Sense of madness

Written by Diana

"You are drowning in your imagination! You are crazy!"
OK! I'm crazy! ...!
If you are wise, why don't you see the fairy dancing at the highest point of the candle?
Why don't you hear the enchanting sound that comes out of the pressure and suffocation of the water? You're stupid!
Why not believe what you see and hear and feel with every single piece of your being?
Yes, I'm a crazy lover! You must be crazy to feel the scent blowing with the wind from the west and to see those who came up with the words! I am proud to say ...
I love this sense of madness ...! 

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Grace – 3 February 2021

The detail in this story is just perfect

Diana – 2 February 2021

Thank you Tara

The Curious Bookworm – 2 February 2021

That is soo nice. You can also read it in loads of different ways!

Tara – 1 February 2021

Now you have a comment. Because your story looked lonely without all the comments

BookHugger – 31 January 2021

Diana, I always feel like I’m drowning in my imagination too! Writers have a beautiful, wild sort of madness, don’t they? Wonderful piece of writing! Nice job!