The Magical Lamp (dream)

Written by Tanush

First day

Yesterday I went to the playground. Me and my friend were playing cricket. Rohan hit the ball and it fell so far on the big grass. Suddenly I heard a sound. It was Rahul, my best friend. Huff it was not a wild animal. Then we went to find the ball. Beside the ball we saw something. When we went near, it was a magical lamp. After a minute I waved hand on the lamp, but Jinni didn’t appear. But the lamp took us in it. There in the lamp there was a huge bungalow and there was a book in that there was three options: to chocolate river, to gold city, to the upper floor

In one option only there was the exit. I chose the option c to the upper floor. The book took us to the 1 floor. YO, it was the correct option. There was many doors. We got three chances. If we don’t get the correct door, the exit will be closed and we will stick in the lamp. I chose the first one and Rahul chose the fifth one, but both was incorrect. In one the ice was coming and the second the lava, then in the last we chose the second one. Yes, it was correct. We jumped in it, finally we got out.

My mom makes me wake up. I pretend that it was not a dream ha ha ha

The next day

After getting out of the lamp, it gave us a gift. In that gift was an invitation of the magical lamp. We can do anything there. Lamp gives us 5 ticket. It means all of my friends can go. I tell the whole story to my friends. They were very much excited to go there.

Everybody dressed up from their house to go there. We planned to meet in the playground again. After an hour we met their together we went to the lamp. A Jinni came to welcome us. He took us into the lamp.

There was a note that you can only be there till 2 o'clock and only two people can go at a time in one room. So Myra went to the dressing room, me and Rahul went to the chocolate river, Banjo and Kamon went to the gold city.

Again it was a bright morning when mom woke me up again.

The last day

We gathered in the hall. We drank some tea and juice while Kamon saw a helicopter. Then we went near it. There was a door in the helicopter. The door was not opening. Bangor opened it with his power, we enter in. There was a huge Jinni in the lamp said ‘Why you opened it, he is a bad Jinni, it is very dangerous, it will break the lamp. It is a huge problem.’ We said sorry and tried to save the magical lamp. We took the helicopter, because there was a bomb in it. It don’t make anyone dead, it is just a smoke bomb. It only makes unconscious. We threw the bomb in front of the strange Jinni, but it didn’t affect him. We let the strange Jinni follow until we reach to the upper floor to the different door. We open the 5 door, door of lava, we go inside it and the strange Jinni keep following us, when we came near the door of larva we jump up and the strange Jinni jump inside the door. We closed it and we were totally safe. The lamp said ‘thank you and you can come anytime you want, now we are friends.' The kind Jinni dropped us at our homes. We were so happy to make the lamp our friend. We went there many times to meet the lamp. We play together. You know there was a huge secret playground too in the lamp. We also play cricket, soccer, basketball etc. there. There was many other secret places like the magical city, the airport, kind Jinni room etc.

It was a great dream. I like this very much. My mom woke me up again.

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Suchitha Nirmal Kumar – 3 June 2021

This is a classic story! A great story!

shreyhana basin – 7 May 2021

nice great

Akshit tyagi – 7 May 2021

Nice amazing

Shreyhana – 7 May 2021


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Diana – 27 February 2021