The Kingdom of Fantasy

Written by Katherine Liu

Chapter 1

"Mum, we have been running for a long time! Where should we stay?” Katherine asked. She, her mum, and her cousin Emily have been running all the way from their home to the magical forest.

"I think we should go to the Magical Tower. It might use its magic power to save us,” Katherine's mum, Lydia Liu, answered. She is a very beautiful woman with black hair and white skin that makes Katherine think she is her pretty cousin, Emily's mother. AND NOT HER MOTHER.

The Magical Tower is a tower made of enchanted wood. At day time it is beautiful and bright; at night time it is shiny and sparkly. It is one of Katherine's favourite magical places. She had been there often when she was only a little kid. But she is almost a pre-teen now.

"But auntie, I'm not sure that we could get to the magical tower before the cyclone came. I have never seen a cyclone in my life! It is so weird," Emily said. She is Katherine's cousin and Katherine hates her very much. Katherine's mum told Katherine that Emily’s parents died two years ago from a terrible car crash. But she is still alive, so she came to stay with us.

"There are many things that you haven't seen in your life," Katherine snapped, "but I don’t need to worry about the cyclone, I can run way faster than you."

"Shut up, Katherine Liu!" Mrs. Liu shouted. "Do not make me shout at you again!”

"Ok, mum. I'm sorry."




Katherine and Emily both said at the same time. And then they both stared in to the other's eyes with anger.

"Stop talking and RUN FASTER!!!!" Mrs. Liu shouted again, "I can feel the cyclone is very near us now!"

"Wait!" Emily yelled. "My book dropped to the ground!"

"You took a useless book with you?!" Mrs. Liu and Katherine both shouted at the same time, "there’s no time to pick up that!"

"No!" Emily yelled, running back to pick up the book. "That is The Land of Stories! My best favourite book!!!"

"We won't wait for you anymore, Emily. Don't you know it is wasting our life time?" Katherine yelled. She started to run away from Emily and pull her mum with her to the Magical Tower. "The Magical Tower it's very near us now and we wo'’t wait for a stupid person like you!"

"Did you just say we, Katherine? I'm going to wait for Emily!" Mrs. Liu shouted. "What a cold heart you've got!"

Katherine said nothing and ran to the Magical Tower. And start to run up the stairs without even turn back to look at them. Taa. Taa. Taa. She is soon out of sight…

"I can't believe that you leave own sister alone!!! She is actually…"

Sister? Emily is my sister? Katherine thought. Her head soon filled with many different thoughts. Who is Emily? Is Emily the real daughter? Is she adopted? … She feels very dizzy but she still climbs up the last few stairs. There's no more strength left in her. She fell beside the pole, lying down, and fainted in her thoughts…

Katherine didn't notice the cyclone blowed Emily and her mum away. She's lost in her unconscious. But she didn't even notice the most important thing. Only one. One that would change her whole life forever…

Chapter 2

"Where am I?" Katherine asked, slowly opens her eyes, but nobody answers. "It's… it's so cooolld." It's freezing and everywhere is covered by snow. Katherine is afraid that she will faint and die because of hungriness and coldness. But then, she saw something familiar in the snow. It's… it's the wreckage of the castle! The castle where she went to last year to defeat the Evil Witch of Havanah. Its the Witch's castle! She is in… IN THE KINGDOM OF FANTASY!!!

Katherine slowly walk towards the castle, no, is the wreckage of the castle now. But she suddenly realised something, her mum and her cousin isn't here! "Mum! Emily! Where are you?" But still, nobody answers. She begin to feel scared, even though she is very brave and love adventures.

Katherine went in to the wreckage of the castle. There is nothing left in the castle, only a golden tiny box with silver flower carved on it. The Ring of Dreams!!! Katherine left it in the castle because she was afraid that might have gone lost in the human world. She opens the box. Phew! The Ring of Dreams is still inside. When she just picked it up and going to wear it, she got a painful feeling in her hand. "Ouch!" Katherine screamed, her hand is turning purple and the ring of dreams disappeared.

It's a fake ring! Katherine thinks that that she is going to faint just when she heard a voice called out. "Are you Katherine? Katherine!" She turned her head around and saw Imogen! Imogen the magical girl who could change in to magical creatures that Katherine meet in one of her magical dreams that the ring of dreams had brought her.


"Katherine! You are poisoned! Are you still feeling okay?" Imogen screamed, she raced to Katherine and hugged her tightly. Tears begin to run down from both of their face. "Katherine, how did you get here? I'm just searching for food. You're wounded! It's poison! The poison that the Evil Snow Queen had prepared for you! That poison can kill you!"

"Yep. I think I'm going to faint." Katherine whispered

To be continued ...

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Reihaneh – 2 June 2020

Nice story

Corinne – 26 January 2019

I can’t wait for chapter 3

hello – 16 October 2016

good story!