6 troubles

Geschrieben von Sophia and Yui


Hi guys! It's me and Yui. So we wrote this due to Yui's brothers being... well. Overprotective. Me and Yui had a LOT of fun writing this. We hope you like this! 

Kapitel 1

"Yo sis! Wake up! Guess what day it is?" I groaned turning around.
"Lucas..." I grumbled tiredly. "What did mom say about coming in my room?"
He laughed. "Well sis, you don't want to be late for the first day of middle school!"
I looked at him and saw his mischievous smile.
"Where romance and drama happens!"
"LUCAS!" I said angrily.
He smirked. "Oh come on! Out of bed! Or else ALL of us will be driving you to school!"
I grumbled. Having an older brother was a pain. But having 6 was a WAY different story. Yes. 6. Older. Brothers. In this order.
And William
Then there is me. Stella. 
"Alright I'm out of bed!" I said jumping up.
Lucas smiled then hollered, "Sleeping beauty is finally awake!"
There was cheering in the other rooms. Owen came in with a smile.
"Stella, want us to ride you to school again?"
My eyes widened. "N-no I'm fine..."
"Well then" Aaron said barging his way in. "Let us help you choose what you gonna were for your big day."
"No thanks!" I said quickly.
"Awww lil'sis is growing up!'' Case said coming in.
"Oh, come on!" I cried. "Is everyone coming into my room?''
Oliver and William came in. "Yes. Well, minus mom and dad." William said with a smile.
"Oh come on!" Case said "All 3 of us will be together! You and your fab bros, fighting the forces of evil called middle school!"
"Hey!" Lucas said pushing Case a bit. "Who said you were HER favorite? I am OBVIOUSLY her favorite bro!" He laughed as Oliver punched his arm. Then, a big play fight broke out into my room. I groaned and hid under my blanket.
After 5 minutes, all my brothers were on the floor laughing.
"Come on I'll help you get ready." Aaron said.
"Nope Im fine." I quickly ducked under my brothers and grabbed my cloths on my chair. "See you in 10!" I said locking the the bathroom door.

I quickly changed into a sweatshirt and jeans, combed my hair and wore my favorite neck lace. I walked out and my brother, Owen, nuzzled my air. "Come on! It'll be fun!"
"No. Im fine." I said. Not wanting a repeat of last year.
"Nope, your coming with us." Lucas said teasingly and grabbed my arm. "Your bag and stuff is in the car. Lets go."
I groaned. "Fine." I muttered. I got into the mini van as Lucas got in the front and all of my brothers got in the car.
"Yo, Lucas! Play a song that says 'Touch our lil'sis and your dead playlist!" Aaron said.
"Oh please no!" I said with a half smile on my face. Then a loud song started to play.
"Got it! Stay away boys! This girl got 6 brothers!"
"Lucas!" I groaned, my face blushing red as the "touch my sister and your dead" song started to blast out as Lucas drove to my school with my brothers all screaming. 
Lucas laughed as he parked at the school, just when the playlist ended.
All eyes were on me.
"OWEN!" I whispered yelled. Everyone quickly looked away.
"Alright. Bye guys. Love ya." I said getting out of the car and walked to the doors of the middle school.
"Wait!" William and Case said jumping out the car dramatically. "You forgot us!"
I laughed.
"Ready not-so-little sis?" William asked.
I nodded. "Here we go." I said to William and Case. "Lets do this."

Kapitel 2

I walked into the school and my jaw dropped. It. Was. HUGE! I knew how big it was before when I was still in elementary and  we had a "field trip" to the school... but... I still couldn't believe it! I WAS GOING HERE! I smiled and looked at my brothers. Case was already talking to his friends, and William was talking to this girl. They didn't seem to notice me. So I did what any other sibling would do on this occasion. Embarrass my brothers.


Case turned to me, his face beet red and his friends laughing. William and his friend were snickering "Ugh. Guys, meet my lil sister. Stella." 

"Hey." I said with a wave. They all waved back, then went back to talking about football or whatever. I looked at Willam who was still talking to the girl.

"William, I didn't know about your girlfriend!"

William gave me his famous death-glare while the girl laughed.

"She's NOT my girlfriend." He growled. 

"Stella... meet my FRIEND Faith."

"Hello!" The girl said excitedly. "Im Faith. I'm guessing your Stella?"

"Yep." I nodded. 

"Actually, William asked me, if I could show you the school! Because your new and all." Faith said with a cheery smile.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks!"

"No problem!" She said. "Your first class is homeroom, to get there go up the stairs, take a left and then a right. Your in room 202."

I nodded, glad that I wasn't going to get lost on my first day.

"Then history go right straight down the hall. room 106!"

I smiled.

"We have the same history class, so I'll help you go to the other classes!"

"Thanks!" I nodded again.

Faith seemed nice. The bell rang.

"Time to go! Bye William!" Faith said, tugging my hand after waving to William. 

I looked in the classroom. It was small, normal actually, there were a few desks and a large one in front, behind was a whiteboard writing "Welcome students!" I was excited. I had to be sure to choose a good place to sit at. I chose the one right in the middle. I smiled excitedly. After a few moments a lady walked in. She had long white, straight hair and blue eyes, pale skin and  was wearing a sweater and boots.
"Hello class. I am Miss. Nora."
"Hello..." the whole class said at once. 
Homeroom wasnt what I thought it was, we were only in there for about 30 minutes. "Goodbye class! See you tomorrow!"


I walked into the history class and chose a seat near the back. History... was not my favorite subject. A man walked in with a smile. He had brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing a blue shirt... He sorta reminded me of Bob Ross...
"Hello class, I am Mr. Michale, but please call me Mike."
We all nodded.
"Now class, I know it is the first day of school but... we will have an assignment."
Some of the kids shrugged, some smiled, but most of them sighed.
"History. What is history?" Mike said.
"Well, when you came into the classroom, that was history! Except not the kind we learn in schools. So your assent is to write an essay, about your family! Now, I'm not talking about your great great grandpa history... Im talking about your sisters, brothers, your dog for Pete's sake!"
More of the students smiled. 
I even smiled. Most people wonder why I have 6 siblings! This will be perfect! 

I smiled and ran into the van excitedly.
"Whoa, someone had a good day." Owen said as I got into the car.
"Yep!" I agreed, waiting for William and case to come in.
After about a minute or two they were finally in.
"OK! LET'S GO!" I said with a smile. "Alright Ma'am," Lucas said, starting the car as we began to drive. 
When we finally got home I ran into my room and started to write the essay.
About 18 or 19 years ago, my mom and dad had there first child. Lucas. A little later they had Owen. A family of four. That was normal. But it all changed 7 years later when my mom watched the news and saw that in our country, Texas, an orphanage has been closed, leaving a ton of homeless children alone. My mom immediately told my dad and they went to the orphanage. Apparently a lot of other parents had the same idea. That's when my parents met Aaron, Oliver, Case, and of course William. They were all huddled together crying. My parents decided to adopt them all, because luckily for my dad he had a good job and my mom was a lawyer. Meaning we had enough to take care of them. Now you may be asking, "Where is Stella?" Well, I don't come into the story at least 4 or 5 years later. They found me crying in a ditch. I was abandoned by my real mom. And there you have it. My family history. Now these years are a little off, cause I cant keep track. But thanks for listening!
I finished my essay with a proud smile. I couldn't  wait to bring it in.

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