Let the dark unfold

Written by Minna

I feel empty, I feel cold
and I let the dark unfold
piece by piece you took away
and you ask me if I’m ok

you shattered my heart
and you ripped it apart
you stole my smile
buried for a while

you bottled up my tears,
wrapped up my fears,
put my love in a cup
and covered it up
put my heart in a cage
locked away my rage
and left me cold
you let the darkness unfold

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The Curious Bookworm – 2 August 2020

What a wistful poem! I hope you write more.

Oola – 1 August 2020

And writing is a great way to escape these times!

Oola – 31 July 2020

Moving and incredible!

Ameleio – 30 July 2020

WOW!!! Amazing! A sad sort of poem, but fabulous all the same!!!

BookHugger – 26 July 2020

Oh my goodness! You are truly talented!!! Keep writing and thank you so much for sharing this brilliant and beautiful poem with us!!

Reihaneh – 26 July 2020

Oh that is sooo Great How old are you Mina?