All Hallows' Eve Poem

Escrito por Meghan Hurley

I open the cabin door, and what do I see,

A mysterious cat staring at me

With its glowing green eyes looking at my soul,

One would think that it is trying to take control.


My soul quivers at this sight,

Because I am able see what is giving me this fright.


Along with the glowing green eyes,

I see that the cat has a black coat that shines.

It has a hat on its head,

That is filling my soul with dread.


I know that the cat is not normal,

But that does not keep me informal.

I reach out to touch it to make contact,

Yet it takes no time for the cat to react.


It hisses as it jumps at me,

A red scratch is noticeable to see.


I look back at the cat and I see it leave,

Not a trace for all to see.


Now when I see the scar,

I know I need not look far,

For in order to see

The one who scratched me,

It is watching me carefully

On All Hallows’ Eve.

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