A Glass Girl

Escrito por Tara


My name is Tara. I’m 10. This is a story about a me that I see in dreams, a me who is so lost within people who fit in that it is like she is made of glass and everyone else is gold. Oh and, yes, she finds someone else. In real life I met a girl though ;)

I feel like a bottle.
No, literally. We’re both made of glass. And a bottle has a thin neck, so it takes longer to get things out. I am the bottle. My feelings are the soda inside.
Just not as sweet.
I’m outside the school building. About to go inside. About to mix with the numerous gold people inside. I am the odd one out. Never have I seen another glass body. Though I am transparent, everyone notices. Apparently I’m weird.
Well, I am. So stop staring at me.
Oh, ok, I would never say that out loud. I’m too scared.
I step inside and immediately all eyes turn to me. Those eyes have no feeling in them. Gold is too… well, opaque, if that’s the right word.
Mine are transparent, like the rest of me.
Oh man, I hate school.
I push my way through the crowd, never making eye contact. I hug my (glass) satchel to my chest. It has my (glass) books and my (glass) pens and my (glass) food and my…
Goodness. I’m just not going to try hide that word anymore.
Everything I have is glass. EVERYTHING.
Something catches my eye. An almost invisible body among all the others. A boy, about my age. A Goldie knocks him down.
‘S-stop.’ he stammers, then gathers the broken shards of his bag and reforms them.
That’s what we can do. Fix glass.
Helpful when you’re made of it.
I glance back to him, and he meets my eyes. Then he looks towards the cafeteria. I know what he means.
After first period, I hurry to the cafeteria and sit down next to the boy.
He smiles.
‘We’re the only ones.’ he whispers. Everyone hates the cafeteria.
I smile back.
I just found a friend.
I’m not a bottle anymore!

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