An old song about falling

Written by Franziska

From the day of his birth he was groomed to be great
so whispered the fates on that faithful day
songs will be written, more than you can bet
songs that no one will ever forget.

Twisted and bend they work their spell
telling their tales of heaven and hell
whispers of him soaring up high
Him, never afraid of a steep climb.

One day, they said, he’ll touch the sun's surface,
for this is the fate of

 So a boy grew up and a boy he was,
stupid and loud and yet he was loved
for disrupting peace in quiet halls,
for having dreams, that reached beyond walls.

And the fates kept whispering in his ears
and to everyone around who’d hear,
that he would fly above his way
that reaching the sky would be his fate!

Should they have known?
Dear Reader for you’ve surely known all along,
The end the fates had shown?

The Gods who love to kill their darlings
Especially love them, when they're falling
Nobody flies outside of dreams
should they have known where this would lead?

Maybe they did, yet needed him to fly
All tales are better when the hero dies
drunk on themselves, they didn’t see it come
So drunk no one screamed: watch out for the sun!

And the still fates whispered in his ear
didn’t we tell you that you’d end up here?
Look at the sky, there was your fate,
now look to the ground, there lies your grave!
Down he falls, away from the deep wide blue
still in falling he thinks, you fools
Can’t stop me now, so stop your calling
falling? You fools, I am always falling

An old man leans on a wittered stone
he wonders if he should have known
 the fates still whisper in his ears,
he turns around, tries not to hear

is written where he stands
‘tis is the place where the boy came to land
This, the place of the great crush,
this the fate of Icarus.

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