Bullies I do not care

Written by Destiny K.

Why does the world
Have to hurl
I wait everyday
For it to go away

I really did try
But all they did was lie

I am not so popular
But why does that matter
I am a regular girl
I always were

When I get bullied
I am defeated
I get so worried
That this will not be ended

But when I stand up
They back down
I can do this!
Even to a whole town

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AJ – 10 September 2021

Awesome poem! So inspiring!

Reihaneh – 30 May 2020

I soo like it, it is soo good

Yui – 12 March 2020

I know how bullies can be... but keep strong! Love your poem so much!

meh – 5 December 2018

my admiration for you is of the charts

– 5 December 2018

lunalia – 4 December 2018

keep it up

Grace – 9 October 2018

Wow...u r so talented! Write more!

Feuerelfe – 14 October 2017

I like your poem and admire you — you are obviously a strong person. Wish you the very best!

Meghan Newton – 14 January 2017

Destiny- That is a great poem! I know how it feels to go through bulling! Just stand up to them! Did that really happen to you?! Keep strong Destiny!!!

Inkheart – 11 June 2016

This is a great poem

Olivia – 29 May 2015

That was sooo good

Sad sad – 21 February 2015

Wow that was good! Did you really go through that? So sad..! Keep strong!


Bonisha – 28 April 2014

I agree with u Alicia it was awesome!???...

Amy – 29 January 2014

Really nice poem!

Alicia – 13 September 2013

That was such a good poem.