Written by Alicia

Memories so safe
kept in a place
like a green book
opening and closing

Far away
In a land of day
Where nothing
not anything
has ever been seen
ever seen

no living breath
no human eyes
Just memories
living their lives

Memories come and
memories go
Do as they please
never with woe

Sometimes they hurt
Sometimes they don't
But memories can succeed

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AJ the Storyteller – 29 January 2022

Nikki E. said, "you could be a great poet someday." But I think you already are! You are so original, and I like your sort of ominous and mysterious writing style. You manage to be matter-of-fact and totally relatable and emotional! I know you don't know me, so my opinion doesn't mean much, but I find this poem very impressive. You should submit your writing to contests and literary magazines.

Reihaneh – 31 May 2020


annabeth – 20 October 2017

this is such a lovely poem i really liked it thanks for writing it

Nikki E. – 2 October 2016

Wow, you could be a great poet someday, as I was amazed at how excellent you are at poetry. Keep up the great work and continue with your poems!

Tabea N. Starblue – 24 June 2014

Nice poem, I love it. The idea is good. The Theme is great to make a poem. Best wishes from Germany Tabea N. In the German version is my name Sternenblau

Bonisha – 28 April 2014

Can I tell u something? I know from my own heart u will become a famous writer or poet!! How old r u? I am your fan!!! Just like Cornelia !!!

Alicia – 23 October 2013

Thanks everybody!

Amr El-Azizi – 2 September 2013

Nice poem, you have some good rhymes in there and it has a nice structure. The idea is also really cool, I like it.