Written by Grace

It holds me,

But it cannot contain me

It touches me,

But I will never feel it

My heart will pound,

But never fast enough

It shows around me,

Yet I fell no a thing

It is always around me,

From the darkest places of misery,

To the bottom of a very twisted heart.

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AJ – 10 September 2021

Beautiful job! As Meggie said in Inkheart, "Why [are] sad stories often so beautiful?"

Reihaneh – 21 May 2020

It is really good

Purple slug – 4 January 2019

SOOO cool

Grace – 11 October 2018

WOOOW!!! That was amazing! (I am also called Grace!)

Annya – 4 January 2016

Wow! nice poem. Is it trying to scare me?

Emma – 4 January 2016

I like the tone of the poem. I wonder what the poem is about? Are you trying to describe darkness? It is a nice poem.

grace – 23 November 2014

that was amazing am gonna use it for school.

thx xx

Ella Rose – 6 November 2014

I want to read that again! It was amazing!

Karsen the Dragon Rider – 25 September 2014

Aww pretty poem

heres another about fear

Fear raises hair

its hard to bear

just close your eyes to arise

in the morning

Kellie – 3 June 2014


Lucy – 16 March 2014

Wow! This is a great poem

Crystal Gomes – 29 October 2013

The poem touched the bottom of my heart>>>

hampton – 14 October 2013

I am pretty much speechless, that was incredible

Kara – 25 September 2013

WOW!! Only One Word: excellent!! DD