The Peoples Mark

Written by Miriam Bethencourt


Hello! My name is Miriam Bethencourt and I am eleven years old. I am a fictional story writer. I have two myths I wrote in school for a project but I have kept them on my blog because I really like how they turned out. I have another story, Moonshadow, which is not finished. These are the two stories, The Peoples Mark and The Children's Eyes. I am a huge fan of the book Dragon Rider. My mom and I read it at the same time and we were so captivated that at night we would talk for a long time, sharing our ideas on the story. I absolutely love the book, I have read it about 3 times, each time more immersed than the other. Thank you for such a wonderful book! I would also like to mention my blog where all my stories are presented. There I explain my life, my thoughts, my goals, my business, and of course, I portray my thoughts in my stories. It would be great if I could borrow your attention for a bit, if that is possible. This is my story The Peoples Mark

31 is a lucky number for the Sky People. This is because when they turn 31 they have the power to lift food from the earth, so people in the sky can eat. Especially the children.
The Sky People love children.

The Sky People are people that live in the sky. We cannot see them because they are invisible to eye. There are tons of children in the sky, we just don't know they are there. Have you ever noticed that when your eating spaghetti, there is always one noodle missing at the end? The Sky Children love spaghetti, so to make them smile the 31 year old’s  always get them a noodle or two. Back in the day, some children would die of starvation.

One of those days. the God of the Sky People, Lord Alexander,  noticed this. He asked his wife, Lady Karana,  “What are we going to do?” Lady Karana tried to be of help, but she could not think of anything either.

After three days, she thought of something. “Lord Alexander, we shall get the birds to get us food, also,” she told him. Lord Alexander thought for a moment. “We shall do that, indeed!” he finally answered. Using her powers, Lady Karana asked the birds to bring in food.

The birds did as they were told, since they were few of the only animals that could see the Sky People, and they were proud. They found as much food as they could and gave it to them.
The problem was, the birds brought worms and caterpillars, because that was food for them. Once in a while the big birds, such as seagulls and eagles, brought fish and small rodents, but the children still would not eat the worms and the caterpillars.

Lord Alexander noticed this, also. “Lady Karana, our plan is not working. The food is not good. What will we do?,” he asked her. Lady Karana tried to think. She thanked the birds for the help, and went back to her thinking.

After four days, she thought of something. “Lord Alexander, we shall get our best knights to go down to earth. They shall bring us food everyday, and shall be able to feed to children,” she told him. He thought for a moment. “We shall do that, indeed!” he finally answered.

So, they sent six knights down to earth. That night, five came back up and gave bread and squirrel meat to the children and herbs to the adults. Lord Alexander asked them, “Where is Knight Theodore?” “My dear lord,” they answered, “Knight Theodore got lost in the woods.”

The next day, four came back up and gave bread and fish to the children and  seal meat to the adults. Lord Alexander asked them, “Where is Knight Glenn?”  “My dear lord,” they answered,
“Knight Glenn got drowned in the ocean.” 

The next day, three came back up and gave McDonald’s hamburger and fries to the children and salad to the adults. Lord Alexander asked them, “Where is Knight Henry?” “ My dear lord,” they answered, “Knight Henry got run over by a human carrying automobile.”

The next day, two came back up and gave the children chicken potpie and the adults sweet potatoes. Lord Alexander asked them, “Where is Knight Christopher?” “My dear lord,” they answered, “Knight Christopher got run over by a horse.” Lord Alexander decided to order the remaining nights to not go back down. “Lady Karana, our plan is failing. There are only two of our best knights left. What will we do?,” He asked her.  Lady Karana thanked the knights for their help and started thinking.

After five days, Lady Karana thought of something.
“Lord Alexander, we shall get eight chickens from earth and get them to lay eggs. They shall be our food, and we will be able to feed the children.” Lord Alexander thought for a moment.
“We shall get the chickens, indeed,” he finally said.

So he sent the one knight again, and then for the first time he came up alive with twenty chickens. He also brought hay and wood. All the Sky People were delighted.  The loyal knight got decorated with medals of all kinds. Right away all the men set to work with the pens. As soon as the chickens were placed in the hay, they started laying eggs. The Sky People had a feast with all the leftovers of the week and some boiled eggs.

Lord Alexander asked the knight, “Knight Gale, how did you get your ten chickens?” “Your majesty,” He answered, “I found out that when I touch a human, they can see me.” Lord Alexander was confused. “Knight Gale, I'm puzzled. Please explain to me what you mean.”

Knight Gale smiled. “My dear Lord, I could not find any chickens, until I came to a chicken house, where a human was feeding his chickens. I put my hand on his arm, thinking he would still not know I was there, but suddenly he shouted something and I noticed he could see me. My dear Lord, we are invisible to the eye, but not the touch. When the humans feel us, the can already see us. The thing is, they cannot see our body, but our soul,” Knight Gale explained. “I kept my hand on his shoulder and told him about us and about how we need food for the children. He decided to give me half of his chickens and some hay. He wished me luck and I set off again. Soon I met some people, who had wood in their hands.
I put my hand on the shoulder of a man who seemed to be the leader. He screamed like the other human, but I explained everything to him. He lent me some wood, and I made my way up again. That is how I got the chickens, my lord.”

Lord Alexander thought a moment. He was surprised. He had always thought that humans were dangerous, but it turns out, they were able to keep the children alive! “You are dismissed, Knight Gale,” he said and went to go tell this to Lady Karana. “How can we thank them?” he asked her.

After two days, Lady Karana thought of something.
“Lord Alexander, I have invented something. It is called a cloud. It must mark where ever the children walk, play, and run. Like tracks. It shall be white and puffy and visible to the humans. This is to show them that the children are alive, and are able to walk. That they are up here, thanks to them. It shall be our thanks,” She told him. Lord Alexander thought for a moment.
“We shall make clouds, indeed.”

Using their powers Lord Alexander and Lady Karana made cloud tracks for the children. Those were the first clouds ever seen.

Even now those children are still running around and playing and clouds are how we know.

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– 16 October 2013

best writer of the world!!