Seeing Blind

Written by Amr El-Azizi

The twitch of a hand, the tapping of a foot,

The quivering of a lip, the raising of an eyebrow,

The crossing of arms, the lowering of a head,

These and a thousand more signals everyday are sent.


All can be seen, all can be understood,

They tell one is happy, and betray when one is sad.

They speak of horrible stress, and of overwhelming surprise;

All these and more, I can easily tell.


Overwhelmed with these I am, the secret messages of the body.

The language is loud, never giving a moment of silence,

But all my experience, and all my knowledge

Ultimately failed in the end.


How can one that sees everything,

One that can speak a language that cannot be faked,

One who can see beyond falsified words and deceiving intonations,

Allow themselves to be fooled so easily.


The truth of it is that they did not want to see the truth,

That they knew it all along and could not believe it,

It’s hard to know what you don’t want to know,

Especially when you’re so good at knowing.

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    Reihaneh – 1 June 2020


    Nikki Encina – 10 June 2016

    Interesting... Try adding more descriptive words, but otherwise, good work! Best and warmest wishes, Nikki