needed was HOPE. Finally after a year and a half, she stopped. The dragon had retreated into some other ungodly hole and it seemed like she stood alone. But she was not alone, for the dragon was right. She had let her self fall for his tricks and now he would forever linger in the dark places of her soul. Forever growing faint as she ignored him, but always still there until the day she died. Her eyes limp and red she looked upon a small crack in the far wall. And with much pain and groaning managed her way there. She was tried, she was so very tried and waited to give up.

'Yes, give up' a voice in the back of her mind said to her. But she ignored it for she fought to long and hard to lose to the beast again. She let the remainder of her clothes fall off her body. A body that was filled with her self-inflicting wounds and deep red gashes that wrapped her wrists. She stared at these wounds and brought them close to her.
"These scars remind me how far I've gone," she whispered, taking pride in her struggle and her pain. For her pain was what made her stronger and ready and she knew now life would never be easy. It would just get harder.

She touched the crack and glanced down and saw a small disk which served little bottles of potions. She picked one up it read 'Happiness' and the other read 'Life'. Further down the wall stood other bottles there was 'Hope', 'Love' and even 'Laughter'. And above them stacks of little white bags full of pills with happy, singing faces hiding the needles. She would not fall for the same trick twice. She threw the 'Life' down and it broke to a million pieces. The goo oozing out of it burned and turned black. It smelled of Death. With her sword raised high she lifted it down tot he crack splitting it open. The pain was massive but she rammed it further in until the whole cave seemed to come undone. Her memories in Wonderland floated in of her but she pushed the sword even further.

"Oh, Alice what have you done? And we were having so much fun!" the voices said.
These were not her friends.
"Alice!" she would not look.
"Alice, save us!"
"No!" she screamed and the hole grew and it swallowed Alice whole, leaving behind her a fragment of what was once Wonderland.
If you're wondering about Alice, she's fast asleep.
After all being in a coma for 5 years really takes a lot out of you.
You know what I mean?

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Reihaneh – 30 May 2020

Sooo wonderful goood, nice and AMAZING

BookHugger – 23 March 2020

I was intrigued the moment I read the title. This was wonderful!

Charlotte – 15 April 2019

That. Was. AMAZING! The ending made me a little bit sad. But I understood what you were implying. your writing style is awesome! Keep up the good work!

LillianJohndreau – 10 April 2019

Your story is great, but you have terrible punctuation and spelling. I could never tell who was speaking. The story makes no sense at the end. What does it even mean? You should edit before putting your work out there.

Miss Turtle – 12 December 2018

Very interesting, but the story confused me at the end.

Grace – 9 October 2018

There is no way I could write like that! Outstanding!!!

Caitlynn – 5 October 2018

This was an AMAZING story. It has such a great ending, I loved it so much! You are an AWESOME person!

emily harper – 27 April 2018

this left me breathless

chloe – 19 May 2017

you are cool

Charlotte – 28 July 2016

Wow! This is an AMAZING story! I wish I could write like this. Your really good and you should write books! — Lots of Love Charlotte ))

Luiza – 3 July 2016


Livi – 5 June 2016

I am impressed...

Kitty Leung – 20 March 2016

Ooh, I love it! Definitely keep writing! I like how you took a really old story and made it your own! You go, girl! ~Kitty

Tova – 27 January 2016

I loved how you took a beloved book and made it your own I never every read any other book that someone changed the story to make it their own and I think that is really clever I love the book Alice in Wonderland and also Alice through the looking glass

me – 9 October 2015

Awesome :0

Emmaline – 31 August 2015

Keep on writing! I want to hear more.

Joyful girl – 6 May 2015

It is wonderfully thrilling! Keep writing!

Inky – 8 April 2015


ndd – 21 November 2014


Ella Rose – 6 November 2014

I like alice and wonderland but I LOVE alice out of wonderland!

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